2016 Baselworld Héritage 5410 Calendar Display

The Breguet Héritage heritage series adds 21st century modernity to the brand’s classic heritage. The barrel-shaped case perfectly fits the curve of the wrist, making it the pinnacle of watchmaking. This year, Breguet unveiled a new heritage series HÉRITAGE 5410 large date display watch, integrating more complex functions in one. A date display window at 12 o’clock adds a touch of energy to the delicate silver-plated gold dial, perfectly fitting the elegant double-arc shape of the case. The delicate and delicate engraved flower pattern creates a rich sense of layers, making other functions of the timepiece more clear and eye-catching, and easy to read. The minute scale ring uses a large-scale transfer of Roman numerals with a fluorescent coating. A small seconds dial at 6 o’clock makes the display function more perfect.

    The new Breguet heritage series HÉRITAGE 5410 large calendar display watch is equipped with Calibre 5166 movement, which is the ingenuity of Breguet’s many years of material technology innovation. The silicon hairspring significantly improves the performance of the timepiece, ensuring accurate, reliable and durable travel time.
    Breguet Heritage Series HÉRITAGE 5410 large date display watch is made of 18K rose gold or white gold, 45 mm high and 32 mm wide. It also offers men’s and women’s watches. In addition to the large-scale date display function, this series of timepieces also have a variety of outstanding complications, including chronograph, tourbillon and retrograde moon phase display.
Breguet Heritage HÉRITAGE 5410 Large Date Display Watch
Watch description
Number: 5410BB / 12 / 9V6
The case is 18K white gold, shaped like a wine barrel, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. Dimensions: 45 x 32 mm. Welded lugs are secured with bolts. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters).
The dial is curved, silver-plated 18K yellow gold, and engraved. Engraved with a unique number and an invisible Breguet signature. The scale ring uses Roman numerals with fluorescent dots. A small second hand at 6 o’clock and the date window at 12 o’clock. Fluorescent-coated Breguet classic needlepoint skeletonized blue-steel hands.
Automatic movement with engraved number and invisible signature Breguet. Caliber 516GG. 111/2 cents. 30 gems. 65-hour power reserve. Swiss linear lever escapement. With silicon hairspring. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz. 6 party adjustment.
The strap is made of genuine leather.
Also available in 18K rose gold:
Reference5410BR / 12 / 9V6
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Casio Launches Wsd-f10 To Enter The Smart Watch Market

On January 6, 2016, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Casio exhibited a smart watch with Android Wear-WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch (WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch) announced its entry into the smart watch market.

   The watch is certified by the US MIL-STD-810G military standard. It is waterproof to 50 meters and is equipped with a series of sensors. It has functions such as altitude measurement, barometric pressure measurement, compass, tide graph, and sunrise and sunset time display. ,strong and sturdy. It is reported that the power of the WSD-F10 smart outdoor watch can be used continuously for more than a day, but if you switch to the low power consumption mode, only the time is displayed, and the battery life can be increased to one month.

   Casio President Kazuhiro Kashio told the Financial Times: ‘One of the reasons why you don’t launch a normal smart watch is that it is difficult to define a daily use function, as are other brands or companies.’
   He went on to explain: ‘Further product development is very necessary. Watchmakers need to design new smart watches that can arouse public imagination and strengthen this market. The smart watch market seems to exist, but the fact is Not so. Unless the industry can define a smartwatch-specific feature, further market penetration is very difficult. ‘

Panerai Launches Limited Diving Watch For Classic Sailing Challenge

Italian luxury watch brand Panerai with a history of 150 years has a deep connection with the ocean. Panerai will launch a limited edition watch every year to commemorate its classic sailing challenge ( Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge).

Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio & ndash; 47mm dive watch

Dive watch launched for the 2011 & # 39; Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge & rdquo;
This year, the watchmaker launched the Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio & ndash; 47mm diving watch for the 2011 “Panelai Classic Sailing Challenge”. The price is US $ 11,600 This watch case has a diameter of 47 mm and is made of matte titanium. It is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. This professional diving watch is water-resistant to 300 meters and equipped with a rotating bezel. The scale above can calculate the diving time. This watch uses Panerai’s self-made P.9001 automatic winding mechanical movement, which has a three-day power reserve and a second time zone display.

