Designed For Beauty: Cartier High Jewellery Timepieces

Beauty is the characteristic that women all over the world are after. In addition to being born, beauty can also be moderately set off with accessories. And this is the value of jewelry. When people admire a piece of jewellery, they will find that the light it reflects is as if carefully planned, and no flaw can be found. In fact, it has been carefully planned, and from the shape, the type of gems, the cut, the color, to the detailed polishing, it is all a design; a design that perfectly presents the product of nature to humanity through wisdom. This spirit is noticeable in Cartier’s work.

   ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, this widely circulated title illustrates Cartier’s position in the jewelry field. As early as 1874, this Paris-based brand began to build its own jewellery kingdom. When Cartier combined the creation of jewellery with the watch, it became a noble and luxurious tool for calculating time; unlike men’s watches that pursue highly complex mechanical structures, they exude a beauty designed for women.

Panthère Arctique Jaguar Aquamarine Sapphire Watch, 18K White Gold Diamond Jaguar Case, Bracelet, 1 Cushion-shaped Aquamarine Sapphire (39.28 ct), Sapphire Leopard Pattern, Emerald Leopard Eye, Black Onyx Nose, Current , Minutes, manual winding movement.

Like many Cartier Jaguar works, leopard eyes are emerald embellished, and the stripes are embellished with sapphire.

The delicate hexagonal dial below the aquamarine sapphire, with diamonds and sapphires inlaid around it, is very gorgeous.
Panthère Arctique Jaguar Aquamarine Sapphire Watch
   Using the rich imagination of jewelry designers, Cartier’s jewelry watches are treasures that combine natural gems with time. Among them, the Panthère Arctique Jaguar Aquamarine Sapphire watch cleverly transforms the most representative animal of the brand into a case, and cut diamonds are set in the leopard body and 18K white gold bracelet, which is extremely shining; The nose is presented in sapphire and black onyx, while a pair of leopard eyes are emerald. The tail extended from the leopard body constitutes the bracelet of the entire timepiece. Above the dial is a pillow-shaped aquamarine sapphire weighing 39.28 carats, crystal clear and vividly combined under the leopard claw.

Papyrus top jewelry emerald watch, 18K white gold case and bracelet set with 32 Zambian emeralds (38.2 carats), diamonds and black onyx, diamond-set dial, hours and minutes, manual winding movement.

Triangular-cut diamonds are used as hour markers above the diamond-set dial.

In addition to the bright emeralds and diamonds, the sides of the work are also inlaid with square black onyx, extending from large to small.
Papyrus top jewelry emerald watch
   Equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement, 24 emeralds inlaid on the dial, each gemstone refracts the light received by the watch with multiple facets, and it is arranged in a fan-like design to exude an attractive luster. With the curve that gradually shrinks inwards from top to bottom, the bracelet integrated with the case is also set with 8 emeralds, round cut diamonds and black onyx; the dial at 1 o’clock Triangular diamonds serve as hour markers.

Tutti Frutti jewelry watch, platinum case set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, hours, minutes, quartz movement.

The delicately carved colorful stones are plant leaves and fruits, which are very vivid.

The ‘fruit bag’ style born in the 1920s makes the color scheme of Tutti Frutti jewellery watches both bright and unique.
Top Jewellery Collections Tutti Frutti Jewellery Watches
   The bright “Tutti Frutti” style is displayed with bright colors. This style was conceived in the 1920’s. Jewels such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds were set on precious metals, and decorated with delicate carvings, which was an important creation for Cartier. Like other works completed in the brand’s high-end jewelry workshops, these jewellery watches, through Cartier’s unique aesthetic taste, record the passing years and at the same time show the brilliance of life.