Excellent And Strong Brief Review

Certina was founded in 1888, is a watch brand from Switzerland, the brand was founded with excellent quality and durability as the core principles of the brand. Therefore, Certina has a very good market in the very practical watch field of sports. While inheriting the superior quality and technology of Swiss fine watchmaking, it also perfectly integrates sports elements.

   The Schnauzer DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch is an authentic diving watch with many characteristics required for diving, and it is also very obvious in appearance.
   This watch is made of titanium alloy and has a diameter of 43.2 mm, which is considered to be a larger watch. The bezel is a ceramic bezel and the strap is a rubber strap. It has very star characteristics: light texture, anti-wear and corrosion resistance. This watch does not have a significant load on the wrist, because the overall material used is lighter, and it is lighter than a steel watch.

   The hands and scales of the watch are coated with a fluorescent coating, which can emit light in a dim environment, so that the time can be easily read, but this requires absorbing sunlight during the day to ‘replenish the energy required for fluorescence’. In particular, the Schnauzer watch’s fluorescence is said to illuminate just 25cm from the water. Schnauzer DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch as a diving watch, in addition to the calendar display, diving bezel, the most important thing is the DS double insurance function. The calendar display function is located between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions, and is displayed in a digital window format, which is intuitive and specific. As with other normal calendar functions, you need to manually adjust the calendar multiple times throughout the year.

   The diving bezel rotates in one direction and rotates counterclockwise, but this watch is strange. The scale on the bezel is not marked according to the scale of the normal diving bezel. Obviously, it can not achieve the desired effect. In addition, Dive watches are used for divers to work underwater. Without accurate and clear time instructions, they will endanger the life of divers. Obviously this watch does not do enough in this regard.

   DS double insurance includes specially treated sapphire crystal glass, waterproof gaskets on the crown, special gaskets on the case bottom cover, waterproof gaskets on the lever, and a case bottom cover that is forcibly fastened. Overall, its DS double insurance is mainly waterproof and cushioning.

   Scherner DS ACTION DIVER series C013.407.47.081.00 watch adhering to the brand’s characteristics, the DS double insurance series is applied in it, so that the watch movement is best protected. In addition, the application of titanium, stainless steel, rubber bands, ceramics and other materials makes the watch light and strong. The movement uses ETA’s 2824-2 movement. After the brand joins the Swatch Group, the use of ETA movements is often more convenient.

More Pure And Fresh Three Small Three-hand Watches Recommended

Unlike the big three-handed design, the small three-handed dial gives a purer and more vivid look. It breaks through the traditional habit of viewing time, ‘separating’ the second dial from the center, giving the wearer a sense of freshness and surprise. Small three-handed watches tend to be simpler and full of design. Watch House Today, we recommend three simple small three-pin watches that bring a different style to your wrist.
TAG Heuer Carrera WAS2111.FC6293 watch

Watch price: RMB 22,850
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 12.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 24,500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 8.9 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: TANGENTE 131 watch

Watch price: RMB 26,900
Watch diameter: 35 mm
Watch thickness: 6.6 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: nomos / 1404 /
Watch reviews: Most of the ‘small and fresh’ NOMOS watches in the watch industry are small three-handed designs. This watch’s exquisite and compact 35 mm stainless steel case shows a full and seductive texture after brand processing. very beautiful. On the white dial, blue steel hands with Arabic numerals and bar hour markers make the reading intuitive and clear. A simple disc power reserve display function is provided at the 12 o’clock position. The dial and the date display window echo the unique design layout of the watch, which is very delicate. Paired with a black horse skin, showing the overall elegant and distinctive charm.
Summary: The small three-hand is actually an evolution of the ‘two-hand’ design, which separates the small second dial, and also adds agility and freshness to the two-hand dial. A small three-hand watch that is purely accompanied by alternative senses is also a way to improve taste. Just like these three watches recommended to you by Watch House today, those who like it, may wish to consider it!

Piaget Releases New Gouverneur Watch

On November 1, 2012, as the leader of ultra-thin movements-Piaget, Switzerland’s top watchmaker with nearly 140 years of history, showed the world the brand’s design, development and movement With unique manufacturing achievements and extraordinary watchmaking skills, the new Gouverneur series is the pinnacle of homage to elite leaders. The launch ceremony was held in Beijing Chaoyang Planning Museum of Art. On the same day, Earl China’s chief executive officer, Mr. Murong Tao, brought the award-winning film emperor Liu Qingyun, famous filmmaker Niu Chengze, and outstanding dance artist Huang Doudou to witness the new milestone of Piaget.

