Big Tourbillon Francois Giga Tourbillon Watch

The Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon series watch has become the most extraordinary timepiece with its incomparable sharpness and precision. The oversized tourbillon with a diameter of up to 20 mm occupies half the area of ​​the watch and is twice as large as the general size. It is currently the largest tourbillon that can be accommodated in watches in the world.

 The Francois Giga Tourbillon’s 9-day power reserve and two pairs of 16 mm diameter barrels are technically significant innovations. This treasure in the watch industry, with its traditional winding mechanism from the crown, is the perfect crystallization of professionalism, strength and precision.

 The watch combines the cutout style of power and beauty, clearly presenting the high-end mechanism and perfect style. This style seduces collectors deeply, and no one wants to just pass it by.

Explore The Americas Zenith Releases The Prestigious Columbus Hurricane Triumph Edition

In order to pay tribute to the legendary navigator Christopher Columbus, Zenith has introduced one of the brand’s most exquisite timepiece masterpieces. The world’s unparalleled complex mechanical mechanism, beautiful modeling and decoration, are both natural and beautiful. Excellent manual craftsmanship is perfectly reproduced through precise techniques such as engraving and micro-painting. The combination of technical excellence and artistic beauty has brewed one after another beautiful timepieces, showing the extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship of true power.
   Prestige Columbus Hurricane – Triumph Edition is hand-made, limited to 10 pieces. Following the launch of the first uniquely-designed, luxuriously decorated nautical watch in 2013, Zenith continued to follow the footsteps of Italian explorers and bravely explored the adventure. This watch brings together three major achievements in the history of watchmaking: a patented gravity control system, a sesame chain transmission mechanism, and a unique high frequency of 36,000 times per hour.
ACADEMY Columbus
   The crystallization of five years of technical research, the ‘gravity control’ gyro system is one of the important advancements in the watchmaking industry in the 21st century. Zenith created this revolutionary system and applied for a patent. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Columbus Time Equation Watch won the 2011 Best Watches category in the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards are the most well-known international awards in watchmaking.
‘Gravity Control’ Gyroscope System

   Keeping the adjustment mechanism in a horizontal position can keep the balance at the best possible amplitude, thereby achieving the most accurate timing. Based on the above principles, Zenith designed a self-adjusting gyroscope system to keep the adjustment mechanism and balance wheel always horizontal.
Zenith creates the world’s unique and superb watchmaking technology
   As a tribute to the history and origin of the brand, the production of the ‘gravity control’ gyroscope system was inspired by the marine astronomical clock produced in the history of Zenith. By virtue of its cardan-type suspension principle, its main function is to regulate the Travel time errors caused by sea navigation.
El Primero 8804 movement
   Later, after the advent of pocket watches, this device was replaced by a tourbillon because it was too bulky on a timepiece with a size of only a dozen millimeters. The tourbillon adjusts the vertical position of the chronograph by placing pocket watches and watches on four vertical axes every minute. The tilted tourbillon or multi-axis tourbillon can maintain this position better even if it is only horizontal for a short time or can only correct errors caused by wrist movement.
Academy Premier Columbus
   Moreover, to achieve the extremely precise timing of the watch requires a mechanical device that can surpass the continuous horizontal escapement and the tourbillon. Zenith’s ‘gravity control’ gyroscope system is a successful implementation of this technological innovation. This world-renowned superb technology, combined with a high-frequency vibration movement that vibrates 36,000 times per hour, has pushed Zenith’s Academy’s distinguished collection of Columbus watches to push the limits of complexity further.
Academy Premium Columbus Hurricane Watch

   Creating a gyroscope system requires the development of new parts, and building these parts requires more than 60 new tools. These tiny parts have to be patiently assembled, and the number of parts required is amazing. The sphere alone is made up of 175 parts. In the face of this extraordinary technical challenge, it would be difficult to achieve without the watchmaking factory that gathered all watchmaking crafts under the same roof. Here, the watchmaking craftsmanship and the watchmaking workshop ensemble, the technical department, the design department, the research and development department and the material department cooperate with the fine watchmaking, polishing, assembly and decoration workshop to make the impossible impossible.