Continuation Of The Movement Of Time Tasting Oris Culture Series Dexter Gordon Limited Edition Watch

Speaking of the Swiss century-old watchmaking brand Ouli, everyone knows that it covers the four major series of culture, flying, motorsports and diving. Among them, the Jazz watch in the cultural series with rich meaning is Very popular. Oris’s deep relationship with jazz began at Oris London Jazz Festival. This is the brand’s first large-scale cross-border cooperation. Since then, Oris has a strong emotional connection with the music industry. . ‘For me, jazz is alive. From the beginning, it tells people’s emotions, dreams and hopes.’ This is a sentence that jazz master DexterGorden once said. As the representative of modern jazz in the middle of the 20th century, Dexter’s best known contribution is to play and re-create the modern jazz pioneered by CharlieParker and DizzyGillespie with the tenor saxophone. His music has still deeply influenced people. End. In order to pay tribute to the music master, Oris once again composes the time movement, creating a limited edition commemorative watch of the same name, which is distributed worldwide. This is the 17th jazz commemorative watch launched by the brand. (Watch model number: 0173721720083-SetLS)

Jazz Master DexterGorden

Jazz hue

Minimalistic retro design

   If I use one color to describe jazz, I think it is brown, classic and romantic. Just like the overall tone of this limited edition DexterGorden watch by Oris, the radiant brushed dark gray dial with a delicate retro dark brown belt is harmonious and quiet, just like the lazy afternoon DexterGorden’s music slowly flows from the old record, warm Land is intoxicating.

Metal case

   The case made of multi-piece stainless steel has no complicated design, and the streamline is beautiful and elegant, giving a simple and capable feeling. The arched bezel is polished to give the metal a beautiful shine.

Pay tribute to details

Delicate design on the dial

   All the details of the watch reveal a high respect for the artist. The 12-point scale on the dial is cleverly designed as a saxophone reed, and the 12 letters of the DexterGorden name are printed on each scale.

Slim Second Hand

   As the protagonist on the dial, the hands appear in a classic simple shape, while the second hand is extremely slender and extends backwards, which can show the beautiful color of the saxophone, and also implies the nickname of the giant, nearly two meters tall, ‘LongTallDex’ .

Case back lettering

   Flipping over to the back of the watch, it was a pleasant surprise that the nickname “LongTallDex” given by the fans also appeared, and the details echoed just fine.


   The crown and buckle made of stainless steel are also ‘simplified,’ just branded with the brand’s ‘ORIS’. Metal and leather straps can always strike a simple and atmospheric style. At the same time, this commemorative watch is equipped with the Oris 733 movement, which has 28,800 oscillations per hour and a power reserve of 38 hours.

Oris Limited Edition

Summary: In my opinion, a watch is born with the same art as music, and the sound of ticking away is just a wonderful musical sound that goes hand in hand with time. Oris continues to create individual, individually numbered, limited edition models dedicated to outstanding music masters. This strong musical complex is probably related to the brand’s own music literacy and it is constantly giving up. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)

Seiko 2006 New Collection Watch Review

SEIKO Automatic Date Watch
Stainless steel material / 6R15 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / 23 stone / power reserve about 50 hours / table diameter 42mm / sapphire crystal mirror, back cover / waterproof 100 meters / reference price: Taiwan 18,500 (single)
Remake another legend different from “ SEIKO 5 ” movement
EISEIKO has launched many mechanical watches with low prices, stable movement performance, and beautiful shapes and reputation. Among them, the most well-known is the ‘SEIKO 5’ movement. In order to recreate another legend different from the ‘SEIKO 5’ movement, SEIKO chose the ‘6R15’ movement in the newly launched SEIKO three-pin date automatic watch, and the face plate color is also bold and avant-garde bright orange. The colors are blue and blue, and the mirror is made of polyhedron-cut sapphire crystal. It is equipped with a transparent back cover design and the brand LOGO “S” crown. The wearer can use manual or automatic winding methods to: The watch is refined, and it can be said that SEIKO is the most ‘cheap and cheap’ entry model this year.
Seiko three-hand classic automatic watch
Stainless steel material / 4L25 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / 25 stone / power reserve about 42 hours / vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour / table diameter 42mm sapphire crystal, back cover / waterproof 100 meters / Alligator leather strap with folding buckle / Reference price: NT $ 60,500
Design inspiration for classic watches from the 1950s
In addition to the SEIKO junior hand automatic date watch, SEIKO also introduced the SEIKO junior hand classic automatic watch that appeals to its own style. Its retro and elegant sword-shaped hands, five-face cut three-dimensional hour markers, the minute hand tail and the mirror are slightly curved in synchronization. The hand-crafted technology, as well as the engraved brand LOGO “S” -shaped crown, are all inspired by the classic models of the 1950s, fully displaying SEIKO’s exquisite watchmaking technology. The faceplate of this SEIKO junior classic automatic watch is made by classical manual method. The technician holds a special tool like a turntable pointer to draw it steadily, and then uses electroforming to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of ripples. The newly developed thin 4L movement and the practical instant-change date device not only highlight SEIKO’s brand philosophy of daily practical wear and scouring, but also one of the first models for players to wear daily.

