Continuously Taking Off And Challenging More Space Breitling’s First Chinese Brand Image Ambassador: Wang Shi

He was the first influx of people who gave up security work and ventured into the unpredictable business sea.

曾 He once refused to indulge billions of net worth to challenge the towering global peaks.

After building a good business map, he went abroad to study abroad regardless of language barriers.
He has an unwilling mediocrity and always challenges life.
He kept pursuing dreams, surpassing himself, and living the fullness and wonderfulness of life.
He believes that life is an adventure, a never-ending self-chase.
He is Wang Shi, a dream catcher in the Chinese business community, and a Chinese paraglider record holder. He is Breitling’s first Chinese brand image ambassador and shares the wonderful world of chasing dreams and challenging the limit with Breitling, the top independent watch brand in Switzerland.

‘Height’ means more space
‘When climbing, you will find that if you want to reach a height higher than the peak, you have to fly.’
When Wang Wangshi was a soldier when he was young, there was an aviation school next to it. Every day, planes took off and landed. Since then, his heart has planted a dream of flying. While traveling in Tibet in 1997, Wang Shi saw a yellow paraglider gliding on the back of Everest at Everest Base Camp. At that moment, the flying dream awoke. ‘That was the warm-up of the Scottish mountain captain before climbing Everest. I was very excited to watch the yellow paraglider flying above the base camp. I am also very excited. Mountaineers also play this? I always think that mountaineering is sacred, difficult, and we must go all out. The foreigner who brought the umbrella bag to the top made my mind change instantly. ‘Wang Shi recalled.
In 1998, 47-year-old Wang Shi tried for the first time a truly free flight-paraglider. The first challenge is always accompanied by fear and tension. Although there was a coach flying, Wang Shi, who rushed to the sky for the first time, still nervously had a blank brain: he was worried that his body would fall off at any time when hanging on a paraglider. But in any case, it began to fly from that moment. Then the second time, the third time, the fourth time ……… Overcoming the fear slowly, Wang Shi began to enjoy the joy of flying. After that, whenever he has a chance, he will fly. Each time the airflow, altitude, wind, and scene are different. He drives the ‘wings’ to fly where he wants to go, and every time he has a new experience.
In 2000, Wang Shi set a record for Chinese paraglider climbing in Qingpu, Tibet. It took 5 hours to climb to the summit early in the morning, then skillfully opened an umbrella, and took off from the 4,600-meter-high peak against the wind. The wind-filled umbrella was rushed to the top of the blue sky by the rising hot air, 4700 meters … 5700 meters ……… 6100 meters! When the altimeter on hand keeps “Da Da Da” prompting an increase in height, I feel excited and irritating. ‘When soaring in the sky, I really feel like a hawk. I overlook the earth from the clouds. The scenery changes its posture in different light and shadows, showing a more colorful side. It can be said that I have never seen it when climbing. Brand new perspective. ‘
Since then, Wang Shi followed the four-time world champion to learn gliders, and gradually realized and plumped his flying dream when he was a teenager. For him, taking off again and again is not to challenge a high record, but to constantly challenge the limits, tap the value of life, and pursue a wider space.

If the glider has an impetus, it is the ‘dream’ of pilot freedom
Everyone is a dreamer, and success belongs to the practitioner of dreams. Whether challenging a paraglider to climb the record or flying a glider, Wang Shi, who walks in the wind, is practicing the dream of freedom with repeated challenges to unpowered flight.
‘If the glider has an impetus, it is the dream of freedom for the driver. Because of this, we ‘mads’ will continue to chase freedom, challenge the limits, and break through ourselves. For me, life is an adventure. ‘Wang Shi shared,’ Even if you do n’t go flying or take risks, life itself has to face many uncertainties and go forward again and again, and flying and adventure will show you a higher perspective of life. During the second challenge, you will realize that the biggest challenge in life is not to challenge nature and others, but to challenge yourself. I enjoy this process very much. ‘
In 2011, Wang Shi became associated with Breitling. In Switzerland, he watched the Breitling Jet Team’s precise and elegant aerobatic flight show for the first time. In September this year, he was invited by Breitling to experience the world’s fastest mechanical sports Reno flight competition. Air Races. Those extremely cool experiences resonated deeply in Wang Shi’s heart, which really opened a wider door for Wang Shi to fly.
From a common philosophy and attitude, in November 2013, Breitling invited Wang Shi to be the brand’s first Chinese image ambassador to join hands in pursuing dreams and challenging the limits. In the new Breitling commercial, Wang Shi stood confidently in front of a dynamic glider, as if he had just completed a pleasant flight and partnered with his wrist—the aviation timepiece 01 that best reflected the spirit of Breitling Aviation. (Navitimer 01), together interpreting the Breitling World with its individual charm.
Behind the ultimate challenge is strict control over ‘precision’
Extreme challenges often hide dangers everywhere, and they need the absolute strength to control everything, with extreme precision and zero errors. Behind the glory of setting a record for Chinese paraglider climbing, Wang Shi also paid a great price.
At that time, because the air was too thin, Wang Shi misjudged the time when he landed, causing him to break a rib and almost lost his life. Challenging the possible limits of flying is exciting, but it is often life-threatening. It is important to grasp time and accuracy. For him, a precise and reliable watch is a companion who can share passion and joy, but also a solid backing to dream and explore the unknown.
致 To pay tribute to all the spirits that show the free flight of human beings, Wang Shi will not miss Breitling’s precision wrist instruments for professionals. Breitling Navitimer 01-an original classic from Breitling in 1952, equipped with 100% self-developed 01 automatic winding chronograph movement, like all Breitling watches, has the authority to represent precision and reliability Baseline Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC). The diameter is 43 mm and fits the wrist perfectly. The two-way rotating bezel is equipped with Breitling’s famous circular flight slider, known as the ‘aviation computer’, which can complete all operations required for flight navigation between the wrists. From the overall design to the smallest details, the entire watch exudes charming aesthetic charm, enough to fascinate all flying professionals and enthusiasts who desire to conquer the sky, and naturally it is also Wang Shi’s favorite. Welcome to the world of Breitling!