The Beautiful Appearance Of The Moon Phase Tasting The Jacques Dro Large Seconds Series Moon Phase Watch

Jacques de Ronaldo is one of the oldest watch brands in the world, and there is an inextricable relationship with the royal family. For example, during the Qing Dynasty, it was favored by the royal families of the Qing Dynasty, and France King Louis XVI and Queen Mary Antoinette are also fans. 2018 is of far-reaching significance for Jacques Droe, as it coincides with its 280th anniversary, many extraordinary masterpieces have been launched for this purpose, such as the large seconds hand skeletonized watch, large seconds hand moon phase watch, hour and minute small dial Window enamel watches, parrot pocket watches and more. Today, we will feast our eyes and feel the light of watchmaking art. Next to admire this large seconds series moon phase watch, a combination of romantic poetry and superb craftsmanship, to pay tribute to the charming moon. (Watch model: J007533201)

The beautiful posture of the moon phase

   Although the moon phase function is not very substantial today, it gives the watch an elegant charm. The moon phase can accurately show the moon phase cycle from the new moon to the second quarter moon. The time period of the moon phase window is generally 29.5 days, and the error needs to be readjusted after a period of time. However, thanks to the unique mechanism developed by Jacques Dro, the large second phase of the moon phase shows the ‘real’ moon phase trajectory, which theoretically needs to be adjusted every 122 years.

Watch real shot

   The watch case has a diameter of 43 mm and is made of 18K red gold. The surface is polished and polished to give a lustrous, plump feel. The round bezel and case are integrated, embodying Jacques de Dro’s elegant and gorgeous watchmaking tradition. After the polishing process, the case and lugs blend perfectly, showing the beauty of smooth lines.

   The crown of the same material is still polished with a polishing process. It is engraved with the Jacques Dross double-star LOGO pattern, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture design, which has the convenience of time adjustment and comfortable debugging feel.

   There is a moon phase adjustment device on the other side of the case. The moon phase window can be adjusted by simply pressing the hidden button with a professional tool.

    The dial elements use the brand’s classic big fire enamel technology and the iconic number ‘8’ shape, showing the style of excellence and elegance. The dial is covered with a double black large fire enamel, showing a pure and pure black, like a quiet night sky. The ‘8’ dial in the middle of the dial, at 12 o’clock, is the hour and minute dial. The red gold hands indicate the time, which is simple and clear.

    At 6 o’clock is the large second dial, which includes the large second hand, analog date display and moon phase function. The moon phase display dial is made of black onyx and embellished with 18K red gold stars and 22K gold moon and moon. The surface is engraved with the moon’s surface texture, which allows us to enjoy a beautiful view of the moon phase.

   The watch is equipped with a black hand-rolled alligator leather strap, elegant and elegant, echoing the color of the dial, showing the overall unique aesthetics.

   The watch is equipped with a Jaquet Droz 2660QL3 self-winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 68 hours. The movement uses a silicon balance spring and an escapement fork, which is magnetically and shock-proof to ensure the watch’s precise movement. Compared to the 59-tooth drive gear of the traditional movement, the Jaquet Droz 2660QL3 movement has 135 gears. This precision movement is the result of the research and development project of the brand ‘Mechanism135’ (135 mechanism). Through the transparent case back, you can enjoy the free rotation of the 18K red gold rotor.

In summary: Jacques Droile has made a profound impact on the elegant watchmaking style. This year, the brand introduced the moon phase function in the large second hand series, using a superb watchmaking technique to interpret the mysterious moon phase. Moon turns and stars shift, elegant and unchanged. If you like this luxurious and elegant watch, you can pay more attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Meitu New Ocean Star Black Pvd Dive Watch

