Continuation Of The Movement Of Time Tasting Oris Culture Series Dexter Gordon Limited Edition Watch

Speaking of the Swiss century-old watchmaking brand Ouli, everyone knows that it covers the four major series of culture, flying, motorsports and diving. Among them, the Jazz watch in the cultural series with rich meaning is Very popular. Oris’s deep relationship with jazz began at Oris London Jazz Festival. This is the brand’s first large-scale cross-border cooperation. Since then, Oris has a strong emotional connection with the music industry. . ‘For me, jazz is alive. From the beginning, it tells people’s emotions, dreams and hopes.’ This is a sentence that jazz master DexterGorden once said. As the representative of modern jazz in the middle of the 20th century, Dexter’s best known contribution is to play and re-create the modern jazz pioneered by CharlieParker and DizzyGillespie with the tenor saxophone. His music has still deeply influenced people. End. In order to pay tribute to the music master, Oris once again composes the time movement, creating a limited edition commemorative watch of the same name, which is distributed worldwide. This is the 17th jazz commemorative watch launched by the brand. (Watch model number: 0173721720083-SetLS)

Jazz Master DexterGorden

Jazz hue

Minimalistic retro design

   If I use one color to describe jazz, I think it is brown, classic and romantic. Just like the overall tone of this limited edition DexterGorden watch by Oris, the radiant brushed dark gray dial with a delicate retro dark brown belt is harmonious and quiet, just like the lazy afternoon DexterGorden’s music slowly flows from the old record, warm Land is intoxicating.

Metal case

   The case made of multi-piece stainless steel has no complicated design, and the streamline is beautiful and elegant, giving a simple and capable feeling. The arched bezel is polished to give the metal a beautiful shine.

Pay tribute to details

Delicate design on the dial

   All the details of the watch reveal a high respect for the artist. The 12-point scale on the dial is cleverly designed as a saxophone reed, and the 12 letters of the DexterGorden name are printed on each scale.

Slim Second Hand

   As the protagonist on the dial, the hands appear in a classic simple shape, while the second hand is extremely slender and extends backwards, which can show the beautiful color of the saxophone, and also implies the nickname of the giant, nearly two meters tall, ‘LongTallDex’ .

Case back lettering

   Flipping over to the back of the watch, it was a pleasant surprise that the nickname “LongTallDex” given by the fans also appeared, and the details echoed just fine.


   The crown and buckle made of stainless steel are also ‘simplified,’ just branded with the brand’s ‘ORIS’. Metal and leather straps can always strike a simple and atmospheric style. At the same time, this commemorative watch is equipped with the Oris 733 movement, which has 28,800 oscillations per hour and a power reserve of 38 hours.

Oris Limited Edition

Summary: In my opinion, a watch is born with the same art as music, and the sound of ticking away is just a wonderful musical sound that goes hand in hand with time. Oris continues to create individual, individually numbered, limited edition models dedicated to outstanding music masters. This strong musical complex is probably related to the brand’s own music literacy and it is constantly giving up. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)