220,000 Seiko Grand Seiko Watch: What Do You Buy

As the flagship model of the 130th anniversary of Seiko, the watch completely replicates the style of the first GS watch in 1960. It has a simple appearance but is meticulous in every detail. It is worthy of its ‘highest ordinary’ concept. Manually wound 9S64 movement, watch diameter 35.8 mm, platinum, gold, steel case, buckle, crocodile leather strap, water-resistant to 30 meters, limited edition of 130 pieces worldwide, 2 pieces in China
Platinum reference price: 220000 yuan
Memorial limited edition

    Chinese people buy watches to buy value, foreigners buy watches to buy is meaning, money can be earned without money, watch this village, there will be no shop.
    Watches appear in the ‘Ten Beauty’ recommendation are basically collection-level watches. Note that the collection level refers to a table with complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production, and memorable meaning, but it may not necessarily be a watch with potential for appreciation. Now many people mention watches, not to mention what functional styles they like, but to ask what kind of watch can appreciate and maintain value, it seems that buying a watch is not for consumption, but for investment. Some foreign media commented that our Chinese are: Can’t even be happy, but still want to pursue happiness? For those who have the money to afford a ‘ten beauty’ watch, happiness is actually very simple, provided that the idea is not too complicated.