The Qixi Festival Is Here Let Blancpain Testify To Your Loyal Love

What is love? It’s raining for her eyes, but her umbrella for her heart. I love you, just like life. Even if they have gray hair, they have to be romantic with each other. But what is the true love that can be witnessed? Whether it is the vicissitudes of the sea, or the old-fashioned old man, it is an extension of the possibility that people hope for love on an unprecedented time track. So there is only time to truly witness love. Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming, and Blancpain, the ‘maker of classic timepieces’, witnesses sweet and eternal love for lovers.
Single Calendar Radiation Pattern Watch For Men 6651C Single Calendar Radiation Pattern Watch For Women 6604

   Love is with you every day, every day is a good day. Both pairs of watches have a single calendar function, while the radial pattern of the dial is exquisite and unusual. Blancpain has been hailed as the world’s first needle for hollowed willow leaves. It will go through the years with your heartbeat and witness your touching love story every day.
Full Calendar Moon Phase Men’s Watch 6639 Full Calendar Moon Phase Women’s Watch 3663

   Blancpain’s relative calendar for the full calendar month is ‘The most profound classic timepiece symbol of’ You ask me how deep I love you … the moon represents my heart ‘. The dial is equipped with an 18K red gold case. The dial layout is elegant and symmetrical. The date, week, month and moon phase display functions are all available. There is a hidden adjustment function under the lugs. The watches are equipped with an automatic movement. Since launching the first full-calendar moon phase watch in 1983, it has been enduring for 33 years and is widely sought after.
Small seconds retrograde men’s ultra-thin watch 6653Q Eccentric small seconds retrograde women’s watch 3650A

   Love, when I see you, I jump with a heart for your fawn. Both couples have a 30-second retrograde function with a small seconds hand, ladies watches, ladies gentlemen. At the emotional moment, the hard-working retrograde second hand on the dial is exactly what I jumped for you, the heart that loves you to the old days.
Radial blue dial men’s watch 6653Q Radial blue dial women’s watch 6102C

   I want to go to the Blue Aegean Sea with you, you and I connect my heart, years are like songs, like the blue sea of ​​love, when the smile spreads the sky, the beautiful life, never separate. Elegant silky blue dial, blooming with exquisite lines of love. Like our love, from a starting point of acquaintance, blooming countless romantic and sweet days. If you love, please love it deeply. When these two watches are worn on your wrists, please carry your bags and go to the blue Aegean Sea together. Feel the years like a song and feel the love like a dark blue.
Fifty Fathom Submersible Men’s Watch 5200 Fifty Fathom Submersible Women’s Watch 5100

   Love is to explore the future together, to explore our emotions as deep as the sea. Blancpain is a pioneer of modern diving watches. Since its launch in 1953, it has inherited the excellence model of classic timepieces, gathered cutting-edge technology, and wrote a glorious legend for 63 years. This pair of watches has a fashionable and avant-garde appearance. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel, a luminous scale and a date display function. It is waterproof up to 300 meters. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement and an anti-magnetic silicon balance spring. The male model has a 120-hour power reserve and the female model has a 100-hour power reserve.
   If you are already tempted, please choose a Blancpain watch suitable for you on the Tanabata Festival, and let the classic timepieces witness your long-lasting love!