Cartier Fine Watchmaking Workshop A Touch Of Color In The Watch Industry

I would like to ask who is the most courageous and courageous of this year’s two exhibitions. Cartier’s fine watchmaking workshop is definitely a touch of conservative and prudent watch industry under the haze of the economic crisis! Looking back from the beginning of 2007 to the present, Cartier has been steadily on the road, and has repeatedly made new contributions: from skeletonized movements to floating tourbillons, from celestial movement tourbillons to concept watch ID One, from timing to jumping, from GMT to multiple time zones, From perpetual calendars to more practical annual calendars this year, to three questions with clear voices, breathtaking hollow complex pocket watches, and so on, good works are dazzling and surprising. In just five years, Cartier has continued to work quietly, filling and perfecting his vacancies in the field of fine watchmaking one by one, performing a wonderful show from scratch, to the pressure of the audience, and stunning four seats! If I had to choose one, I would choose a high-complexity hollowed pocket watch, because it would be as historic as Cartier’s first wristwatch more than a century ago to start a new era.
In the era of wristwatches, the pocket watch with a long chain of more than five hundred years was chosen to be hung in a pocket with a long chain peg. At a specific moment, the treasures in the bag were taken out in a ritual action, which occurred in the eyes of everyone with envy contact. What a precious way to interact with time for collectors who want to break the norm?
59.2mm oversized white gold case, pebble-shaped curved sapphire crystal glass, signature hollow carved white Roman numerals, giving a glimpse of the exquisite interior of the movement. ‘C’ -shaped bridge classic tourbillon, one-button chronograph, perpetual calendar, and power reserve of up to eight days: experienced players love everywhere. It is worth mentioning that all 457 parts of the 9436MC manual winding movement are all decorated and polished by hand. This step alone consumes more than 200 man-hours, and the assembly and adjustment of the movement requires more than 200 man-hours; The “tour de force” process of Roman time scales requires at least 100 man-hours; 300 chamfers must be performed by professional decoration masters, and even the most complex parts take 10 hours … enough to imagine how this is a strict and patient Hardship? Limited edition of 5 on sale …

Unusual Four Animal Pattern Watches Recommended

Nature is a magical database. Any element may become a bright spot in the eyes of designers, and it can be an inspiration in their eyes. Whether it is a beautiful moon phase, natural scenery, or many kinds of animals, it is showing the vitality and colorful world of nature. Today, animal elements, as a decoration on the watch, become dexterous and vivid in the hands of the watch designer, making the watch more natural. Next, the editor will bring you several watches decorated with animal patterns, so that the decoration of the watch will be more exciting.

  Vacheron Constantin Art Master 86073 / 000P-9752

Comment on the watch: Vacheron Constantin’s masterpiece series will always introduce many extraordinary masterpieces. This watch will show the timepiece in another way. The 40mm 950 platinum case is set against a dark blue dial. The center of the dial presents a wild snake with a very vivid and vivid look, and the effect is shocking. It takes at least 30 hours to sculpt this part of the snake body scale. The leaves on the dial are derived from Chinese images. In addition, Vacheron Constantin uses the hands-free time display method to display its breathtaking watchmaking process, and the four display windows show the hours, minutes, days and dates. The window in the upper right corner displays the minute, the window in the lower right corner displays the date, the window in the lower left corner displays the day of the week, and the window in the upper left corner displays the hour.

  The dial of this masterpiece series is shocking, and it has a precise quality inside. Finally, the watch is equipped with a 2460G4 movement, all parts have been polished to meet the strict requirements of the Geneva mark, and the design of the case back is even more beautiful.

Basic Information
Number: 86073 / 000P-9752
Brand: Vacheron Constantin
Series: Master of Arts
Movement type: automatic machinery
Limited number: 12
Price: ¥ 1,063,000
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Comment on the watch: The Chinese dragon is a unique form of Oriental mysticism. Through complex and changeable artistic modeling, it contains the concept of the dragon unique to the Chinese and Chinese culture, and the symbol of the dragon is also pinned in the world. This Piaget Altiplano dragon pattern series G0A36549 watch is made of 18k rose gold to create a 38mm round case with a beautiful diamond engraved on the bezel. These diamonds are carefully selected by professionals. And polished through the manhole, so that each diamond can emit the most beautiful luster. Through the sapphire crystal glass, on the white dial, a lifelike dragon is engraved. The posture of its teeth and claws allows the Buddha to soar in the sky. Its look, posture and texture on the body are in the watchmaker’s The life is vivid in his hands.

