Ceramic Pioneer Leads The Future Swiss Radar Hi-tech Ceramic Watch Tour Exhibition Opens In Beijing

(Beijing, China – May 16, 2014) Rado, a pioneering watch brand of high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watch industry, was in front of Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing on May 16. Shanda unveiled a national tour of ‘Ceramic Pioneers • Leading the Future’ high-tech ceramic watches. This tour exhibited a variety of Swiss Rado’s latest high-tech ceramic watches, and shared the brand’s cutting-edge technology in the field of high-tech ceramics with consumers, perfectly interpreting the brand’s pioneering position in the field of high-tech ceramics.

 Rado’s carefully crafted high-tech ceramic watch exhibition area runs through a simple and graceful white streamlined design. The black and white staggered color scheme uniquely separates the exhibition area into a new product display area, an interactive touch screen area, a material display area and a brand history display area . Consumers can not only enjoy close-up masterpieces of high-tech ceramic watches, watch the latest advertising campaign of the latest Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches, but also experience the wonderful design and extreme craftsmanship of Swiss radar. Among the many high-tech ceramic watches on display, the Isa series of high-tech ceramic tactile watches are particularly eye-catching. This tactile control full-body high-tech ceramic watch specially designed for women combines innovative technology with moving sensory factors. The combination shows the brand’s extraordinary accomplishments in the field of high-tech ceramics.

 Adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, RADO has always insisted on continuous breakthroughs and innovations in materials and technology. In 1986, Swiss Rado launched the Integral Precision Ceramics watch unprecedentedly, taking the lead in introducing high-tech ceramic materials that are light, not easy to wear, and very skin-friendly into the watchmaking industry. Since then, Swiss radar has never stopped research in the field of high-tech ceramics, from the birth of the first full-body high-tech ceramic bracelet watch to the stunning appearance of white high-tech ceramic watches, from the first The ultra-thin Gaoke ceramic watch’s heavy attack, and then the grand launch of Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet, no matter from the shape or color of the watch, it shows that the use of high-tech ceramic materials by Swiss radar has reached the level of fire. Realm. Today, Swiss Radar has once again shocked the watch industry at the 2014 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, creating a brand new cool gray high-tech ceramic. This high-tech ceramic is affected by material composition, sintering time and temperature. It is extremely difficult to achieve accurate and consistent colors in the production process, but Swiss radars use proprietary technology to ensure that the gray of each batch of products shows the same color, once again proving the extraordinaryness of its material master.

 The Rado “Ceramic Pioneer • Leading the Future” high-tech ceramic watch nationwide tour exhibition was first launched in Beijing and will stay here for 10 days (May 16-May 25, 2014). In the future, the touring exhibition will visit Changsha, Yantai, Hohhot and other cities to witness the breakthrough innovation and unremitting efforts of Swiss radar in the field of high-tech ceramics with consumers across the country, appreciate the pioneering spirit of the brand, and look forward to Switzerland together. Radars lead the future of the world.

A brief history of RADO high-tech ceramic watches

In 1986, RADO launched the Integral Precision Ceramics watch.
Swiss radar is the first to introduce lightweight, non-wearing, skin-friendly high-tech ceramic materials into the watchmaking industry and regards it as the most popular material, leading a new era of non-wearable watches. This model uses a perfectly seamless fully covered metal-coated sapphire crystal to ensure the perfect combination of case, mirror and strap.

In 1990, the world’s first watch made of high-tech ceramics: RADO Ceramica ceramic series was launched.
The case and strap are integrated into a unique bracelet-shaped watch. This design has won many well-known design awards and is the iconic design of Swiss radar.

In 1991, the first white high-tech ceramic watch was born: the RADO Coupole watch.
The first high-tech white ceramic watch. Classic, elegant and tasteful-a new realm of ceramic watches.

In 1993, the world’s first platinum high-tech ceramic watch was born: the Rado Sintra silver diamond watch.
This is a historic leap forward, making high-tech ceramics emit a metal-like luster. At the same time, this watch is also the pinnacle of the design concept of all high-tech ceramic watches. Except for the sapphire crystal, the entire watch is made of high-tech ceramics.

In 2011, the world’s first Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet watch was launched: the RADO D-Star series.
The new material Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet, which combines high-tech ceramics and metal alloy titanium carbide, not only has the advantages of high-tech ceramics, light and moist, not easy to wear, but also surpasses the previous 1,900 Vickers hardness and sharp lines.

In 2011, RADO created an ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watch: the True Thinline.
With its thinnest ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case, the True Thinline watch is the ultimate lightness of high-tech ceramics, which is like the intimacy of the second skin.

In 2012, RADO launched a watch that combines innovative structure with multiple high-tech materials: the HyperChrome series.
The forward-looking watch design is constructed with innovative structures and multiple high-tech materials. The single case structure and signature bracket design perfectly integrate a variety of high-tech materials such as Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics, high-tech ceramics, and stainless steel, showing unprecedented pioneering atmosphere. And leader style.

In 2013, RADO created the first watch with high-tech ceramic touch technology: Esenza series high-tech ceramic touch watch.
This watch subverts the long-standing practice of adjusting the time only with the crown, and opens up a unique way of adjusting-just touch the case with your fingertips, and you can feel the flow of time. Swiss Radar pioneered the application of this technology to women’s watches, showing its unique style and keen eye for arrogance.
In the same year, the first application of Si3N4 TiN silicon nitride high-tech ceramics: RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster RHW1 limited edition watch.
For the first time, Si3N4 TiN silicon nitride high-tech ceramics have been introduced into watch production. Its weight is half that of standard ceramics. At the same time, it is equipped with Rado’s exclusive RHW1 movement.

In 2014, a new complication watch: RADO HyperChrome high-tech ceramic dual time zone touch watch.
Make time zone swapping a breeze-just touch the case with your fingertips to complete the swap function instantly, and match the first cool gray high-tech ceramics to shock the industry while continuing to lead the trend of materials.
In the same year, RADO applied the high-tech ceramic diamond technology for the first time: Esenza series high-tech ceramic touch watch-limited edition of 132 real diamonds.
After hard research and development by watchmakers, RADO first set diamonds directly on high-tech ceramics, highlighting Swiss Rado’s continuous pursuit of excellent and innovative technology. Innovative high-tech ceramic touch technology, sophisticated minimalist design and magical extraordinary materials are perfectly combined to create a beauty that surpasses reality and the charm of low-key luxury.