Welcome to the bright summer of July and August, and it is time for the fresh people to enter the workplace. MIDO selects the new 2012 Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD black PVD diving watch. , Recommend to the fresh people who are going to work.
    By choosing an accurate and unique mechanical watch, showing professionalism, and conveying the wearer’s personal style of paying attention to time and attention to details, the supervisor will give you more points and impressions. The Swiss mechanical watch MIDO uses the dynamic appearance of the Ocean Star series black PVD diving watch to highlight the vitality of the new generation. The black metal dial full of texture sets the main color system, adding a mature and stable atmosphere. The 200-meter diving watch cleverly blends black PVD metal and rubber dual materials. The black corrugated surface is matched with the outer ring of the rudder-like dial. The simple hour markers show a modern and sharp style, becoming the focus of the wrist. Wear durable rubber straps to accompany newcomers to a new milestone in life.
    ‘The Ocean Star series is inspired by the European lighthouse. This lighthouse with a red and white appearance, sitting on the blue coastline of Spain and overlooking the North African seascape is undoubtedly The most famous landmark on the Strait of Gibraltar in Europe, the eye-catching red and white color blends the sunlight and vitality into the azure Mediterranean shore, transforming the most classic details of the azure seascape and European lighthouse into the dynamic dial details, perfectly and harmoniously exclusive to MIDO The adventurous nautical spirit of the Ocean Star series. Choosing a fine-textured watch that fades the immature student atmosphere and displays a man-like and stable style are the two main points of the fresh selection of society. The Ocean Star series black PVD diving watch, with fine Swiss watchmaking technology and attractive prices, provides younger and younger watch models in the society, easily scoring a professional self-confidence image with both personal taste and fashion charm. ‘
    Under the cover of a suit, the boy looks very mature, but the watch on his hand cannot hide your uniqueness. The MIDO Ocean Star Captain IV 200m Black PVD diving watch is made of black PVD-treated stainless steel. The 42.5mm black water ripple dial with silver-like rudder bezel provides a powerful style. The watch has a water resistance of 200 meters and a rubber strap for high practicality. In addition, this diving watch uses bright white Super-LumiNova paint hands and scales, white powerful luminous large hands and a bright red second hand to clearly identify the time in the dark, which is clearly legible on the dial. The watch uses ETA 2836-2 automatic winding movement, sapphire crystal, black PVD folding safety buckle to ensure the safety, performance and stylish appearance of the watch.

Like A Tribute To Love Blancpain Plays A Tribute To Time And Love

The delicate relationship between love and time is a topic that will never fade. Moments of love—Acacia, Shou Shou, sweet, bitter, always the most amazing waves of the river of life; and sincere love can transcend time and last forever. Another year of Qixi Festival, Blancpain, ‘the founder of classic timepieces’, carefully selected several timepieces for lovers around the world, allowing emotions to spread between each other’s wrists. May the true love of humanity cross time and space and be close to eternity.
If the love is long, it is sweet to fall in a different place
   Distance and jet lag often cast a shadow on love. Love warriors separated from each other need to pay more trust and patience, because each other is worth waiting for. May wish to choose a two-time watch for the other on this Tanabata, staring at the dial at the moment of miss, and smiling with a smile, even if they are thousands of miles apart, they are sure that he / she is always there.
Villeret Series Half Time Zone Two Time Watch

   The ingenious Calibre 5254DF movement gives this watch a smooth and simple half-time zone operation. The fully automatic movement consists of 321 parts and can store 72 hours of kinetic energy. As Blancpain’s first dual time zone watch, the operation is simple and convenient, and only a few rotations of the crown of the watch can complete all adjustments to the date, time and reference time. The wearer can select the quick adjustment mode or the half-time zone adjustment mode by the button on the top of the crown. The design of the red gold semi-hunting cover and the delicate opal dial make the red gold hour numerals particularly eye-catching, and the elegant brown alvazel strap will set off his extraordinary aristocratic temperament.
Women’s Watch

