Philippe Leopold-metzger Leaves Chabi Nouri As Piaget Ceo

Richemont Group has announced that after 36 years of working in the group, the current Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger will retire on March 31, 2017 and become the brand non-executive chairman. His successor is Chabi Nouri.

Earl-designate Chabi Nouri
   Under the leadership of Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Piaget invested heavily in two highly integrated factories, developed and launched successful watch and jewellery products, and established a comprehensive retail network covering more than 100 stores worldwide.
   Richemont Group Executive Chairman Johann Rupert said: ‘This spring, we will lose an experienced senior colleague. As CEO of Piaget, Philippe has made a great contribution to the development of the brand and the entire group. In the Piaget brand business development Philippe has contributed a lot, and I want to express my most sincere thanks to him. We wish Philippe all the best and a happy life. In the future, we will continue to rely on Philippe’s experience, and his business knowledge is difficult to replace. ‘
   Chabi Nouri joined Piaget in 2014 and is currently the director of brand sales and marketing. She will be the chief executive of Piaget on April 1, 2017. Prior to joining Earl, Chabi Nouri worked for British American Tobacco for 6 years as Global Director of the Vogue brand and Director of Marketing for Switzerland and Austria. Prior to that, she also worked for Cartier for 10 years, including 8 years at the headquarters, as the manager of the jewelry and high jewelry group, international retail manager and purchasing manager.
   Chabi Nouri has had a big impact, especially on the redevelopment of the jewelry business and the repositioning of the brand. Relying on the brand history and unique heritage, focusing on global development strategies, establish a new dynamic management adjustment mechanism. Starting from an overall perspective, she placed equal emphasis on strategy and operations, bringing a unique vision to Piaget. Chabi Nouri is passionate about the industry, full of energy, and eager to share an extraordinary adventure with his team and the Earl community.

Giving You A Goddess-like Aura Real Shot Bulgari Lvcea Tubogas Watch

In 2014, Bvlgari ushered in the 130th anniversary of the founding of the brand. To celebrate this special occasion, the brand launched a number of new watches. Among them, the LVCEA series is uniquely elegant and designed for women , The light shines, becoming a Dream Watch for many women. This year, Bvlgari added a new option to this series, perfectly combining the well-known Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet with the Lvcea series, interpreting the charm of modern style.

  This is the first time that the Lvcea series introduces the Tubogas bracelet. The name of the Lvcea series is derived from the Latin ‘light’, which symbolizes life and beauty. The Lvcea series ladies watches are specially designed for the charming charm of modern women, giving women a chic and elegant personality.

  The new Lvcea Tubogas halo watch is placed between the wrists in a refined state for a comfortable wearing experience. The Tubogas bracelet, which is a combination of many links, has a meandering twist. It forms a clear visual contrast with the round dial of the Lvcea series watch, showing a fascinating harmony and symmetry.

  Bvlgari has launched a total of 5 new works. This watch is the most luxurious of them. The 33 mm diameter case is made of luxurious and tender rose gold. The bezel and bracelet are set with several diamonds. The light is flowing and bright. gorgeous.

  The crown is set with a convex egg face cut pink gemstone, and the top of the crown is set with a diamond, which shows the nobility and gorgeousness of a luxury ladies watch.

  The Tubogas process is named after a curved metal gas pipe installed in a lower position. The technology has been used in jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the 1970s, the Tubogas process was reborn and widely used in the design of Bvlgari watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Today, Bvlgari blends this traditional craft with the Lvcea series to create a heart-beating masterpiece.

  With a unique Italian design, the Lvcea Tubogas watch displays a charming artistic atmosphere, a timeless fashion style, and highlights the voluminous personality charm of a Bvlgari watch, shining like a halo.

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