  The small lugs are also made of 18K rose gold, which fits the overall design style. The lugs are connected to a black alligator leather strap, highlighting the noble ornate material, which is comfortable and high-grade. In terms of power, it has high-quality performance. It is equipped with Cal.430P movement, 21600 oscillations per hour, and 43 hours of power reserve, which is enough to meet daily needs.

Basic Information
Number: G0A36549
Brand: Piaget
Series: Dragon and Phoenix
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 199,100
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Comment on the watch: Jacques Dro’s first impression is the big fire enamel, the fairy bird, or the large number 8 on the dial? When it comes to zoo elements, it is natural to miss the tits from the Swiss Jura region, home of Pierre Jacques Dro. These light, clever, crisp-sounding tits represent the brand’s exquisiteness to the elven birds. 18k white gold creates a 41mm case, which is large enough to give birds ample display space. The mother-of-pearl dial is fully engraved by hand. The hour and minute display is low-key above the dial. The remaining part is two playful birds. The gold-finished bird is engraved and carved and then mounted on the dial. Finally, it is colored together The treatment, from the shape of the bird’s wings to the size of the bird’s body, from the outline of the throat to the meticulous combination of yellow and blue bird feathers, is everything.

  The diamonds on the bezel extend all the way to the lugs, so that the bright luster surrounds every detail of the watch. At the same time, the smart design makes the bird have a lifelike image, the plume feathers, the bright feather color and the mysterious and bird The deep eyes were breathtaking. Finally, the watch is equipped with the Jaquet Droz 2653 movement, with a power reserve of 68 hours and high-quality performance. This watch is limited to 88 pieces, and the quantity is at least worthy of collection.

Basic Information Number: J005024575
Brand: Jacques Dro
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Limited number: 88
Price: ¥ 550,000
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Comment on this watch: This watch is also one of Jacques Dro’s creations. The 18K rose gold creates a 39 mm round case. The hour and minute hands of the watch are displayed above the dial. There is a beautiful pattern decoration below, the smart micro-painted carp, the bright lotus pond, and the turquoise lotus leaf make the dial look even better. On the dial, the rich and rich color of Koi and the water-colored water lilies are exquisite, the mood is quiet, and even the treatment of flowing water is very layered, bringing a touch of warmth and vitality in this cold winter. The advantage of being transparent is that it makes the mechanical feel of the watch closer to us.

Basic Information
Number: J005013203
Brand: Jacques Dro
Movement type: automatic machinery
Limited number: 28
Price: ¥ 258,500
Click for more watch details: jaquetdroz / 34819 /

Summary: There are many types of animal shapes in the clock world. Maybe a very ordinary animal shape is not eye-catching at ordinary times, but when it appears on the dial, it will be particularly surprising and bring a unique surprise. Because the dial of the watch itself is very small, displaying animal sculptures with aesthetic beauty in such a small space is originally a complex technology, but every brand can capture the essence of animal elements, and even The same animal can show a different look, every detail is so careful and impressive. Do the above animals meet your wishes? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Let Life Bloom Like Flowers – Iwc Expresses The Beauty Of Wenxi Series Decoding Life

The characteristics of a person are an extension of the mother’s personality; the bloom of a person’s life is the care of the mother. The beginning and end of life are the same, but the process is different. Maternal love gives us life and guides us to explore the mysteries of life. On this Mother’s Day, IWC presents the Da Vinci series of works. With an atmospheric classic design, the flower pattern of life is engraved on the back, paying tribute to the great motherly love and the inheritance of the beautiful life.

A touch of dark blue on the wrist reveals self-confidence and calmness, and the deep and mysterious luster is like the gentle eyes of the mother, as if passing through time, plunging into our hearts leisurely. Faced with the quiet passage of years, the mother bravely and resolutely walked on the path of her choice, washing her lead and giving herself up. There are no shortage of people in the world, but mothers know how to gather this light back, to protect our growth, and to illuminate our direction. Only by sticking to oneself and living a wonderful life is the best compliment to motherhood.