Piaget Watches
More than 100 years of history
In 1874, in the quiet village of La Côte-aux-Fées in the Swiss Jura Mountains, Mr. Georges-Edouard Piaget founded the Earl watchmaking factory. The pure scenery of Xianzipo inspired the Piaget family’s dream of making the world’s thinnest automatic mechanical watch. In 1957, after years of exploration and research and development, Piaget developed the first manual winding mechanical movement 9P with a thickness of only 2mm. Once it debuted at the Basel Watch Fair, it made a sensation in the watch industry. In 1960, the 2.3mm 12P automatic movement made Piaget set the world record for the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at the time.

Exterior of Piaget Watch Factory in 1947

Earl’s Workshop in 1947
Ultra-thin movement
The success of 9P and 12P movements made the Piaget famous. The advent of ultra-thin movements has also released the limitation of movement thickness on gem setting. More and more ultra-thin movements can inlay more gems on this basis, deducing the beauty of jewelry watches. In the 1960s, Piaget introduced a series of watches with hard stone (such as onyx, turquoise, coral or malachite) as dials, combining Piaget’s ultra-thin movement with superb inlaying technology. One of the most significant pieces is the jewellery watch created in 1967 and owned by Jacqueline, the wife of US President Kennedy. This watch made of gold and emerald is equipped with Piaget 9P ultra-thin hand-wound movement. The colors are beautiful and elegant, and the design is elegant and elegant. The perfectly cut diamond and jade dial have become a classic in Piaget’s watch history. . In the same year, Piaget and the artist Salvador Dalí shared their passion for creation. In the name of Dali, they minted the Dalid’or gold coin watch and implanted the famous Piaget 9P ultra-thin movement. Breath of life.

Jewelry watch owned by Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline

Dali d’ or gold coin
Ultra-thin road repeatedly set world records
For the past 140 years, Piaget has always adhered to its focus on movement research and development, and has successively launched a number of ultra-thin movements that set a world record. Whether it is a chronograph movement or a tourbillon movement, the brand’s ultra-thin genes are perfectly inherited, and the model of traditional watch manufacturing technology is updated, including the world’s thinnest 600P manually wound rectangular tourbillon movement The 1270P caliber, which broke the world record for ultra-thin automatic tourbillon movement. In 2010, Piaget introduced tribute 1200P and 1208P movements to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary 12P movement. The new 1200S movement in 2011 fine-tuned the 1200P movement to the perfect state, and set two world records at the same time-the world’s thinnest automatic winding skeleton movement and the world’s thinnest automatic winding skeleton wrist table. The pioneering work of these movements made Piaget the leader of ultra-thin movements, and also left one glorious milestone in the history of ultra-thin watchmaking.

Super Thin Road

World-record ultra-thin movements

Ultra-thin clock
Extreme breakthrough in the new Gouverneur series
The new Gouverneur series inherits the brand’s consistent pursuit and insistence on ultra-thin movements, and its unique elegant appearance is a bold breakthrough in design: the use of circular and oval designs, cleverly arranged unique aesthetic structures, Create balanced visual effects. The ellipse is placed in a circle, and the circle is integrated into the ellipse, which perfectly illustrates the count of the earl’s watchmaking legend. It moves in seconds and draws the extraordinary track of the earl’s history.
Circular means perfect and absolute, just like Piaget has always insisted on the development and inheritance of ultra-thin movements. The ellipse evolves from a circle, and it is different from a circle, which implies innovation. Piaget relies on infinite creativity and ingenuity to constantly present masterpieces of watches.
Gouverneur Tourbillon Moon Phase
Equipped with a new 642P tourbillon movement, the moon phase function is added to the original 600P manual winding tourbillon movement (600p movement is the world’s thinnest tourbillon movement, and it has become the world’s thinnest rectangle in a century. Flying tourbillon movement). In design, the 642p movement displays a moon phase profit and loss through a pointer, and the lunar moon is clear and full, with an accuracy of only one day every 122 years. Its moon phase small dial also further proves that Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop is determined to integrate technology into the design, which highlights the circular design of the dial.

