Comparison Of Rolex Explorer Ii Watches

In the 1980s, IWC joined the military diving watch corps and developed an antimagnetic diving watch for the German military ‘OCEAN’, because the mine detonation device not only responds to pressure, but also The magnetic field reacts. Even more advanced is the Suunto D6 div computer dive watch, designed for those demanding professional divers.

Dive watch Suunto Elementum Aqua

Blancpain 2010 Reissue Fifty Fathom Memorial Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II (3)
When diving has become a fashion sport, another fashion symbol—the diving watch—has become a must.
However, the diving world has rules for diving. Just as for people living on land, the ocean is a world with its own rules of existence. If you go diving, but wear a watch with a water resistance of 100 meters, but it is just a waterproof watch, I am afraid it will kill you.
Underwater military regulations
Probably not afraid of danger and safe and reliable are men most attractive to women, right? Therefore, most people like to use a diving watch with the same temperament to express. As early as the first 007 movie, James Bond wore the latest Rolex diving watch produced in the year and made a grand appearance in the movie. After that, no matter whether it was ‘the laborer ghost’ or the ‘Ocean horse’ dispute, important.
However, there are important things. If you really plan to dive with this type of watch, you must know that the ordinary waterproof watch is different from the real diving watch like SUV and off-road vehicle. SUVs can be used around the clock, but when it comes to true off-road, you need a chassis with four-wheel drive and professional performance. One person in the watch industry has discussed with reporters. At present, the public has many misunderstandings about diving watches, including even some people in the media, who often confuse waterproof watches with diving watches. In fact, for the specification of diving watches, the rigorous watchmaking circle has always been unambiguous on this issue. A watch that can dive into at least 100 meters of water and has an adjusting device to control time can only be watched. Called a diving watch.
In accordance with the general rules of the Swiss watch industry, ‘WATER RESISTANT’ engraved on the back of the watch just means waterproof 2ATM (that is, waterproof 20m). This does not mean that you can go directly to the 20-meter water, because this waterproof depth only means the waterproof depth when the watch and water are completely stationary in the laboratory still water condition, and this This kind of static condition certainly does not exist in the real world of swimmers or divers.
Of course, the most intuitive thing is that when you see the signs ‘ldiver; Diver’, ‘scuba’, that means it can be used for scuba diving, and the sign ‘He gas Diver’ s 300M (or above) ‘rd 300; , It has a helium exhaust valve, which is suitable for helium-nitrogen-saturated diving, that is, long-term deep diving with a time exceeding 1 hour and a depth exceeding 120 meters.
There is an old saying in China, ‘Don’t bully the mountains and bully the water’. A professional diving watch is your best partner for mastering the diving time, depth and method, so there will be a strict international standard. It is difficult to identify those specific magnetic and shock resistance indicators visually, but at least what you can see is that it must have a time pre-selection device (the most common is the chronograph outer ring, and most designs can only rotate counterclockwise). Five minutes must be clearly marked (scaled fluorescent agent is larger and longer than normal watches), and visibility in the dark is 25 cm. Did not meet the above rigid requirements, sorry, this is not a diving watch that complies with ISO international standards.
Fan Station Team
In fact, for watch fans, there is also a most direct standard. When the diving watch was first born, it was often customized for the navies of various countries. You will see that this diving watch on hand once served in the military, and of course it also joined The specific needs of a certain mission at the time.
The earliest diving watch Rolex has been available since 1926. The classic oyster case is still being produced and engraved. By the 1950s, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms diving watch, as the first modern diving watch, established the basic characteristics of a modern diving watch. It was applied by the French Frogmen, the Israeli Army, the US Navy’s Underwater Destruction Team and the SEALs, the German Fleet, and has since been widely used in the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish forces. Panerai, which has been transformed on the basis of Blancpain, has become a permanent special product of the Italian Royal Navy.
In the 1980s, IWC joined the military diving watch corps and developed an antimagnetic diving watch for the German military ‘OCEAN’, because the mine detonation device not only responds to pressure, but also to weak magnetic fields. Omega, which made diving watches for the US military, from the Seamaster in the 1957s to the asymmetric shape ‘Ploprof’ 600 meters diving watches, have been warmly welcomed, and re-engraved in 2009 and increased the waterproof depth to 1200 meters.
These classic styles are still being engraved to this day. It shows that the watch is really a traditional sector, watch fans insist on supporting various mechanical watches. However, there are exceptions. If this man is more loyal to diving, then he might consider some powerful dive electronic watches, strictly speaking, wrist dive computers.
In fact, just in the 007 movie, James Bond’s “Labour Water Ghost” and “Ocean Horse” battle became gossip talks for watch fans, many people forgot that James Bond also wore electronic watches And, there is more than one! At least five Seiko watches from Japan, such as SEIKO LCD Digital and Seiko Sports 100 LCD, appeared in the 007 movie in the 1980s, which can be said to conform to the electronic trend.
Even more advanced is the Suunto D6 div computer dive watch, designed for those demanding professional divers. It has 3 modes: oxygen switch, digital compass and RGBM depth alarm algorithm. It is the most powerful dive computer at present. It can provide all the required information including depth, time, direction and decompression depth display. It can quickly calculate the air saturation of human tissues, so that divers no longer need to follow a strict diving schedule, and can even analyze your diving Performance for next improvement.