SEIKO Simple Chronograph High Speed ​​Rail Commemorative Watch

Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hour, minute, and second display / Rotary chronograph inner ring / Water resistant to 100 meters / Not priced
纪念 High-speed rail memorial watch with historical significance
With the construction of Taiwan’s largest B.O.T high-speed rail, SEIKO officially announced its cooperation with Taiwan’s high-speed rail to launch a SEIKO simple timing high-speed rail commemorative watch that matches the color scheme of the Taiwan high-speed rail. This simple and unique color chronograph emphasizes simple and bright design, highlights the characteristics of the model with contrasting and vivid colors, especially the dial scale and the color of the four o’clock crown, which is a very unique style. The wearer can adjust the rotating chronograph inner ring with the crown at the four o’clock position for easy timing operation, while the buttons at the two o’clock, eight o’clock, and ten o’clock positions are the overall model The finishing touch is the finishing touch. In addition to this commemorative watch, another 4 different color matching styles will be available on the market to meet more fans who like SEIKO watches.

Characteristic Watches On The Dial

For the selection of men’s objects, the editor has emphasized the importance of details more than once. Traditional watches emphasize low-key simplicity, but they are too conservative and unavoidable. They must not only show their personality but not too much. Swag, so choosing to make a fuss on the hands is the most appropriate. Today we introduce to you these delicate watches with characteristic hands.

 Breguet Only Watch Special Limited Edition 7803

Speaking of characteristic hands, how can I miss the famous Breguet needles. Breguet needles are elegant in shape, and because of the eccentric moon shape near the needle end, they have become the image of Breguet watches for more than two centuries. And this Breguet watch has a personalized design. We can see that the end of the second hand is not carefully crafted into a note shape. This is to echo the music box mechanism that this watch is equipped with. In addition, this case is made of 18K white gold, with a diameter of 48mm, and has a daily waterproof of 30m. What’s cool is that it only has one …

 Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Friday on Balloon’ Poetic Complication

This watch from the French jewellery brand definitely has an unforgettable ability. Van Cleef & Arpels has sketched out an exquisite fairy tale picture for us with creative ideas. In recent years Van Cleef & Arpels has launched a series of creative retrograde watches, this interesting watch inspired by Verne’s novel ‘Friday on the Balloon’ is even more popular. The hands of this watch can be said to be a highlight. A soaring bird on the left side of the dial indicates the hour scale, and the indication of the minutes comes from the anchor dropped by the hot air balloon. At that time, the light flow, the hot air balloon on the wrist Maybe it really soared into the sky.

 Rolex Milgauss Collection

Rolex has always liked to make articles on the hands, which can be seen from the triangular pointers of explorers and yachts, but in the large Rolex family, Xiaobian thinks that the most stylish is the Milgauss series ‘lightning’ needles, as Titans in the anti-magnetic watch camp, the fitting theme of the Milgauss series of lightning bolts is also logical. MILGAUSS is not only a model of anti-magnetic watches, but also a pioneer in the aesthetic world.

 Bell & Ross BR01 Red Rador

This watch is a creative timepiece never seen before. The shape of the BR01 Red Radar is very similar to the flight navigation radar. The turntable design is like a beam sweeping over the radar display, creating a needle-like display, breaking the traditional watch. Travel time form. The hands and dial look like one piece, and consist of three concentric turntables. Each turntable has a red light beam, and the small hands, minutes and seconds are displayed from outside to inside. The red glass mirror is printed with a cross-shaped scale, which is shaped like a radar coordinate, and is compared with the position of the beam of the turntable to indicate the time. The matte black case and dial design echoes the radar display in the control room, contrasting with the turntable, enhancing the clarity of the hour, minute and second display.