Vacheron Constantin: Travel To Overseas (Part 2)

Who said that business people cannot wear a sports watch when wearing a suit and tie? Just because it’s not formal enough? Then just change the official leather strap! This is not difficult for Vacheron Constantin Overseas. As long as you move gently, from crocodile leather strap to metal chain strap, and then from metal chain strap to rubber strap, what style you want to change. Even the perpetual calendar or tourbillon travels together with ultra-thin watchmaking skills.

Fifth stop: timeless charm

   Before the emergence of the third generation of Overseas (the first two were launched in 1996 and 2004 respectively), it was actually very troublesome for travelers to wear multiple watches at once. First of all, the watch itself is a valuable item. It hurts when it is hurt, and it is even more crazy to lose it. It is not a problem to wear one. The question is how to protect other watches to be replaced?

Overseas Perpetual Calendar 18K5N pink gold case, 41.5 mm diameter, 8.1 mm thickness, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar (date, week, month, leap year), moon phase, 1120QP / 1 automatic winding movement, thickness 4.05 Mm, power reserve 40 hours, Geneva mark, sapphire crystal glass and bottom, waterproof 50 meters, alligator strap, quick release mechanism, and rubber strap.

   Overseas with the strap quick release mechanism does not have this problem, because you only need to wear a watch and a few straps. Especially for travelers who travel far away to participate in important business activities, they must always wear a formal watch to wear a perfect suit. When they want to wear shorts on weekends, they feel that the crocodile leather strap is too formal. Sporty rubber strap. This design makes ‘wearing a watch’ less complicated, even the perpetual calendar that is among the best in complex performance.

   Basically having the ability to make a perpetual calendar movement is not easy, making the Overseas 1120QP / 1 ultra-thin automatic movement is even more powerful. Vacheron Constantin only uses a space with a diameter of 29.6 and a thickness of 4.05 mm to make a highly complex process that can automatically distinguish big, small months and leap years. In addition, the overall thickness of the watch case is only 8.1 mm; The calendar developed by the Observatory of Astronomy over the years has been worn on your hands! Whether it’s holding an admiring heart or simply showing off, it’s worth sharing with others on social occasions.

   After all, the perpetual calendar is not only a performance without the need to adjust the date, but also represents eternal wisdom.

The sixth leg: continuous motivation

   The tourbillon may not be the most complicated watch performance, but it is the most dynamic and complicated performance. Watching it revolving over and over again, thinking about how it eliminated the effect of gravity on the hairspring more than 200 years ago, and then reducing the error to make the timer more practical, I couldn’t help but admire it again. Even if you simply appreciate its movements, it can be regarded as a healing method for men.

   Vacheron Constantin has indeed produced many tourbillon watches in the past. They always make the very important frame of the tourbillon structure into a Maltese cross shape, which is unique and strengthens the brand image; and each Maltese cross frame is finely chamfered, and together with the upper arc shape The bridge is polished to a mirror-like effect and is very beautiful.

Overseas Tourbillon watch stainless steel case, 42.5 mm diameter, hours, minutes, tourbillon, automatic movement 2160, power reserve 80 hours, Geneva mark, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 50 meters, crocodile leather Strap with quick-release mechanism, plus a rubber strap and stainless steel chain strap.

   However, OverseasTourbillon is a little different. It is equipped with a self-winding movement, which is also Vacheron Constantin’s first self-winding tourbillon movement. It uses a ring-shaped automatic disc that effectively reduces the thickness and uses the weight of 22K gold on the half side. Improve rotation efficiency. No matter which side the automatic disk rotates, the linked gear will drive the V-shaped double pawl at the end, allowing the pawl to push or pull the gear to wind the movement, which is a very smart design. This design allows the OverseasTourbillon, which is only 1.039 cm thick with the case, to have endless power in life and continue to produce the tourbillon’s recurring picture.

