2013 Sihh Geneva Fine Watch Salon-a.Lange & Söhne Grand Complication Watch

Ten displays, eight functions, limited to six: Lange’s most complicated and rare timepiece masterpiece has reached the top of the field of precision watchmaking.

 The Lange GRAND COMPLICATION is an unprecedented collection of many upside-down complication functions, which once again demonstrates the masters of Saxony watchmaking with their undisputed creativity to conquer the peak of the watchmaking field. Under the clear and easy-to-read enamel dial, this watch equipped with the L1902 movement contains a large number of carefully modified parts, giving life to some of the most sophisticated complications in fine watchmaking: it can be a self-sounding and Small self-sounding beeping device, minute repeater device, dual chronograph with integral dial and 1/5 jumping seconds, and perpetual calendar with moon phase display.
 The development of GRAND COMPLICATION is a journey to explore the complex functions of watches. The result is a watch that excels in all aspects. This amazing masterpiece of machinery reflects the talents of the pioneers of the Lange dynasty and brings together the superb skills of today’s watchmakers.
 The beeping device is driven by one of the three main barrels, which are wound with a crown. Turning the crown clockwise tightens the clockwork and the chronograph. The beeper barrel is wound in a counterclockwise direction.
 Sliding the starter on the side of the case, the three-question function will tell the time with two gongs as required: the hour signal is indicated by a bass chime, the quarter clock is a double tone, and the minute chime is a tweet. Taking 7:52 as an example, the sounds are seven low-pitched beeps, three double-pitched beeps, and seven high-pitched beeps.
Accurate to one-fifth of a second
 GRAND COMPLICATION’s chronograph is a single-button type with dual chase hands and 1/5 seconds skip function. This rare extra feature makes stop time accurate to one-fifth of a second. When the chronograph is started, the blue steel hands on the lower dial under the five-second scale complete one operation with five jumps. Therefore, the pointer jumps precisely at the 2.5 Hz balance wheel.
 Gold chronograph hands and blue-steel double-track hands with stop lap time are moved on the central main dial. When the button set between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock is pressed, both hands move together with the 1/5 second hand. Sweep pointer