 Attic Freak Tourbillon

的 Have you ever seen a watch with the movement as a time indicator? This Athens Freak Diavolo watch is so incredible. This watch cancels the traditional design of the hour, minute, dial and crown, and instead displays the specific time by the movement of the movement itself. The flying tourbillon of this watch replaces the usual oscillator. Outside the flying tourbillon cage, an arrow second indicator and a transparent semicircle scale are installed. The second indicator rotates every minute, and the position zero is fixed on the minute indicator axis.

Meitu Launches New Rudder Series Multi-function Chronograph Watch

Mido rudder series multi-function chronograph watch is the continuation of the helmsman series. The black dial is decorated with carved high-polished metal pieces, giving this multi-function timer a restrained and elegant Style complements the unique charm of mature men. The luminous effect of the white Super Luminova® treatment is impressive. The hour-marking design adds a bold modern feel to this watch. This new helmsman multifunction chronograph uses the ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. The improvements in details and clever features are clear, which confirms the watchmaker’s respect for that era. The diameter is 44 and the thickness is 14.50mm. The waterproof depth is 100m. Further use of white Super Luminova® technology makes the time on the dial clearer and easier to read, even at night. The stainless steel strap gives this watch a sense of elegance.
Technical Information
Movement: Mido calibre 1320 automatic movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7750),
Vibration frequency: 28,800A / H
Kinetic energy: 48 hours power reserve
Functions: hour, minute, second, 24-hour timekeeping, multi-function, date
Case: 316L stainless steel (DINX2CrNiMO 17 12 2)
Diameter: 44mm
Dial: Black dial with Super-Luminova®.
Hands: Super-Luminova® hour and minute hands for easy reading underwater and at night.
Mirror: scratch-resistant sapphire mirror
Waterproof: Depth up to 100 meters.
Strap: 316L stainless steel (DINX2CrNiMO 17 12 2) with stainless steel folding clasp.
Price: RMB 13,800

Montblanc Watchmaker Julian Mirebiel

While world-class watchmaker Julian Mirebiel inherits the essence of Swiss watchmaking tradition, he also takes Montblanc watches to a higher level through the skill of experienced watchmakers. What kind of watchmaking experience does he have?

Watchmaker Julian Mirebiel

Julian Miribiel
He studied watchmaking training courses at Reno Institute of Technology in Switzerland and obtained a watchmaker certificate. He later specialized in antique watch repair and was awarded the relevant professional certificate qualifications.
He worked at the International Clock and Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where he specialized in restoring antique watches with complex functions, and was particularly good at repairing the minute repeater pocket watches of the 18th century.
Worked in the movement inlay workshop of Minerva Watch Factory, and supervised the development of the first version of the chronograph movements of 16.29 and 13.31.
He served as the head of the first edition of the movement of the Minerva Advanced Watch Technology Research Institute, and was responsible for supervising the development of the first edition of the complex function system and the inlaying of the limited edition complex function.

2013sihh’s Four Highlights (Four) The Pursuit Of Art

The final stage of the development of any article in the world is to become a work of art. Since it is the final stage of the development of an article, it is only when we face the art that we can forget the price. The price is a price digital. I always think that everyone has the right to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful things in the world, especially for artworks, whether it is really important to own or not, because the life of works of art is definitely longer than the physical life of people, so everyone has It’s impossible to really own it, and the same is true of fine watches. So I hope that when reading this article, you will temporarily put aside the price sensitivity (the price of each watch is an astronomical figure, and they have all found their own owners at the end of the exhibition), and calm down to appreciate these already It is not only clock art which was clock.

 Speaking of art clocks, Van Cleef & Arpels is undoubtedly the most powerful speaker this year. Van Cleef & Arpels, famous for its jewellery, has always regarded art as its life, while clocks are just a display of its art A platform for achievement, all the watches launched this year are ‘not clocks and watches.’ This swallow is a member of the Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaires series. In addition to the exquisite dial, the gems and pendants on the bezel are also worth playing.