The overseas tourbillon is equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s first automatic tourbillon movement. It adopts a ring-shaped automatic disc that effectively reduces the thickness and uses a V-shaped double pawl to achieve a two-way winding mechanism.

   A picture that symbolizes both practical and technological value.

Earl’s Third ‘earl Invites You To Switzerland’ Watch Knowledge Contest

I. Activity Introduction

   Do you want to know how the world’s thinnest watch was born? Do you want to learn about Piaget watch brand culture? Would you like to visit the ‘Clock Kingdom’ Switzerland in person? Now there is a free and fun watch knowledge contest. As long as you participate, you will have the opportunity to visit the watchmaking workshops of Piaget Watches in Switzerland and appreciate the Swiss watchmaking culture.

 In order to give back to many Piaget watch friends for their strong support for Piaget Watches, Piaget, the world’s top watch brand, joins hands with the well-known watch portal watch home to host the third ‘Piaget invites you to Switzerland’ large-scale prize watch knowledge competition Watch people participate in learning and progressing together in watch research.

2. Event organizers and participants

 Event organizer: Piaget Watches official website
 Participants: watch beginners, enthusiasts, senior experts from various circles.

3. Activities

 1. Activity rules
    The event uses the form of network answering, which supports various network terminals to access and answer the questions; and implements a two-round elimination contest system to finally determine a winner;

 2. Schedule of activities
 a & gt; The first round of competition is from March 27 to April 2 for a total of 7 days; the form is a one-way multiple choice question, and the results will be announced immediately after the answer. The specific operation is to enter the event page, click to enter the answer, the competition will start, you can click the button in the upper right corner to enter the Earl’s official website, official WeChat and other platforms to find the answer. There are 15 questions in this round, no time limit. Only those with full marks in this round can enter the second round.

     b & gt; The second round of the competition will be held from April 3 to April 8 for a total of 6 days in the form of timed answers. After entering the answers, the countdown will also begin. You must complete 10 sessions as soon as possible The completion of the question, the accuracy of the answer and the time taken are taken as the final score. The final winner of this round is only one, that is, the highest performer.

Fourth, activity rewards

1. The winner of the second round is the final prize: the business class is rewarded for visiting the Earl Swiss Watchmaking Workshop;
2. In the first round of competition, the top 30 contestants who received full marks will be awarded the collection-level ‘Earl Limited Customized Album’;

V. Summary of Activities

   Piaget invites you to Switzerland is a free competition carefully organized by Piaget’s official website to create a watch knowledge exchange and learning platform. At the same time, in order to give back to the watchmakers’ strong support for Piaget watches, the winners of this event will have the opportunity to visit the watchmaking workshops of Piaget’s extraordinary craftsmanship and world-renowned achievements, which will be a big temptation for watch lovers. So, join hands with Piaget and participate in the competition to experience the endless fun of the mysterious micro world of watches!

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Raymond Weil Passed Away

With great sorrow and regret, we announce that Raymond Weil, the founder, honorary chairman and Swiss haute maker of the Raymond Weil brand, on January 26, 2014 He died at the age of 87.

 Mr. Raymond Weil is a pioneer and entrepreneur in the watchmaking industry. In 1976, when Raymond Weil hit a trough in the Swiss watchmaking industry, he went up against the current and founded his own watchmaking company with great courage and brought his watchmaking ideas to the Swiss watch industry, bringing the entire industry Brand new development. He is also the first person to regard a watch as a luxury accessory, and his philosophy is to create high-quality watches with good prices and good design.

 Mr. Raymond Wey’s timepieces quickly won the support of watch enthusiasts, collectors and professionals. At the same time, with his extensive network of friends, he gradually established a worldwide distribution network. Mr. Raymond Weil’s kindness, generosity and sincerity and selflessness have formed his extraordinary personality charm. At a crucial time for the Swiss watch industry to wait for its revival, Mr. Raymond Weil was a pioneer in the global development of the entire Swiss watch industry. His experience of traveling around the world made him an ‘ambassador’ representing Geneva and Switzerland as a whole. He knows how to establish a professional and friendly communication relationship between people. Even today, younger generations still follow and continue his business model.

