Bulgari Launches Four New Diva Jewelry Watches

The Bulgari Diva jewelry and watch collection seeks inspiration from the brand’s long history, incorporating classic aesthetics into modern design, giving Roman mosaics and fan-shaped patterns to the Baths of Caracalla Interpretation. Inspired by the diversity of modern women’s beauty, the Diva series has unique characteristics. In this way, Bulgari traces the historical trajectory of female personality, which is rare and unique, but also has universal value.
   The Diva collection comes from the sincere passion of Italian jewellery families for colored gemstones. Colorful gemstones nestled in petals, like a corolla in nature, dancing around a bezel studded with diamonds. Sensual, elegant, full of the charm of gems. The new Diva series showcases the family’s expertise and craftsmanship in jewelry making, reminiscent of the Bulgari colorful brooches of the colorful 1960s. Each jewel on the corolla is carefully set and adjusted, which can tremble gently at the pace of the wearer, like a beautiful dance.
   In 2015, Bulgari launched four new Diva series jewelry watches.
Diva High Jewellery Watch Ref. 102422

   This rose gold haute jewellery is decorated with warm coral and timeless onyx and diamonds. Eight coral fan faces and eight onyx fan faces form a corolla and are set with two rows of 16 round diamonds (total weight: 3.5 carats). The bracelet is also connected by successive fan faces in a uniform style.
Diva High Jewellery Watch Ref. 102463

   The other is made of a rectangular, round, brilliant and buff-top cut diamond and sapphire inlaid white gold base. Its appearance is reminiscent of the Diva High Jewellery Emeralds jewellery watch, which was awarded last year at the Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. (GPHG) won the best jewelry watch honor for this Roman jeweler with more than 130 years of history.
Diva High Jewellery Watch Ref. 102420 and Ref. 102421

   The jewellery edition also welcomes two new works, both with a delicate satin strap. Garnet, tourmaline, opal, tanzanite, and turquoise are colorful and woven into a dreamy rainbow.
   Four new Diva series jewellery watches are expected to be officially launched in the fall of 2015 and will only be available at Bvlgari boutiques and specially authorized retail stores.