 This paper kite butterfly watch is one of the entire paper kite butterfly pattern series. This is the first time that Van Cleef & Arpels has applied micro-painting technology to mother-of-pearl, whose mother-of-pearl sculpture is transformed into a beautiful relief, on the background Blooming iridescent, as if to breathe vitality into the dreamy misty scene.

 If you want to say that Van Cleef & Arpels has given us the biggest surprise this year, it is the ballerina who belongs to this poetic and complicated series. Its beauty is beyond words, you will understand when you see the real thing. Of course, this watch is the one that most impresses me. It is a ‘question’ watch. This ‘question’ is not three questions, but an inquiry. When you need to know the time, just press the eight-point button The skirt will tell you the time.

If I do n’t tell you, can you guess what kind of dial of this tourbillon of Parmigiani? It looks like wood, yes, it is wood. This is a process called inlaying, a truly ancient process. It is mainly trimming and assembling on wooden planes to construct extremely fine Decorative effect, now you see, is the star-striped acoustic guitar the same as the real one?

 We know that Greubel Forsey is a brand known for its technology, especially its 30-degree tourbillon, but this year Coperfors couldn’t help with the art, which is in line with the world-renowned micro-carving artist Willard The Art Piece 1 watch co-created by Wigan (Willard Wigan), as long as you look through the watch’s microscope, you can enjoy the amazing micro-carved works of Willard Wigan.

 This year Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art masterpiece series ‘The Temple of Flowers’ trilogy has fascinated countless people, because the flowers above are so beautiful that many people are reluctant to put them down. But I want to say that in addition to the beautiful dial, other details are also beautiful, such as the diamond setting of the bezel; the perfect proportion of the hands; the combination of the strap and the lugs; the shape of the crown and the polishing of the movement are not significantly armed Exquisite to the teeth.

Speaking of the most beautiful high jewellery art watches in this exhibition, we must mention the emperor of this jeweler. This year’s high jewellery watches launched by Cartier (Cartier), let people once again feel what is the real visual baptism. This is not only a watch, but also a unique peacock-shaped jewellery. When the peacock flies away from the frame inlaid with mother-of-pearl, it becomes a brooch with bright-cut diamonds, and time is shining Galloping diamonds drove freely.
 I have been thinking about what is the highest state of horological art, but I have never figured it out. When I visited SIHH, I found the answer. The answer is that when you see this watch, your first reaction will not be that it is a watch, which is a real artwork.

Vacheron Constantin Fly Character Automatic Winding Watch

Estimated price: 4000-6000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 4625 Swiss francs (about RMB 31681)
【Overall description】
Case diameter 35 mm, thickness 10 mm, movement number 536379, case number 363024, model 4906, manufactured in the 1960s, waterproof, central seconds, automatic winding, two-piece solid case in 18K gold, polished and ground , Curved lugs, stepped bezel, screw-in case back, yellow dial, gold hour markers, luminous dots, luminous inner dots, luminous material filled with gold Crown Prince hands, dial, case and movement are all Signed.
[Movement configuration]
P1019 / 1 rhodium-plated movement, Geneva stripe decoration, 21 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, cold and hot isochronism and accurate 5 orientation correction, shock absorber, self-compensating Breguet balance spring , Gooseneck-style fine-tuning.
评论 [Review]
The word ‘fly’ was popular in the 1960s and was adopted by many brands. This Vacheron Constantin self-winding watch was produced in 1960. The design of the time stamp incorporates the inspiration of the early ‘fly character’, but it is not as it is, it just reverses the order of the notes and gives a new fly font feel.
This reminds me of the enthusiasm of learning in the Swiss watchmaking industry in the 1960s. For example, the winding mechanism of the woodpecker in the early IWC was modified by Longines and used on the self-produced 19AS movement. Vacheron Constantin’s watches are very popular, but their performance in the second-hand market does not always seem to be strong, and the price is always up.

Seiko Launches Iaaf Commemorative Edition Watch

Japanese watch brand Seiko is the official timekeeper of the 2013 Track and Field World Cup. The International Athletics Federation (IAAF) in Moscow has launched a special limited edition IAAF commemorative watch (official model) : SSA143K1). The design of the watch is based on the ‘choice’ concept that the IAAF has adhered to since 1985, and the emblem of the federation is printed under sapphire crystal glass.

