2015 Watch Brand Search Volume Top 50

As an online retailer specializing in men’s jewelry, Karus Chains is well-known for researching the trend of Internet search for jewelry products. Recently, the e-commerce website published a 2014-2015 watch brand search volume study Results (based on Google Search data). In general, big data marketing agencies’ research on Internet search is very detailed, covering a wide range of search terms, and charging fees for information results. Karus Chains took a simpler approach and published the research results for free on their blog.

   The simplified method takes the most representative search term (usually the brand name or brand name + ‘watch’), and the final research results are very interesting. Unsurprisingly, AppleWatch topped the list with 60,000,000 searches, a hit in the dust. In 2014, this number was less than 10,000,000, a year-on-year increase of over 800%.
   If you look at the traditional Swiss watchmaking brands, the picture will become more familiar. Led by Rolex, TAG Heuer has replaced Omega’s position with the growth of the past year, and the latter’s search volume has remained stable. In addition, we can see the average effect of Google Keyword Planner. TAG Heuer, Omega and Swatch (8,076,000) recorded the same search volume data, followed by Michael Kors Watches, Tissot and Breitling (5,400,000), then Patek Philippe, Hublot and Seiko (4,416,000).
   Even considering the average factor, we can still find some surprises from it. Piaget (perhaps because the brand is also a well-known jeweler, the search term did not + ‘watch’) and Panerai recorded nearly 2,000,000 searches. On the other hand, Cartier watches and Tudor watches are at the bottom of the list, ranking 37th and 39th respectively. The former watch ranks among the top three in the industry; the latter’s image has skyrocketed in recent years. A unique timepiece at the 2015 Only Watch Charity Auction was valued at a hundred times the pre-sale price. As a replacement for Rolex, it is increasingly favored by collectors. Then the above data Is it an accurate reflection of the two brands?
Top 50 watch brand searches in 2015