The greatness of life comes from endlessness, and endlessness comes from inheritance. As a carrier of life continuity, mother inherits the beautiful qualities of love and herself, and keeps things quiet. With such nourishment, we grow freely and live out our true colors, which is also the most authentic expression of life. IWC expresses the classics of the Western watch series, constantly innovates, in the trend of the times, forge ahead, gentle and tough, confident and self-knowledge, creating the IWC spirit belonging to this era.

Hublot And Kobe Launch The New Big Bang Unico Kobe ‘vino’ Bryant Double Retrograde Chronograph

As the first San Francisco boutique opens, Hublot, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, is pleased to join hands with brand ambassador Kobe Bryant to launch the latest masterpiece-Big Bang UNICO Kobe ‘Vino’ Bryant double retrograde chronograph. This is also the second limited edition watch launched by Hublot in cooperation with the basketball legend after the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph in 2013.

   On April 29, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe welcomed and welcomed guests at the private winery in Napa Valley. After the press conference on the lawn, guests followed the winery general manager Philip Norfleet to tour the vineyards and underground wine cellars. A luncheon with gourmet and red wine held in the owner’s private restaurant was perfect for the morning launch Knot. This new Big Bang UNICO double-reverse chronograph, named ‘Vino’ (Kobe’s nickname), is the world’s first mechanical watch specifically designed for basketball chronographs.

    Kobe Bryant, Hublot brand ambassador, said: ‘I am very honored to release the second Hublot watch-Vino. When I joined the Hublot family, Black Mamba was a perfect match, but at the beginning We also explored the relationship between basketball, watchmaking and wine. Specifically, the winemaker’s dedication to perfect harmony, the hard work of the player’s growth, and the watchmaker’s rigorous attention to detail. ‘

    Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe shares his joy: ‘We are very pleased to celebrate the two major milestones in the development of the brand-unveiling the first San Francisco boutique with Justin Rose, And Kobe released the latest masterpiece of the Big Bang UNICO series. Hublot always strives to be the first, unique, unique, and cooperate with elites from all walks of life. San Francisco’s diverse culture and tourists gather are exactly what Hublot develops the market. The ideal. ‘Vino’ (Kobe Bryant), just like a good bottle of wine, will only become more fragrant as time goes on. Luxury, innovation, sports, and nowadays, Hublot continues to show the art of fusion . ‘

    Greg Simonian, chairman of watch retailer Westime, said: ‘I am very happy to be working with Hublot in the best cities on the West Coast (first in Los Angeles Beverly Hills and now in San Francisco). Ideal for breakthrough timepieces. ‘

    The Big Bang UNICO Kobe ‘Vino’ Bryant double retrograde chronograph has a stylish appearance, just like the style and taste of Kobe Bryant’s basketball court. The strap, caulking and dial are decorated in burgundy color. The basketball elements on the dial are subtly integrated into the multi-layer frosted burgundy display panel. It is equipped with Hublot’s innovative double-rebound timing function for basketball games. The bottom of the case is embedded with a rare earth mineral green glass, which is anti-glare treated, and is signed by Kobe Bryant.


   This new watch is available in 18K King Gold and Black Ceramic versions. Each model comes with two interchangeable straps, a burgundy bezel black rubber strap and a burgundy beveled python. Decorative strap.

Big Bang UNICO Kobe ‘Vino’ Bryant Double Retrograde Chronograph Technical Specifications
Official number:
413.CX.4723.PR.KOB15 (Ceramics-limited to 200 pieces)
413.OX.4738.PR.KOB15 (Wang Jin-limited to 100 pieces)
Movement: Independently produced HUB1261 self-winding double retrograde column wheel timer movement
Power reserve: 72 hours
Diameter: 45.5 mm
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Jessica Kahawati Becomes Iwc Brand Ambassador

IWC is pleased to announce that the brand’s longtime admirer, Lebanese-Australian celebrity Jessica Kahawaty, has become the new ambassador for the Middle East, and she has also joined GT driver Abdulaziz Turki Al A family of star ambassadors including Faisal, TV presenter Raya Abirached, Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, and actress Hend Sabri.