 Raymond Weil is one of the few independent watchmaking brands named after its founder, and is known for its insistence on family business. Mr. Raymond Weil’s son-in-law Olivier Bernheim now heads the brand, while two grandchildren Elie and Pierre Bernheim also hold senior management positions at the company.

 “Mr. Raymond Weil started from scratch. He is my life mentor and has benefited me a lot” said Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil Global President and CEO, “His legendary life and passion for watchmaking will be passed down in the family The continuation will also persist in the memory of the brand’s global partners and people wearing Raymond Weil watches.

 During his career, Mr. Raymond Wey has held a number of important positions in professional organizations: he has been the chairman of the Geneva Watch Manufacturers Association, the vice-chairman of the watch industry training centre (CFH) in Lucerne, and the watchmaking industry. Member of the Alliance and other labor agencies. Until 1995, Mr. Raymond Weil served as Chairman of the Exhibitor Committee of the Basel World.

 In addition to clocks, family, painting, flying and music are also the love of Mr. Raymond Wee throughout his life. He has a strong passion for classical and lyrical music, as well as contemporary art.

Tissot Lilok Series Automatic Mechanical Observatory Certification (News From July 12)

Sharing beautiful time
   Le Locle is located on the border of Switzerland and France, close to the Jurassic Mountains, an ancient town with a world-renowned watch. In 1853, the world-famous Tissot was born here; on the 150th anniversary of Tissot in 2003, the Lloyd series, which was named as the birthplace of Tissot, was grandly launched, in order to trace the essence of Swiss watch tradition and the modern top-notch system that is constantly innovating Table craft salute. Today, Tissot is eager to share with another time-loving masterpiece of the LEROK series-Tissot LEROKO series automatic mechanical observatory certification models with all those who love time.
   This watch from the city of time continues the classic elegance of the Tissot Rock series, with the smallest error in the art of timepieces, comprehends the accumulation of years, and cooperates with the wearer to embark on a journey of time that is exciting. The sapphire crystal glass with double anti-glare coating closes the hands to the elegant movement of the dial; the classically decorated dial with guilloche pattern and the fine leather strap make the wearer enjoy the wrist At the same time as the watch is comfortable, the wearer’s elegant, noble and tasteful attitude towards life is also more prominent. Each Tissot-Rocke series automatic mechanical chronometer certification model has an independent chronometer certification issued by COSC (Swiss Observatory Watch Testing Agency), and this movement has also won the 2011 Swiss International Chronometer Competition Enterprise Classic The champion of the group must be the best watch for men with the ultimate taste of time.
   Tasting elegance
   The sapphire crystal glass of the Tissot-Roch series observatory-certified watch has a double-layer anti-glare coating, which can better prevent the reflection and refraction of light. The dial reading is clearer and the three-dimensional effect is stronger. Through the mirror, you can see the elegant movement of the pointer across the dial more clearly as if you are passing through a transparent window. The dial itself also looks like an exquisite and small art palace. The guilloché-like decorative shading dotted the dial with a complex vector pattern. It has the embossed version of the beauty, highlighting the exquisite and superior quality of Tissot craftsmanship; at six o’clock below the dial.
   Its manufacturing process is more complicated than ordinary automatic hammers. Three additional processing steps make the back of the watch full of artistic flavor, highlighting the taste of the wearer. There are four different styles of watches in the same series. Either the gold case highlights the extraordinary taste, or the stainless steel strap with the black dial is used to express the boldness of black and white. Or the pure color design talks about the simple and low-key. The philosophy of life, and the rose gold PVD coating is one of them. It is commendable. The leather strap conveys a modern urban atmosphere, the rose gold color on the case creates an elegant nostalgic space, and the environmentally friendly PVD coating process, which is more durable than traditional gold plating, makes the classics more durable, and invites you to travel together.

