2013sihh’s Four Highlights (Four) The Pursuit Of Art

The final stage of the development of any article in the world is to become a work of art. Since it is the final stage of the development of an article, it is only when we face the art that we can forget the price. The price is a price digital. I always think that everyone has the right to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful things in the world, especially for artworks, whether it is really important to own or not, because the life of works of art is definitely longer than the physical life of people, so everyone has It’s impossible to really own it, and the same is true of fine watches. So I hope that when reading this article, you will temporarily put aside the price sensitivity (the price of each watch is an astronomical figure, and they have all found their own owners at the end of the exhibition), and calm down to appreciate these already It is not only clock art which was clock.

 Speaking of art clocks, Van Cleef & Arpels is undoubtedly the most powerful speaker this year. Van Cleef & Arpels, famous for its jewellery, has always regarded art as its life, while clocks are just a display of its art A platform for achievement, all the watches launched this year are ‘not clocks and watches.’ This swallow is a member of the Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaires series. In addition to the exquisite dial, the gems and pendants on the bezel are also worth playing.

 This paper kite butterfly watch is one of the entire paper kite butterfly pattern series. This is the first time that Van Cleef & Arpels has applied micro-painting technology to mother-of-pearl, whose mother-of-pearl sculpture is transformed into a beautiful relief, on the background Blooming iridescent, as if to breathe vitality into the dreamy misty scene.

 If you want to say that Van Cleef & Arpels has given us the biggest surprise this year, it is the ballerina who belongs to this poetic and complicated series. Its beauty is beyond words, you will understand when you see the real thing. Of course, this watch is the one that most impresses me. It is a ‘question’ watch. This ‘question’ is not three questions, but an inquiry. When you need to know the time, just press the eight-point button The skirt will tell you the time.

If I do n’t tell you, can you guess what kind of dial of this tourbillon of Parmigiani? It looks like wood, yes, it is wood. This is a process called inlaying, a truly ancient process. It is mainly trimming and assembling on wooden planes to construct extremely fine Decorative effect, now you see, is the star-striped acoustic guitar the same as the real one?

 We know that Greubel Forsey is a brand known for its technology, especially its 30-degree tourbillon, but this year Coperfors couldn’t help with the art, which is in line with the world-renowned micro-carving artist Willard The Art Piece 1 watch co-created by Wigan (Willard Wigan), as long as you look through the watch’s microscope, you can enjoy the amazing micro-carved works of Willard Wigan.

 This year Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’ Art masterpiece series ‘The Temple of Flowers’ trilogy has fascinated countless people, because the flowers above are so beautiful that many people are reluctant to put them down. But I want to say that in addition to the beautiful dial, other details are also beautiful, such as the diamond setting of the bezel; the perfect proportion of the hands; the combination of the strap and the lugs; the shape of the crown and the polishing of the movement are not significantly armed Exquisite to the teeth.

Speaking of the most beautiful high jewellery art watches in this exhibition, we must mention the emperor of this jeweler. This year’s high jewellery watches launched by Cartier (Cartier), let people once again feel what is the real visual baptism. This is not only a watch, but also a unique peacock-shaped jewellery. When the peacock flies away from the frame inlaid with mother-of-pearl, it becomes a brooch with bright-cut diamonds, and time is shining Galloping diamonds drove freely.
 I have been thinking about what is the highest state of horological art, but I have never figured it out. When I visited SIHH, I found the answer. The answer is that when you see this watch, your first reaction will not be that it is a watch, which is a real artwork.