   ‘IWC’s timepieces are among the best in the industry,’ Jessica Kahawati said at a press conference. ‘As a fan of IWC, I am very excited to be selected as a brand ambassador for the Middle East. And proud. ‘
   Jessica Kahawati, 28, is a model, TV star, philanthropist and human rights advocate. In 2012, she won the title of Miss World Australia, and then won third place in the Miss World Finals of the same year. However, this is not the first time Jessica Kahavati has set foot in the beauty pageant. Four years ago (2008), she won the title of Miss Lebanon World, and represented the country in the finals to reach the top 12.

   As a model, Jessica Kahawati has appeared on many fashion shows and magazine covers. Since then, she has brought her good looks back to the TV show. Last year, Jessica Kahavati hosted the Middle East version of ‘Flyover Pride’. She also directs Yahoo’s ‘omg! NOW’ and ‘omg! NUJOOM’ entertainment shows.
   As an outstanding figure in beauty pageants and fashion, Jessica Kahawati’s charm goes far beyond these two fields. She also uses her fame to solve social problems such as clean water, education and children’s rights. Jessica Kahawati is also interested in watchmaking, so IWC invites her to endorse high-end timepiece creation. ‘Jessica Kahawati shares her passion for watchmaking with us,’ said Luc Rochereau, IWC’s regional brand director. ‘With reputation and charity, she is the perfect choice for IWC.’ ** *

Six Questions To Watch And Repair Watch And Clock Technician Tell You

In view of watch repair and maintenance issues that watchers are more concerned about in the forum, Watch House recently visited Beijing Baoruitong Pawnshop Watch Repair Department and E-Commerce Department. The matters needing attention in the repair and maintenance of the vehicle were discussed face to face with the watch repairman in the pawnshop. As one of the pawn companies of considerable scale in China, in addition to providing pawns for civilian products, automobiles, and real estate, Bao Ruitong Pawnshop also provides watch repair and daily maintenance services to watch customers. Now, please follow the watch home and walk into their watch repair department to uncover the secrets of watch repair and maintenance.

Watch House: From a professional point of view, what do you think watch friends should pay attention to when they wear their watches everyday?

Watch repair technician: From the pawnshop platform, we often come in contact with the second watch, that is, the watch that the watch friends have worn for some time. From the perspective of the watch, as a non-essential necessities of life, unlike a mobile phone, you must hold it away from your body every day, especially on different occasions, you will change the watch strap, so the watch should not be greatly damaged. .
 But in fact, we have received many watches with severe scratches, broken mirrors, or water and moisture. Everyone may think that if I spend tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of expensive watches, everything should be defensive, but sometimes the more expensive the price, the worse the durability.
 Therefore, you must be more careful in your daily life, and keep it in a relatively closed and dry environment when not wearing it. It is not recommended to wear daily watch under strenuous exercise (like swimming), unless it is a clear professional watch. Of course, it is not recommended to wear a watch while in the sauna. What kind of table is what it is used for. If you want to buy a sports watch, you may wish to buy some watches such as quartz, electronic models. Many brands of electronic sports watches are still good.
 There is also a mechanism for adjusting the calendar. Watches with a calendar have an unwritten rule, that is, do not adjust the watch from 10 o’clock to 2 a.m. on the wrist, because generally during this time period, the date display of the watch will The deflection slowly the next day, and it does not jump instantly at 12 o’clock (do not rule out some can be done), there is a certain process. If you adjust the meter at this time, the movement of the hands will affect the calendar device, so pay attention. So if watch friends are more concerned about the little knowledge of these watches, then the cost of watch repair will be much smaller.