Longines And Elegant Ambassador Simon Baker Kicks Off The Annual Horse Racing Finals With New Timepieces Praising Hong Kong International Race And The World’s Best Jockey Award

[December 13, 2015, Hong Kong, China / Somia, Switzerland] Longines Hong Kong International Races (Longines International Races) in Hong Kong witnessed a record of more than 80,000 live audiences The Sha Tin Racecourse is in full swing. Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the fourth consecutive year. Longines’ elegant image ambassador Simon Baker went to the appointment to experience the international Marseilles with the beauty of speed and style. At the welcoming banquet held on December 11, Longines and the International Horse Racing Federation presented the second Longines World’s Best Jockey Award. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines also launched a new Equestrian Collection watch, incorporating iconic elements derived from equestrian sports into watch design, praising Longines’ equestrian love for more than a century.

The annual horse race closing event kicks off, and the elegant male god Simon Baker goes to the appointment
   On a clear winter day, Longines continued the year-round equestrian sports craze, presenting the Longines Hong Kong International Race to horse racing enthusiasts, and the Longines Hong Kong International Jockey Championship as its pre-heating event, setting off the annual horse racing battle. Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for both events for the fourth consecutive year.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Simon Baker visits Longines Hong Kong International

Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines, joins the elegant ambassador Simon Baker at Longines Hong Kong International

   On December 13, the Longines Hong Kong International Race kicked off at the Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong. With the attention of more than 80,000 horse racing enthusiasts, four international first-level races were staged. British jockey Ryan Moore drives the horse racing ‘Highland Reel’ and ‘Maurice’ to win ‘Longines Hong Kong Vase’ and ‘Longines Hong Kong Mile’ respectively The two titles of the ‘Longines Hong Kong Mile’ became the biggest winners of the day. In the Longines Hong Kong Sprint, Brazilian jockey Joao Morera took the lead in riding the horse’s Peniaphobia. The winner of the Longines Hong Kong Cup was won by Japanese jockey Takehide and horse racing ‘A Shin Hihari’. All winning horse owners, trainers and jockeys are awarded the championship trophy and an elegant timepiece from the Longines master craftsman series. Previously, the Longines Hong Kong International Jockey Championship, which was set to kick off the event, was first unveiled at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong on December 9. South African jockey Gavin Lerena won the championship and was awarded Longines One watch.

   While Longines Hong Kong International Competition is welcoming fierce competition, it also presents colorful and magnificent sceneries on the side of the field. On the day of the competition, the Longines Elegant Ambassador and Australian actor Simon Baker dressed up and presented the “Longines Elegance Award” and a Longines wrist watch to one of the most elegant ladies on the scene.
Longines awards best jockey in the world, classic timepieces to witness glorious moments
   On December 11th, during the intense Marseille break, Longines joined hands with the International Racing Federation to present the Longines Hong Kong International Welcome Dinner and presented the second ‘Longines Global Best Jockey Award’. The award refers to the 100 highest-ranked international first-class races selected by the Longines World’s Best Horse Racing Jury and judges the most outstanding jockeys each year based on the race points. This year, Lanfranco Frankie Dettori, born in Italy and now living in the United Kingdom, won the second Longines World Best Jockey Award for his stable and outstanding performance.

Dayulli was awarded the second ‘Longines Global Jockey Award’. Mr. Juan Carlos Capelli (left), Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director, and Louis Homanet, Chairman of the International Horse Racing Federation Mr. (right) presents awards to winning jockeys

Dayulli was awarded the second Longines World Best Jockey Award

   Deituli was awarded a ‘Gingko Apollo Extra’ crystal trophy. The trophy is engraved with a group of galloping horses and will be permanently engraved with the name of the winning jockey. Dayulli also was awarded a Longines masterpiece rose gold moon phase chronograph watch. The latter, as the designated watch of the Longines Hong Kong International Race and the Longines Hong Kong International Jockey Championship, not only exudes classic elegance and excellent craftsmanship, it has been sought after by watch lovers around the world since its launch in 2005. .

