The Only Treasure Of Patek Philippe Geneva Seiko Watchmaking

Ordinary watch fans may not think that to complete the picture carving of a spherical table clock, the artisans of Patek Philippe need to use 18-20 meters of gold wire. After attaching such a long gold wire disc to the base, the artisans of Patek Philippe combined the opaque and translucent enamel materials and spray-painted or fired the enamel on the arc surface. It is not easy to ‘snap’ every vivid detail on the curved surface through the thin gold wire. It is even more challenging to complete the production process of enamel on the same highly curved surface. The difficulty of its production is manipulated on the dial and other planes, which cannot be compared.

 At present, there are only a handful of enamel craftsmen who are capable of this task at Patek Philippe, even fewer than those who are capable of making and maintaining Patek Philippe’s super-complex movements. Because of this, the Patek Philippe dome clock is the most precious representative of all filigree enamels. At the same time, because each clock is unique, its value naturally rises with the passage of time. It is also natural.

Left: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, issued by Cartier, manufactured in 1965, copper-plated gold material, filigree enamel hunting pattern.
Estimated Price: 320000-480000 HKD
Right: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, made in 1976, copper-plated gold material, filigree enamel gown prom pattern.
Estimated Price: 400000-550000 HKD
Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been adhering to the tradition of fine watchmaking in Geneva. As an independent watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe is creatively adept at design, production and assembly, in order to make experts agree that it is the best timepiece in the world. Relying on rich experience in watchmaking, Patek Philippe has cultivated innovation as the company’s network tradition. So far, it has harvested more than 70 patented technologies, and the variety is astonishing. The company’s precious, elegant and classic timepieces are the crystallization of the latest technology combined with the knowledge and interest of ancient watchmaking, and have been passed on from generation to generation.

Bvlgari Serpenti Serpentine Light Art Installation Shines In Shanghai Henglong Plaza

BVLGARI, a well-known Italian jewelry brand, and Shanghai Volkswagen jointly greet the arrival of the National Day. BVLGARI Bulgari jewelry family’s classic masterpiece SERPENTI serpentine totem series lighting art installation with its new beautiful form in the autumn season in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza before the public.

Bvlgari SERPENTI snake-shaped light art installation lights up at Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza

 Italian jewelry design art is famous all over the world. As an Italian jewelry brand with a history of more than 130 years, Bulgari has become a classic symbol of eternal charm in the minds of many people. It not only represents the development history of Italian classic culture, but also an important chapter in the development of the world’s top jewelry art history.

 Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, Mr. Andrew Wu, President of Cotai Group Greater China, and Mr. Derek Pang, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Bright SERPENTI snake-shaped light art installation. The light art installation consists of 150,000 LED bulbs, with a total weight of about 2.5 tons, a height of 20 meters and a width of 30 meters. It took more than a hundred people for a week to suspend 9 steel cables from the top of Hang Lung Plaza, and connect the professional custom keel structure to fix the scales with bulbs one by one on the keel. This is also the largest suspension of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza ever. Light art installation. That night, more than a hundred distinguished guests and the media witnessed this splendid moment. Every guest was enjoying the magnificence of the Bulgari brand. In this event, they also welcomed the golden autumn of Shanghai and the upcoming National Day.