Dialogue With Paul Bulgari And Nicholas Bulgari

‘Roma, Passion, Jewelry-A Dialogue with Paul Bulgari and Nicholas Bulgari’ is scheduled to be published in March 2015. In the book, the brothers PaoloBulgari and NicolaBulgari report for the first time a legendary life experience, telling anecdotes about the most prestigious Italian jewelry brand Bulgari. The two Bulgari brothers revisited the moving memories and emotions of the past, painted a charming picture of the family portrait, and traced back to those pioneering initiatives that set the brand on the road to success.

This biography was written by Vincent Meylan. He is not only an expert in jewelry history, but also a well-known writer. He has authored books about brands such as Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chanel and McLary . The origin of this book was accidental: Meilan and the Bulgari family brothers met at an informal meeting, and they had a good talk. The vivid and vivid legendary stories and wonderful ideas in the mouths of the two brothers ignited him. Desire to create, so he decided to put the conversation into writing.

Published by Electa Press, the cover is accompanied by a photo taken by the famous photographer Fabrizio Ferri in 1989. In the photo, the model Tatjana Patiz wears a Bulgari. Beautiful yellow gold diamond necklace, showing the charming charm of Italy.

‘Roman, Passion, Jewelry-A Dialogue with Paul Bulgari and Nicholas Bulgari’ will meet with reporters at the Bulgari House DOMVS on March 16. DOMVS is located on the second floor of the Bulgari flagship store on Condotti Avenue in Rome’s famous street. It is the exhibition area of ​​the Bulgari brand.

In two separate interviews, the history of Rome, the legendary story of the Bulgari Condotti flagship store, and the anecdote of many celebrities who have been here since the beginning of the 20th century are interwoven with Paul and Nicholas · Bulgari said in his mouth. From Count Vittorio Cini, who is wealthy but fateful, to the ‘jet family’ who flew from the United States to Rome for a holiday—such as Count Dorothydi Frasso Madam, to the wealthy Barbara Hutton (Barbara Hutton) and ClareBootheLuce, the first female diplomat in the United States, and the screen goddesses of the ‘sweet life’ era in Italy, many popular characters are here The turns took place in brilliant stories. The legends of famous jewellery collectors and their precious treasures are even more fascinating and fascinating. All these are endless. The book also records the extraordinary creativity of the Bulgari brand for more than 130 years, and the romantic spirit of dreams. This spirit flows in the blood of the Bulgari family, and it is a strong desire to explore the world and an inexhaustible passion for art, music and history.

The story begins at the end of the 19th century, when the Epirus region was fragmented in the war dispute between Greece and Turkey, and the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari had to flee here to make a living in Italy. After ending his first stop in Naples, he resolutely opened his first jewellery shop on the Sistina avenue in Rome in 1884, selling some antique jewellery and Sotirio’s own creation Silver jewelry. His elegant silver jewelry pieces were a huge success, and were popular with local customers and wealthy British and American tourists. So Sothelio decided to expand its jewelry business. In the following years, he opened boutiques in Sanremo, Bellagio, Naples, Sorrento, and many of the most fashionable resorts of the time, St. Moritz. In 1905, a new boutique opened on Condotti Avenue, replacing the one originally opened on Sistina Avenue. Other stores were also closed. As a result, the boutique on Condotti Avenue has gradually become the brand’s only activity center. It turned out to be another extremely successful decision: as early as the 1920s, the boutique was favored by many European nobles and American industrialists.

Sotirio is not only a skilled craftsman, but also a visionary entrepreneur; his sons Giorgio and Costantino have been developing alongside Sotirio since the late 1920s, Created different jewellery series, enriched the original design. Costantino has a quiet and conservative personality among the two brothers, and has been studying the history of Italian gold and silver craftsmen. In 1958, he published an industry book ‘Italian Silversmiths, Jewellery Experts, and Goldsmiths’, and even today, it is still the most authoritative work on Italian silversmiths. On the other hand, George is talented in interpersonal relationships and has established good relationships with customers from all over the world. He also has a keen aesthetic and bold entrepreneurial spirit. After taking over the company’s daily operations, he injected a new creative concept into the jewelry design of the Bulgari brand. Three-dimensional and bold colors. Today, these creative elements are still the iconic style of the Bulgari brand. In the golden age of ‘Sweet Life’, Rome became the favorite location for Hollywood filmmakers, and the Bulgari boutique on Condotti Avenue became a must-see for actresses. Since then, Bulgari has greatly increased its popularity and won an international reputation as a symbol of the essence of Italy.

George’s two sons, Paul and Nicholas Bulgari, became the father’s left arm and right arm in the 1960s, continuing their path of innovation, and constantly developing new iconic styles, such as designing ancient coins as jewelry and creating ‘Modular’ inspired Parentesi themed jewelry, Tubogas design and Serpenti series snake watch.

Born in Rome in 1937, Paul Bulgari is one of the world’s most famous gem experts. As a modern art collector, by virtue of his high sensitivity and deep perception of beauty, he has become the creative soul of the company and has guided the company’s design team forward. Born in 1941, Nicholas Bulgari is a well-known connoisseur of ancient silverware, a patron of jewellery art, and a collector of American classic cars. He first created jewellery designs incorporating elements of ancient coins. Initially, the company’s business was expanded to the United States, which made an important contribution to the company’s development.

‘Roman, Passion, Jewelry-Dialogue with Paul Bulgari and Nicholas Bulgari’ is a wonderful opportunity to learn about two heavyweight masters in the history of jewelry.

Commenting on the book, Paul Bulgari said: ‘For me, this is a unique opportunity for me to talk about the gems in my eyes, use them to trace the history of the brand, and count the ones in our family. The extraordinary wizards that have appeared in our lives, and the sources that give us endless inspiration for jewellery design. ‘

Nicholas Bulgari said: ‘The book’ Rome, Passion, Jewelry ‘is both a gift to those who love Bulgari and a tribute to the Bulgari family. It is also a 130 An ode to those who have made a huge contribution to the success of the brand over the years. ‘

Bulgari CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin also commented: ‘About one year ago, while Bulgari celebrated the 130th anniversary of the brand, I was glad to learn that the two brothers Decided to tell their story to Vincent Meilan. I believe that the readers will definitely appreciate the light of Bulgari from a new perspective. ‘