Gouverneur Tourbillon Moon Phase
Gouverneur chronograph
The new Gouverneur series chronograph is equipped with Piaget’s new 882P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement. The special feature of this watch is the dual timer design with antique chronograph stopwatch. In addition to the flyback timing function and dual time zone display, this ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 5.6mm is also equipped with a large-scale screw balance and balance stop device, which can provide about 50 hours when activated Power reserve.

Gouverneur chronograph
Gouverneur calendar function watch
The new Gouverneur automatic watch is equipped with Piaget’s own 800P movement, and is equipped with a large-scale screw balance and balance stop. This sturdy and well-known movement pushes the watch’s central hour, minute and second hands, as well as the date display at 6 o’clock, to show its elegance.
Geometry builds on-site space
On the evening of the event, Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum was created by circles and ellipses. Stepping into the scene, if you walk into the time tunnel of Piaget’s ultra-thin world, the space intertwined by blue light and shadow is like a deep night sky, with large and small golden rings interlaced Dangled from above the exhibition hall. Nearly 50 exhibits embellished the stars, telling the earliest stories of the count. Watches on display include Piaget’s early watches and other hand-carried watches equipped with ultra-thin movements, as well as the new Gouverneur series men’s watches. This piece of ultra-thin work is like a treasure trove of time, giving a glimpse of the continuous exploration and progress of the Earl watchmaking technology.
Hu Qizhi, a crystal ball ‘master’ who performed in the Great Hall of the People, presented ‘big ring stunts’ at the scene. The round big ring combined with smooth body performances, magic and beauty. The ring illusions different trajectories in the air, giving rise to infinite changes and possibilities, just like the breakthrough spirit carried by Piaget’s new Gouverneur series of balanced interweaving of circles and ellipses.
Hu Qizhi presented the ‘big ring stunt’ at the scene
Break through yourself and achieve extraordinary life
Count Pi adheres to the brand concept of ‘Always do better than required’, and has repeatedly created amazing and extraordinary works. The new Gouverneur series watch inherits the ultra-thin core and exquisite watchmaking skills; it breaks the tradition and balances the circle and oval aesthetic design. It is a tribute for the brand to the leaders in different fields. The award-winning film emperor Liu Qingyun, the famous filmmaker Niu Chengze and the outstanding dance artist Huang Doudou also came to the scene as the best proof of the new Gouverneur series, sharing the life course, telling the pursuit of innovation on the road of life, breaking through self, and finally achieving the extraordinary self life.
青 Liu Qingyun: Be brave in challenges and drive a broad life
Liu Qingyun, who debuted for more than 20 years, has created countless classic images in Hong Kong films. His acting career is just like those simple and honest characters he has played. He has experienced countless setbacks and losses, but his dream has never been abandoned. He persists in his film path. In 2007, he won the Golden Elephant Award with ‘I Want to Become Famous’. Liu Qingyun, who reached the peak of his career, continued to seek self-breakthrough, tried different roles, mastered a wide range of themes, enriched the shaping of characters, and interpreted belonging to His extraordinary life.
Button Chengze: Behind and behind the scenes, writing light and shadow art
I also never stopped before and after the screen, and also forged ahead with the famous filmmaker Niu Chengze. From the actor to the director, Niu Chengze has been trying to use different expressions of light and shadow art to examine and release the pursuit and unique understanding of film art. In his opinion, the trajectory of life is the continuous transformation of circles and ellipses. Like him as a filmmaker, he always keeps looking forward to new inspirations. From starring in ‘The Story of Xiao Bi’ to directing ‘Yu Ka’; from the actor to the director, Niu Chengze changed not only this heavy identity, but also an extraordinary and breakthrough in the transformation of life roles.

Niu Chengze
Soybeans: Go beyond yourself and pursue ultimate integration
Outstanding dance artist Huang Doudou always pursues the ultimate and breakthrough in dance style. The folk dance is the starting point of the yellow bean dance. He skillfully integrated the familiar ethnic elements into the creation of modern dance, broke through the existing dance style, and created classic dances such as ‘Drunk Drum’ and ‘Soul of the Qin Terracotta Warriors.’ The precipitation of time allows him to enjoy the process of creation and experience the charm of exploration and transcendence. He perfectly interweaves various types of dances, and even allows cross-border communication between drama performances and dance arts, sweeping the global stage, and achieving his extraordinary artistic life.
Soy beans