Dayulli was awarded the second Longines World Best Jockey Award

Kashi series released globally, new watches embrace equestrian love
   During the event, Longines proudly released a new Riding Series watch, and displayed the elegance and charm of new timepieces for watch enthusiasts at the event and dinner. The shapes and materials of these watches are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. Symbolic elements such as arched horseshoes, stirrups, and leather are subtly integrated into the design. With bold and innovative lines, the Kashi series looks like a horse with beautiful footsteps, and a beautiful waltz jumps on the wearer’s wrist.
   The origin of Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878, when the brand produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history. This stopwatch is engraved with a jockey and his mount, and it has been widely welcomed by jockeys and horse lovers on the racetrack in 1881. Today, Longines has become the official partner of the International Horse Racing Federation and the International Equestrian Federation, and has extensively participated in equestrian events such as flat horse racing, obstacle course and endurance competition.
[Watch description]


Longines Riding Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L6. Reference Price: RMB 22,500
   Continuing the brand’s long-standing respect for equestrian sports and its emphasis on female customers, Longines launches its new Longines Equestrian watch, whose shapes and materials are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. This arched watch is 26 mm in diameter and has a quartz movement in a steel and diamond case. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with diamond hour markers, with blued-steel hands, and stitched leather straps complete with rider suits.

Longines Riding Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L6. Reference Price: New Price
   Continuing the brand’s long-standing respect for equestrian sports and its emphasis on female customers, Longines launches its new Longines Equestrian watch, whose shapes and materials are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. This stirrup-shaped watch has a diameter of 30 mm and a stainless steel case with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with diamond hour markers, with blued-steel hands, and stitched leather straps complete with rider suits.

Longines Master Series Stainless Steel Moon Phase Chronograph Model: L2.673.4.78.3 Reference Price: RMB 25,000
   As a traditional watchmaker, Longines has produced many outstanding timepieces since the company was founded. The Longines Masterpiece series is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s spirit and has achieved great success since its introduction in 2005. This chronograph is 40 mm in diameter and features a self-winding mechanical movement. The silver dial with embossed barley grain pattern and the handsome blue-steel steel hands gracefully embody the moon phase display function. This watch comes with a brown alligator strap.

Longines Master Series Stainless Steel Moon Phase Chronograph Model: L2.673.4.78.6 Reference Price: RMB 25,400
   As a traditional watchmaker, Longines has produced many outstanding timepieces since the company was founded. The Longines Masterpiece series is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s spirit and has achieved great success since its introduction in 2005. This chronograph is 40 mm in diameter and features a self-winding mechanical movement. The silver dial with embossed barley grain pattern and the handsome blue-steel steel hands gracefully embody the moon phase display function. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and a triple folding safety buckle.

The Temptation Of Patek Philippe 5170 Series 5170j Gold Watch

In 1839, the Patek Philippe brand came out. Patek Philippe embodies innovation and freedom in the overall process of process design, production and assembly, creating an international masterpiece of horrific watches that the world will admire. Enjoy a true masterpiece of timepieces with a Patek Philippe 5170 series 5170J gold watch.
The case made of 18K yellow gold is only 39 mm in diameter. The soft lines make the appearance of this watch more rounded, while the mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which has better light transmission and enhances the overall The appearance of the watch; the milky white dial with gold three-dimensional hour markers makes it more expressive; the back is made of the same material as the mirror, and the back-through design allows users to easily observe the internal movement structure ; The hand-stitched brown square scale crocodile leather strap is low-key and luxurious, and it has a touch of elegance when combined with the watch body; the folding buckle makes it difficult for users to slip off during wearing.
 The thickness of this case is only 10.9mm. The screw button on the right side is even more icing on the cake. The alligator leather strap is soft and comfortable to the touch. With the elegant body of the watch, this watch adds to the gorgeousness. A classic beauty.

