Casio Launches Wsd-f10 To Enter The Smart Watch Market

On January 6, 2016, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Casio exhibited a smart watch with Android Wear-WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch (WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch) announced its entry into the smart watch market.

   The watch is certified by the US MIL-STD-810G military standard. It is waterproof to 50 meters and is equipped with a series of sensors. It has functions such as altitude measurement, barometric pressure measurement, compass, tide graph, and sunrise and sunset time display. ,strong and sturdy. It is reported that the power of the WSD-F10 smart outdoor watch can be used continuously for more than a day, but if you switch to the low power consumption mode, only the time is displayed, and the battery life can be increased to one month.

   Casio President Kazuhiro Kashio told the Financial Times: ‘One of the reasons why you don’t launch a normal smart watch is that it is difficult to define a daily use function, as are other brands or companies.’
   He went on to explain: ‘Further product development is very necessary. Watchmakers need to design new smart watches that can arouse public imagination and strengthen this market. The smart watch market seems to exist, but the fact is Not so. Unless the industry can define a smartwatch-specific feature, further market penetration is very difficult. ‘