Companion Between Wrists, Thank You Respect

A piece of chalk, a three-foot podium, will always leave a hard figure, that is, the memory of the teacher. Teacher’s Day is coming. Tissot just wants to thank the teacher and distress the teacher. The reminder on the wrist is to save energy and nourish more peaches and plums.

[Generous and intelligent to carry people]
 In the classroom, the teacher’s words and deeds are the products of wisdom. The impromptu puns have become classic quotations in the students’ memory. Whether it is book knowledge or life experience, all aspects of the teacher give unexpected inspiration. The Tissot Durul series watch, the delicate combination of the dial sun pattern and the Paris stud pattern, makes the teacher’s image more wise; the leather strap and rose gold coating, more mature and calm under wisdom.

[The most beautiful back in my mind]
 The teachers came in handy in class, and they didn’t know how much effort they put in behind and how many late nights they had planned. The back of the podium became the most memorable moment for students. The Tissot Xinyuan series watch, the exquisite automatic movement sits at the dial window at 12 o’clock in the magic moment, the rose shape exudes a graceful atmosphere, just like the teacher’s diligent figure, because it is so profound that it can never be erased at first sight.

[Hey, my teacher friend]
 In private, the teacher will share the joys and sorrows of the students like the most irony friends, laugh when playing, embrace and cry when they are sad, and work hard to integrate into the students’ world. The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watches are powered by sunlight, just like the passion that teachers ca n’t use up every day; the special outdoor function also saves the teacher from the trivial daily routine, leaving room for students They are in one piece.

 The teacher first lived in the eyes of the students, and then lived in the hearts of the students. Preaching, teaching, and deconfusion require great courage, but also need the company of time. Tissot accompanies the teacher through the hardship with the warmth of his wrist, welcoming the students’ ultimate trust and love.