 This Patek Philippe 5170J-001 belongs to the complication timing series, so its powerful function need not be said much. Its time display function is realized by the central minute hand, second hand and small second dial. This can reduce some power loss in peacetime, and it can free the central second hand and apply it to the timekeeping function. The chronograph function is realized by the 30-minute chronograph dial and the central second hand, so that the recorded time can be more clearly reflected on the dial, so that we do not affect the work at hand when we obtain the time information. It is matched with the timing start / pause button and timing zero button at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. This design makes the operation of the timing function convenient, simple and easy to grasp. In addition, this watch also has a pulse frequency test function that most watches do not have. There is a circle on the outer edge of the dial, which represents the number of pulse beats per minute. At this time, we only need to start the timing function and feel the pulse of our pulse. When jumping 15 times, press the pause button. The scale indicated by the central second hand represents your pulse frequency. This function is useful for first aid and so on. The situation or the usual grasp of one’s health is very useful.
In addition, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters, which can meet the needs of our daily life, making the watch convenient for us at all times, not a burden. Overall, this watch is very functional and very user-friendly.

 5170J-001 This watch uses a polished manual CH-29-535 PS movement. This classic movement uses the principle of a star wheel structure, which is undoubtedly the symbol of a mechanical chronograph movement. The rigorous structure also makes this watch more accurate; and its power reserve reaches 65 hours, allowing users to spend every day easily
The CH-29-535 PS has a diameter of only 29.6 mm and a thickness of 5.35 mm. The optimization of the gear reduces friction, reduces energy consumption and wear, and other features of the CH-29-535 PS enhance this. Table stability and reliability.
 This Patek Philippe 5170J-001, as a nobleman in the watch, is close to perfection from the design concept to the artistic structure. Not only can it provide convenience to the wearer by virtue of its functional superiority, but it can also give the watch owner a taste with its gorgeous colors and fine crafts And the improvement of identity, the role of luxury watches is brought to life. Moreover, the movement it carries is a movement produced by Patek Philippe. It has the support of more than 100 years of Patek Philippe’s experience in watchmaking. It naturally goes without saying that it can guarantee the bold use of the watch. The market reference price of this watch is 710,700. Although the price is very high, it can be said that it is genuine and true to its functions, appearance, possible appreciation space and the popularity of Patek Philippe.
 Watch details: patek / 2251 /

Hublot Helps The Chinese Polo Open, Presenting The Charm Of Seeking Time

On September 22, 2019, the final of the China Polo Open was held at Beijing Tang Polo Club. With the cool autumn breeze, a fierce polo game began.

  Hublot has a deep relationship with sports. From football, golf to polo, Hublot helps a variety of sports events and has witnessed countless exciting moments on the field. In fact, the spirit of movement and watchmaking are consistent in some aspects, which symbolizes infinite pursuit and hard work. It has been seven years since Hublot cooperated with the Tang Polo Club. During this period, Hublot was committed to promoting polo in China, developing professional polo events, and contributing to the sport of polo. .
Hublot and Polo

  At the China Polo Open final, a special watch from the Hublot Tang Polo Club appeared on the scene, symbolizing the deep friendship between Hublot and Polo. This watch is specially tailored for the Tang Polo Club and is equipped with a tourbillon complication, incorporating the elements of polo into the watch in the details.

  The Tang Polo Club logo is set at 2 o’clock on this watch, and the tourbillon at 6 o’clock uses the classic Chinese element motif on the outer edge. The hands in the small seconds dial are designed by polo clubs. As if running a polo club.

  In addition, Hublot also presented a number of classics from the Big Bang series on site. The charm of time and the passion of sports collided together.

  The Big Bang series is one of Hublot’s most classic series. It has a cool and bold styling design, and also continues to break through innovations in materials, interpreting the brand’s unique aesthetic concept.
Intense polo

  Generally, the polo game is divided into two teams for confrontation. Each team has 4 players. The No. 1 and No. 2 players are forwards, and No. 3 and No. 4 players are defenders. In the course of the game, the opposing player must have the same running direction as the grab player. If an angle is formed or an oncoming foul is committed. A total of three teams participated in the Chinese Polo Open this time, competing for the final championship. On the polo field, the athletes exerted their strength to the full, sweated, ignited speed and passion, and the audience at the scene cheered for their bravery and wisdom.
Summary: Hublot loves sports. Hublot watches have always held a unique position in the sports field. It has a deep cooperative relationship with the Chinese Polo Open, accurately controls the time on the court, and records the wonderful performance of athletes.