Neat store environment
Watch House: So what advice do you have for the daily maintenance of watch watches?
Watch maintenance technician: It turns out that everyone is not very careful, and some watch friends have not even washed oil for 10 years. Maybe everyone just pays attention to the appearance and thinks that the dust won’t enter without opening the cover. Although the watch is a relatively closed space, pulling out the crown when adjusting the time or adjusting the date will cause dust to enter with the air and stick to the oil to form sludge. Although it is not cheap to spend one maintenance, I may not bear it, but I think regular maintenance is necessary. I suggest maintenance once every 3-5 years, if possible, once every 2-3 years. The brand will recommend a maintenance about 2 years, but maintenance is not a cheap process after all, we can relax this cycle, 3 years, the longest should not exceed 5 years, because the increase in dirt and some problems with parts will bring the watch Come irreparable permanent damage.
Watch House: So what are the maintenance procedures for watches?
Watch repair technicians: There are two lines for simple maintenance and more complicated maintenance. In simple terms, such as quartz watch battery replacement, washing and cleaning of the strap, and other surface cleaning, including water detection, degaussing detection, etc., are simple. Maintenance is immediately desirable and common. Complex time may be relatively long including washing oil after opening the back cover, adjusting the overall accuracy, etc., because careful observation is required. It may take one to two days. Change the parts. In addition, the general parts are not damaged. We will not deliberately recommend replacement parts. So say what the watch should do.

Working watch repair technician

Watch House: Of the watches you come in contact with, which parts are more likely to be damaged?

Watch Repair Technician: The first is the crown (crown) of the crown. It may be uneven or excessively wound. The second is the barrel, as well as the oscillating weight and hairspring. Because the crown is used for a long time, the chance of damage is large. In particular, the female watch has a thin slender handle, which is not easy to hold and is more fragile. I often see that some customers’ watches have their heads pulled off. In the case of a barrel, because some models have no power display, even if it is an automatic watch, everyone’s exercise is not enough. If the amount of swinging arms every day is not so large, it will often cause the watch to stop or lack of power . For example, when the watch is closed on Saturday and Sunday, the watch will be taken off. On Monday, it will often be found that the watch is stopped or the time is not allowed. If you are distracted when you wind up, countless twists or collapses. It will affect the running time of the watch and even break it. In addition, the requirements for shock resistance of the balance spring and the pendulum are relatively high, but if we bump or fall over the watch after strenuous exercise, the pendulum tip on the balance wheel may be poked and distorted. Not accurate anymore. Moreover, the hairspring is also relatively easy to break, and they are particularly small and small parts. There is also a calendar mechanism like the one above, which may have a lot to do with us not paying too much attention.
Watch House: If the mirror is damaged, do you have any suggestions?
Watch repair technician: If the area is relatively small and does not affect the overall use or function display, personally think it is not necessary to repair. Of course, if you replace the mirror now, the cost is generally lower than the replacement of other parts, more than one thousand less than two thousand. If you are more concerned about appearance, you can change it. Therefore, I recommend wearing a left hand when wearing a watch, and not a right hand (as opposed to a left-handed person), because the movement of this hand is relatively large, and the chance of bumping the watch is higher.
Watch House: What happens if you hear noise in your watch?
Watch maintenance technician: The mechanism for the sound of the watch is basically an escapement mechanism. If there is noise in this place, it is recommended to send it for repair. There are not many missing parts in the watch. If there are missing parts, it will directly affect the function of the watch. It does not mean that the speed of the walk may be stopped. However, when we received it, we saw a branded watch. The head of the screw in the movement broke between the gaps of the splint and moved back and forth along the gap. This is also the case, without encountering the more critical parts. , But also very dangerous. Therefore, if there is a sound, it is necessary to take a professional inspection.
 In addition to some of our common clocks and watches doubts, the Boruitong pawn shop clock repairs also have certain advantages. Taking the parts supply and repair industry itself as an example, we once again asked the watch repairer two questions:
Watch House: Due to the strict control of parts and components by the official, but the number of private after-sales is huge, then is there any difficulty in the supply of accessories?
Watch repair technician: There are more or less some, but the parts can be determined. After all, we also cooperate with some brands. However, in terms of maintenance, in general, it may take much less time than an individual to order.
Watch House: We have discussed so many issues about repair, so what do you think of the advantages of Boruiton watch repair compared to other repair offices?
Watch repair technicians: Because we are in the pawn industry, we often identify authenticity and falsehood, determine prices, accept and sell pawns, and have rich experience and knowledge in the industry and maintenance. The second is the backing of the Boruitong brand, because the general maintenance points are independent and there is no guarantee. Well, as a relatively large-scale and well-received pawn company, its guarantee is still very high. The third is the repair service that we are building. It is in one step and is responsible for the end. I will not say that because the first day came to repair the watch, it was repaired. In the next few days, the same problem will occur. And responsibility. Regardless of the warranty of the previous watch itself, we will extend the warranty period of half a year. If there is any problem during this period, you can come to us for repair. Even after this warranty period, we only charge for parts and no service fees.

