Bvlgari Diva Top Jewelry Watches Dazzling Listing

‘Star charm’ and ‘feminine beauty’ are two key words of the Bulgari Diva series. The geometric shape is inspired by the thick makeup of Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Cleopatra: that black thick line eye shadow is stretched to the temple to form a triangular eye makeup, which complements the actress’s violet eyes Grace is luxurious.

 BVLGARI Diva top jewelry watch

 This series of inspirational totems is like a fan, a tool for expressing the elegant attitude of women. The design combines the two states of fullness and emptiness; the shape is elegant like blooming petals, the gorgeous makeup of colorful treasures and the bright pavé diamonds conceal. Fai, whether it is white gold styles set with pavé diamonds, or colorful gemstones that evoke the oriental style with passion, all of them shine with the most elegant and exquisite attitude !!

 Diva’s high-end jewellery and watch works show a gorgeous and charming temperament. There is no doubt that Bvlgari jewelry has a unique skill. It is the unparalleled color matching creativity. The design method of paralleling colorful gemstones to highlight the jewelry The unique and flexible beauty of itself, and through the master craftsmanship technology, ensure that each precious jewelry conforms to the wearer’s body rhythm, as close as the second skin, and the Diva high-end jewelry watch is visual and tactile. Unparalleled high-quality art.

Diva Top Jewellery Watches

 Rose gold inlaid 8 round purple water wafer beads, 8 round red tourmaline garden beads, 286 brilliant-cut garden diamonds (~ 5.67 carats), price: about NT $ 3,100,000.

Diva Top Jewellery Watches

 White gold is set with 394 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 5.88 carats), 16 round diamonds (~ 3.46 carats), 302 step diamonds (~ 13.25 carats), and the price is about NT $ 14,650,000.