Sophisticated Woman’s Heart Blancpain 3653 Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain Moon Phase defines the industry’s most classic moon phase watch, which can be traced back to the quartz storm in the 1970s. Blancpain combined the full calendar with the moon phase for the first time in the history of modern clocks. . This combination means that Blancpain started from the connotation of time, released through the exploration of mechanical aesthetics, and finally returned to the wearer’s position. The moon phase is the trader behind the ‘time’. The time is derived from the running of the sun and the moon. Without the sun and the moon, there is no time. When the moon phase appears on the dial and dominates the three calendar periods, it is the most classic moon phase watch.

   In order to express the emotional connection between the brand and the moon phase, with the development of the times, Blancpain has developed a rich and complete moon phase family based on full-calendar moon phases. The moon phase is superimposed with a variety of complex functions. Up to 60 or more. This ‘blood’ extends to the women’s watch collection. Blancpain women’s watches are created for women who love mechanical aesthetics. The beauty of the shape and the essence of the core, in terms of craftsmanship and technology, are not enough for women who have a higher pursuit of mechanical watches, so it has been favored by celebrities such as Greta Garbo in history.

   In 2012, Blancpain presents a sophisticated and dazzling high-end complex watch for appreciative women-the eccentric date retrograde women’s watch. Although this timepiece is not from Blancpain’s traditional full-calendar moon phase series, it has the functions of moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display. It perfectly integrates romantic feelings and watchmaking creativity, and will capture the hearts of thousands of women.

   Since the production of women’s watches in 1956, Blancpain has been committed to creating a movement that meets their needs for women who are as passionate about mechanical watchmaking as men. Jumping inside the watch is the brand and Cal, which was first introduced in 2012.
2650RL automatic winding movement.

   This movement consists of 302 parts set with 32 gems. It powers the small eccentric dial at 6 o’clock, the moon phase at 12 o’clock, and the central retrograde date indicator. The power reserve is 65 hours. In addition, through the sapphire back, it can be clearly seen that the automatic oscillating weight is shaped into a five-petal flower, highlighting the delicate and elegant femininity of this watch.

   At any time, the harmonious beauty of a watch is the first weapon to attract sensual and imaginative women. This watch combines Blancpain’s most romantic elements in history-mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, smart hands, soft moon face, and so on.