Summary: In a peaceful and pleasant environment, we ended the interview with the watch maintenance technician. During the interview, we not only learned some precautions for repair, but also mastered some daily watch maintenance skills. Nowadays, some civil maintenance organizations are also developing in the direction of professional, intensive and service-oriented operation. Among them, there are many outstanding technician teams with rich experience, their service attitude, and business philosophy. It is also advancing with the times. If you have questions about watch maintenance, please leave a message.

Remembering The Time Of Beauty, Witnessing A Century Of Legend, The Swiss Medoc Commander Series ‘remembrance Day’ Big Calendar Automatic Mechanical Watch Glory Is Available

On November 11, 1918, the First World War truce, Mr. George Sharon, an experienced and talented watchmaker, founded the Swiss Mido on this day. Since its creation, Swiss Mido has been adhering to the excellent watchmaking skills from Mr. George Sharon, and has pioneered and innovated in the planning process to create classics. In 2018, Swiss Mido will celebrate its dazzling 100th anniversary by commemorating the brand values ​​it has built over 100 years: through enduring design, high-quality materials and continuous innovation in watchmaking Perseverance in craftsmanship, creating fine timepieces.
   For the grand opening of the 100th anniversary, Swiss Mido presents a new masterpiece of timepieces: the Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ large calendar automatic mechanical watch. The new watch is chic and concise, magnificent, and the large calendar window is at 6 o’clock. The Swiss Mido is equipped with an exclusive movement: the Caliber80 long kinetic energy automatic mechanical movement equipped with a large calendar window function. In addition to easily reading the date anytime, anywhere, this watch also inherits the classic design of the Commander series: extremely smooth satin-polished sunray dial, satin-polished stainless steel case and polished bezel.

   Swiss Mido’s new commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ full-automatic mechanical watch is equipped with a satin-polished stainless steel case, giving the watch an unparalleled unique profile, like the smooth curve of the Eiffel Tower from the tip to the base. Since its birth in 1959, the Commander series has more than 50 years of manufacturing history. After time-honed training, it still maintains youth and vitality, and continues the classic heritage of the brand. Like the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Commander Collection has become a true classic, symbolizing the long tradition and superb craftsmanship of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

   To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand, and to pay tribute to the founder of the brand, the genius of the watchmaker, Mr. George Sharon, Swiss Mido launched a new commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ fully automatic mechanical watch. The new watch features a large calendar window at 6 o’clock, polished and sandblasted. It is also equipped with an exclusive movement: the Caliber80 long kinetic energy fully automatic movement equipped with a large calendar window function. Celebrating a century with a concise ‘big calendar window’ and the ‘big day’ in the past are undoubtedly the best way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand.

   The Swiss Mido Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ large calendar automatic mechanical watch has the classic characteristics of the Commander series watch while having an open date window. The smooth, satin-finished sunburst dial is protected by a hemispherical double-sided sapphire glass. Different models are available in silver and anthracite gray. The diamond-cut hour and minute hands are treated with white Super-LumiNova®, making it easy to read at night. The magnificent dial is set in a circular mercerized stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm. The silver version of the silver dial echoes the PVD rose gold-plated case, crown, and strap with exquisite embellishments, forming a light and light, elegant golden style. The bituminous gray model uses a bituminous gray dial with a 316L stainless steel strap, which is full of sports. Both straps are equipped with a stainless steel folding clasp with ultra-thin buttons for a free-standing feel.
   In addition to its timeless and elegant design, the Swiss Mido Commander series ‘Memorial Day’ large calendar automatic mechanical watch is equipped with a large calendar display function and the Swiss Mido’s unique Caliber80 long kinetic automatic mechanical movement. The transparent back can clearly observe its elaborate fully automatic mechanical movement, as well as the automatic oscillating weight engraved with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. Water-resistant to 50 meters.

   The Swiss Mido Commander series ‘Remembrance Day’ big calendar automatic mechanical watches will simultaneously launch four watches of different materials and styles, which was officially released in January 2018, thereby opening the Swiss Mido for a year. 100th anniversary celebration.