Century Century Table: Tanabata Affectionate Expression, Exclusive Sweet Moment

Tenderness is like water. There is a cowherd and a weaver girl in Gaoqiao, and there is no doubt in the world that Shen Fu and Yun Niang are loving. It is another Chinese New Year’s Eve, the moonlight is succulent, the light is like silk, the fragrant candle is fruit, and the weaver is worshipped. The universe is big, and this January, the CENTURY watch customizes sweet moments for love.

PRIME TIME couple watch

The watch symbolizes the moments when the couple spends together. For this reason, CENTURY has selected three ingenious pairs: DRAGON STONE’s dodecagon case has sharp lines, and the mother-of-pearl soft halo is full of longing for love. The magnificent shape of this piece gives it an irresistible modern look. ELEGANCE’s round case with decorative scales conveys the charm of a gentleman and a lady. The curve is naturally clearer and clearer. The watch fully reflects all the contemporary chic and elegant qualities. In addition, every detail is designed through meticulous imagination, such as the ultimate mark that allows you to show new style at any time in daily life. The PRIME TIME watch combines pure lines and energetic luxury design, breaking the limitation of gender. The dodecagon case of the watch is its most dazzling mark, whether it is worn on the wrist of a man or a woman, it can fully reflect how refreshing and elegant style can last forever in the exchange of stars.

DRAGON STONE series couple watch

ELEGANCE series couple watch

PRIME TIME couple watch

The LEELA BLOSSOM watch is dressed in a Chinese suit with loving colors. If the other party is a sensual and gentle modern woman, she will definitely be able to read full affection from this exquisite timepiece with a floral theme.


The VERSAILLES watch is the most dazzling star. The luster of precious metals, combined with the mother-of-pearl ripple touched by the CENTURY century sapphire reflection, perfectly contrasts the noble and dazzling qualities of the counterpart against the pink satin strap. CENTURY century sapphire is a hard material that is second only to diamonds in hardness. The light-weight jewellery precisely portrays the inner spirit of modern women’s freedom. CENTURY century sapphire’s long-lasting new eternal beauty is the emotion in words, which conveys the exclusive love of men’s hearts.

VERSAILLES Women’s Watch

The DRAGON STONE watch is decorated with a hand-made automatic skeleton movement. Through the CENTURY century sapphire case, you can admire the complex internal structure bathed in the soft halo of mother-of-pearl. In the light of daylight, the interaction of the color and shape of the DRAGON STONE watch produced a subtle effect. He was invited to join this pure sensory feast, expressing his love in a way unique to modern women.

DRAGON STONE men’s watch

CENTURY has the ingenuity to offer the Qixi Festival praises together to witness the long-lasting love and start the sweet moment of the exclusive couple. In the company of CENTURY century sapphire, love is eternal and bright like sapphire, sharing the most charming moments of each other.

Easy And Fashionable Daily Watch Real Shot Tissot Charm Series Watch

The Enchanted Time series is undoubtedly the most entry-level watch of Tissot. The characteristics of this series are extreme simplicity. Because of this, the watch can be versatile, and at the same time it looks very young and fashionable. favorite. This year, Tissot still brings a wealth of new options, with a simple and pure appearance, releasing infinite charm every moment. The new watch is equipped with Swissmatic movement, which is the most authentic Swiss mechanical movement among Tissot and even Swiss brands.

  The charm time series has begun to be popular among younger groups in recent years. The price is easy to accept, the design is simple and lively, and it is full of youthful vitality. Whether it is a student or a white-collar worker, it can be easily controlled and interpret the fashion style of reading.

  In 2017, Tissot added the Swissmatic movement to the charm time series. The origin of this movement is Swatch 51, which has only 51 parts in total. However, Tissot replaced some parts and formed its own style. popular. This year, Tissot is still based on this, enriching many designs.

  The Tissot charm time series dial is classic and low-key, with simple scale hour markers and slender hands engraving a stylish style.

   This watch is self-winding and equipped with a date function. The style is clean and clear, and the smooth case shapes the neat appearance. The fully automatic Swissmatic movement with a life of up to 3 days is reflected with the intersection of the hour and second hands, converging into timeless beauty.

  The fully automatic production of innovative automatic movements escorted this watch, becoming its essential driving force, providing additional power reserve. The average watch can only store 42 hours of power, and this watch has a power reserve of up to three days, but the price is very attractive.

  According to the price of similar models in 2017, the public price of this watch is about 3200 yuan, and friends who like it may wish to pay more attention.
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