   The watch house learned that the watch had a round stainless steel black PVD-coated case with a diameter of 44 mm. Protected by a grooved spiral crown at 3 o’clock, the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.
   The matte black dial features three-dimensional hour markers, hour and minute hands with white luminescent material.
   This watch is equipped with the brand’s self-made automatic movement 4R38, set with 24 gems, with a frequency of 21,600 (3 Hz) per hour and a 41-hour power reserve. Functions: hour, minute, second, date
   Limited to 500 pieces, the IAAF Commemorative Edition comes with a black rubber strap with grooves on the surface.
   The official reference price is $ 455. If you want to learn more about watches, stay tuned for Watch House.

Continuously Taking Off And Challenging More Space Breitling’s First Chinese Brand Image Ambassador: Wang Shi

He was the first influx of people who gave up security work and ventured into the unpredictable business sea.

曾 He once refused to indulge billions of net worth to challenge the towering global peaks.

After building a good business map, he went abroad to study abroad regardless of language barriers.
He has an unwilling mediocrity and always challenges life.
He kept pursuing dreams, surpassing himself, and living the fullness and wonderfulness of life.
He believes that life is an adventure, a never-ending self-chase.
He is Wang Shi, a dream catcher in the Chinese business community, and a Chinese paraglider record holder. He is Breitling’s first Chinese brand image ambassador and shares the wonderful world of chasing dreams and challenging the limit with Breitling, the top independent watch brand in Switzerland.

‘Height’ means more space
‘When climbing, you will find that if you want to reach a height higher than the peak, you have to fly.’
When Wang Wangshi was a soldier when he was young, there was an aviation school next to it. Every day, planes took off and landed. Since then, his heart has planted a dream of flying. While traveling in Tibet in 1997, Wang Shi saw a yellow paraglider gliding on the back of Everest at Everest Base Camp. At that moment, the flying dream awoke. ‘That was the warm-up of the Scottish mountain captain before climbing Everest. I was very excited to watch the yellow paraglider flying above the base camp. I am also very excited. Mountaineers also play this? I always think that mountaineering is sacred, difficult, and we must go all out. The foreigner who brought the umbrella bag to the top made my mind change instantly. ‘Wang Shi recalled.
In 1998, 47-year-old Wang Shi tried for the first time a truly free flight-paraglider. The first challenge is always accompanied by fear and tension. Although there was a coach flying, Wang Shi, who rushed to the sky for the first time, still nervously had a blank brain: he was worried that his body would fall off at any time when hanging on a paraglider. But in any case, it began to fly from that moment. Then the second time, the third time, the fourth time ……… Overcoming the fear slowly, Wang Shi began to enjoy the joy of flying. After that, whenever he has a chance, he will fly. Each time the airflow, altitude, wind, and scene are different. He drives the ‘wings’ to fly where he wants to go, and every time he has a new experience.
In 2000, Wang Shi set a record for Chinese paraglider climbing in Qingpu, Tibet. It took 5 hours to climb to the summit early in the morning, then skillfully opened an umbrella, and took off from the 4,600-meter-high peak against the wind. The wind-filled umbrella was rushed to the top of the blue sky by the rising hot air, 4700 meters … 5700 meters ……… 6100 meters! When the altimeter on hand keeps “Da Da Da” prompting an increase in height, I feel excited and irritating. ‘When soaring in the sky, I really feel like a hawk. I overlook the earth from the clouds. The scenery changes its posture in different light and shadows, showing a more colorful side. It can be said that I have never seen it when climbing. Brand new perspective. ‘
Since then, Wang Shi followed the four-time world champion to learn gliders, and gradually realized and plumped his flying dream when he was a teenager. For him, taking off again and again is not to challenge a high record, but to constantly challenge the limits, tap the value of life, and pursue a wider space.

