The Beauty Of The Dial Lady’s Dial Of The Dance

All things in nature have brought an endless source of inspiration for human creation. We have seen the fierceness and beauty of Cartier Cheetah, smelled the fragrance of Chanel camellia, and admired the magnificence of Earl Rose. On the map of the dial, the embedding of animal elements makes the dial exude natural beauty. Then let me bring you the butterfly dance of Lady Butterfly and appreciate the butterfly element watch.

 Jacques Dro Love Butterfly Watch

 The watch was inspired by a frame illustration on the cover of an antique book in the history of the Jaquedro family in 1916. It was drawn by genius machinist and watchmaker Pierre Jaquidro, who lives in In the 18th century of the Enlightenment of Architecture and Botany, the pattern drawn by it also imprinted the mark of the times: a butterfly hurries a carriage driven by a little angel. On the one hand, Cupid is the symbol of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art; while butterfly is the representative of universal beauty, lightness and freedom.

 The poetic chapter of naturalism combined with romanticism chants on the pure dial of Jacques Dro Petite Heure Minute. In order to make this unique watch, Jacques Dross craftsmen first carved it carefully, then painted it delicately, and for the first time came the bas-relief gold decoration, and finally the dial’s large fire enamel process. Complex and exquisite craftsmanship gives the dial pattern an unprecedented three-dimensional beauty. The butterfly’s tentacles are made of hanging gold threads, which sway slightly with the movement of the wrist. The art dial is wrapped in a 43mm diameter 18K yellow gold case, and its automatic rotor is clearly visible. Only one in the world.

 Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial series new butterfly watch

 The butterfly symbolizes the poetic and endless nature. The beauty of butterflies is an endless source of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels. In the 1920s, these beautiful creatures with slender wings became precious brooches and earrings. Later, Van Cleef & Arpels used the Mystery SettingTM covert mosaic method (1970s), mother-of-pearl and lacquered wood to decorate many butterfly designs.

 In 2010, Van Cleef & Arpels created a high-end jewelry series with the theme of butterflies: in watchmaking, it also brought the Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies watch (2010) and Lady Arpels Butterfly Symphony watch (this watch was once (Grand Prix du Public 2011 Women’s Watch Award).

 Lady Arpels Papillon Extraordinaire case in white gold, 38 mm in diameter, set with diamonds on the bezel Dial: faceted mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, cutout enamel, diamonds. Hand-wound movement Unlimited series with independent serial number. Van Cleef & Arpels re-explored the classic design element of the butterfly with the Lady Arpels Papillon Extraordinaire watch, and replaced it with a new shiny color. The corolla, which is gradually blended with blue and pink, is a symbol of spring back to earth, and all things are reborn.


 This watch is made of Van Cleef & Arpels craftsmanship: lapis lazuli shows the hard gem setting, with metal carving, the background and butterfly outline are carved with mother-of-pearl, and the butterfly wings are cut out of enamel. And diamond setting process. A variety of craftsmanship blends gracefully and outlines the contours that are moving, thus creating a three-dimensional pattern with convexity and concavity.

Graf Butterfly Jewelry Women’s Watch

 Graf launches the Butterfly Watch, set with top gems, combining glamorous design and brilliant creativity. Inspired by Graf’s classic butterfly jewellery collection, this new and elegant ladies watch embodies ingenious design and meticulous construction, creating a beautiful and sculptural effect. With unparalleled jewelry design.

 The butterfly pattern is cleverly spliced ​​with four pear-shaped diamonds, simple and luxurious, surrounded by a circle of brilliant diamonds. Each clear white diamond is also carefully selected by Graf’s gem experts, and is manually set by skilled craftsmen, and then lined with high-quality rubies, red and white reflect each other to create a vivid three-dimensional effect.

Athens Watch Exhibition Flying wings ‘Imagination Butterfly’ Limited Watch

 A happy butterfly is dancing with its colorful wings and fluttering, as if transformed into a mythical muse. Ulysse Nardin (Athens) ‘s new ‘Imagination Butterfly’ spreads its wings, showing the delicate beauty of butterflies.

 The dial is dominated by colorful blue. The butterfly wings are embellished with a berry and set with 353 diamonds weighing 3.8 carats. With an 18K white gold case, this ‘Imagination Butterfly’ limited watch is very much appreciated. The butterfly pattern on the dial is made of infilled enamel art, which further shows the mastery of Athens.

 The key to the success of the infill enamel process is the need for special handling and unparalleled accuracy. A concave part is carved on a thick metal surface, filled with moist enamel powder, baked, and then manually polished by top craftsmen to remove the excess enamel, so that the original color and luster of the enamel radiate. The sturdy metal frame outlines the delicate shape of the butterfly, making the entire dial lifelike and shining, highlighting the subtlety of this enamel art.

 The vivid composition and pleasing nature of the ‘Imagination Butterfly’ limited list are definitely suitable for charming and joking ladies, limited to 28 pieces.