   This elegant and practical women’s watch is 100 meters water-resistant and has a shiny sapphire mirror. It includes a 5L60 self-winding movement and a 100-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal caseback shows the internal structure of the movement, following the Haute
Horlogerie’s noble tradition is entirely handmade. The watch is set with a white gold case with 46 diamonds, a top sugar-sorrel dial, and an oval central minute ring decorated with 29 diamonds. The day / night indicator, seconds, and dual time zone display are highlighted one by one with a milky dial. The oval central minute ring and the slender luminous hands add modern elements to this elegant dial. When she received the gift, she undoubtedly loved the elaborately carved day and night indications of the sun and moon with stars.
Willow head on the moon, after dusk
   The profit and loss of the moon witnessed the sadness and joy of the world. On the seventh day of the seventh day of the lunar calendar, ‘the sky is like water, the jade hook is hanging away.’ Unlimited vision. Nowadays, you may wish to lock the moon phase, the most romantic expression of time, between your wrists, and cherish each round of gloom and weakness that accompanies each other.
Villeret semi-hunting moon phase watch

   Since the revival of the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry with moon phase watches in 1983,
Blancpain has developed the largest and most complete moon phase watch family in the industry. This classic moon phase half-hunting watch combines the essence of the brand’s 1980s design, and interprets the blend of modern and retro in the classic. The adjustment of the complicated calendar is a very troublesome event. The movement structure is also easily damaged during the adjustment, and the patented hidden adjustment device designed by Blancpain makes it difficult to solve the problem. This device is located below the lugs, making the watch more simple and refreshing. In appearance, the case is made of rose gold with warm tones, and the dial is decorated with pure and pure protein colors. The classic alligator strap is unforgettable.
Women’s Full Moon Phase Watch

   The Blancpain women’s full-calendar moon phase watch perfectly blends femininity with cutting-edge watchmaking techniques. The elegant mother-of-pearl dial looks like a warm and lustrous moon, and the quiet moon face has lowered eyebrows, as if waiting for the awakening of her lover. The powerful movement leaps behind the diamond. Through the sapphire crystal case back of the steel case, you can see the self-winding movement Cal.6763-it drives the full calendar and moon phase display, the small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the week at 12 o’clock And month display. The movement provides a 100-hour power reserve and is equipped with a oscillating weight with 3 heart-shaped decorations. In addition, the white alligator leather strap highlights the pure temperament of this watch, adding a touch of elegance.
Because of love, you worry
   People’s middle-aged love may not have the youthful youth and heartbeat, but they have harvested the tacit understanding and resonance after years of precipitation, and intimacy. In the long river of time, no one can return to the age of twenty, and maybe only the ‘retrograde’ watch can complete the nirvana of time. Use your watch to express your chest, and pour out your nostalgia for your good old days to your partner for many years.
Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch

   The vintage and gentleman’s Villeret watch, in addition to retaining the ultra-thin, Villeret-specific central snake-shaped needle to indicate the date and the calendar quick adjustment function, also uses a low-profile 30-second retrograde small seconds at 6 o’clock. After 30 seconds have elapsed, the small second hand immediately jumps back to the starting point to recalculate the time. Every detail is low-key but perfect, which is suitable for gentlemen who pursue low-key and exquisite.
The dial of the watch is a retro radiant lacquered flinqué lacquered surface with multi-layered transparent blue. Heart ripples.
Women’s Day and Night Display Double Retrograde Watch

   This women’s day and night display watch is equipped with a new cal.1163JN with double retrograde indication function. This movement is one of the two new movements released by Blancpain at the Baselworld 2015. It is a new member of the brand’s 35 new movement arrays since 2006. The watch uses a conventional minute hand, which continues to rotate clockwise in the center of the dial. The second hand will return to the starting point instantaneously after 60 seconds in an arc, and restart a new round of journey; the hour hand will reverse twice a day to achieve day and night replacement. The day and night display dial rotates twice a day, and the length of each change is about 4 minutes. As the dial itself is exquisitely decorated, all the details on the two dials will suddenly come into view when they are interlaced. The moon is composed of 50 crystal flash diamonds, while the sun uses the same dazzling 50 yellow sapphires, and the yellow mother-of-pearl dot pattern on the embellishment plate and 14 gorgeous diamonds symbolizing the stars are brightened. Presumably no one will not be ignored The gorgeous beauty in front of you and the deep heart are touched.