If the glider has an impetus, it is the ‘dream’ of pilot freedom
Everyone is a dreamer, and success belongs to the practitioner of dreams. Whether challenging a paraglider to climb the record or flying a glider, Wang Shi, who walks in the wind, is practicing the dream of freedom with repeated challenges to unpowered flight.
‘If the glider has an impetus, it is the dream of freedom for the driver. Because of this, we ‘mads’ will continue to chase freedom, challenge the limits, and break through ourselves. For me, life is an adventure. ‘Wang Shi shared,’ Even if you do n’t go flying or take risks, life itself has to face many uncertainties and go forward again and again, and flying and adventure will show you a higher perspective of life. During the second challenge, you will realize that the biggest challenge in life is not to challenge nature and others, but to challenge yourself. I enjoy this process very much. ‘
In 2011, Wang Shi became associated with Breitling. In Switzerland, he watched the Breitling Jet Team’s precise and elegant aerobatic flight show for the first time. In September this year, he was invited by Breitling to experience the world’s fastest mechanical sports Reno flight competition. Air Races. Those extremely cool experiences resonated deeply in Wang Shi’s heart, which really opened a wider door for Wang Shi to fly.
From a common philosophy and attitude, in November 2013, Breitling invited Wang Shi to be the brand’s first Chinese image ambassador to join hands in pursuing dreams and challenging the limits. In the new Breitling commercial, Wang Shi stood confidently in front of a dynamic glider, as if he had just completed a pleasant flight and partnered with his wrist—the aviation timepiece 01 that best reflected the spirit of Breitling Aviation. (Navitimer 01), together interpreting the Breitling World with its individual charm.
Behind the ultimate challenge is strict control over ‘precision’
Extreme challenges often hide dangers everywhere, and they need the absolute strength to control everything, with extreme precision and zero errors. Behind the glory of setting a record for Chinese paraglider climbing, Wang Shi also paid a great price.
At that time, because the air was too thin, Wang Shi misjudged the time when he landed, causing him to break a rib and almost lost his life. Challenging the possible limits of flying is exciting, but it is often life-threatening. It is important to grasp time and accuracy. For him, a precise and reliable watch is a companion who can share passion and joy, but also a solid backing to dream and explore the unknown.
致 To pay tribute to all the spirits that show the free flight of human beings, Wang Shi will not miss Breitling’s precision wrist instruments for professionals. Breitling Navitimer 01-an original classic from Breitling in 1952, equipped with 100% self-developed 01 automatic winding chronograph movement, like all Breitling watches, has the authority to represent precision and reliability Baseline Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC). The diameter is 43 mm and fits the wrist perfectly. The two-way rotating bezel is equipped with Breitling’s famous circular flight slider, known as the ‘aviation computer’, which can complete all operations required for flight navigation between the wrists. From the overall design to the smallest details, the entire watch exudes charming aesthetic charm, enough to fascinate all flying professionals and enthusiasts who desire to conquer the sky, and naturally it is also Wang Shi’s favorite. Welcome to the world of Breitling!

Kuraki, Daughter Of Kimura Takuya, Becomes Bvlgari Brand Ambassador

BVLGARI Bulgari is proud to announce that it has invited model and composer Kōki to become the Bulgari ambassador, becoming the youngest member of Bulgari’s many celebrity ambassadors; meanwhile, Kōki is also the first Bulgari This enabled the Japanese to serve as brand ambassadors.

 Kōki grew up under the influence of music and art, with rich sensitivity and unique aesthetics. She has studied piano and flute since she was a child. She has become a composer in Japan with her outstanding musical talents. At the same time, she is also striving to realize her new dream of becoming a top model. Through self-examination and adjustment, Kōki continues to make progress on the road to fulfilling his new dream career. With such perseverance, BVLGARI Bulgari is very happy to welcome Kōki as a member of the family.

BVLGARI Bulgari is proud to announce KOKI as the brand ambassador, wearing B.zero1 classic accessories.
 As an ambassador of BVLGARI Bulgari in Japan, Koki was excited to say, ‘I am very happy to be the ambassador of BVLGARI, the top jewellery brand in Italy. My dream is to be a model that can win the audience’s favor by interpreting various roles. I know that this is a dream that is not easy to realize, but inspired by being part of the Bvlgari family, I will boldly open the door to my dream and continue to accept the challenge. ‘
 BVLGARI Bulgari firmly believes that Kōki will become a new generation of style ICON with her unique charm and fresh appearance. She not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a strong connotation, which coincides with BVLGARI’s constantly developing brand philosophy. Seeing Kōki’s unremitting efforts in pursuit of dreams, Bulgari also felt hope and dreams, and hoped that love and good things would continue to flourish.