Earl’s Third ‘earl Invites You To Switzerland’ Watch Knowledge Contest

I. Activity Introduction

   Do you want to know how the world’s thinnest watch was born? Do you want to learn about Piaget watch brand culture? Would you like to visit the ‘Clock Kingdom’ Switzerland in person? Now there is a free and fun watch knowledge contest. As long as you participate, you will have the opportunity to visit the watchmaking workshops of Piaget Watches in Switzerland and appreciate the Swiss watchmaking culture.

 In order to give back to many Piaget watch friends for their strong support for Piaget Watches, Piaget, the world’s top watch brand, joins hands with the well-known watch portal watch home to host the third ‘Piaget invites you to Switzerland’ large-scale prize watch knowledge competition Watch people participate in learning and progressing together in watch research.

2. Event organizers and participants

 Event organizer: Piaget Watches official website
 Participants: watch beginners, enthusiasts, senior experts from various circles.

3. Activities

 1. Activity rules
    The event uses the form of network answering, which supports various network terminals to access and answer the questions; and implements a two-round elimination contest system to finally determine a winner;

 2. Schedule of activities
 a & gt; The first round of competition is from March 27 to April 2 for a total of 7 days; the form is a one-way multiple choice question, and the results will be announced immediately after the answer. The specific operation is to enter the event page, click to enter the answer, the competition will start, you can click the button in the upper right corner to enter the Earl’s official website, official WeChat and other platforms to find the answer. There are 15 questions in this round, no time limit. Only those with full marks in this round can enter the second round.

     b & gt; The second round of the competition will be held from April 3 to April 8 for a total of 6 days in the form of timed answers. After entering the answers, the countdown will also begin. You must complete 10 sessions as soon as possible The completion of the question, the accuracy of the answer and the time taken are taken as the final score. The final winner of this round is only one, that is, the highest performer.

Fourth, activity rewards

1. The winner of the second round is the final prize: the business class is rewarded for visiting the Earl Swiss Watchmaking Workshop;
2. In the first round of competition, the top 30 contestants who received full marks will be awarded the collection-level ‘Earl Limited Customized Album’;

V. Summary of Activities

   Piaget invites you to Switzerland is a free competition carefully organized by Piaget’s official website to create a watch knowledge exchange and learning platform. At the same time, in order to give back to the watchmakers’ strong support for Piaget watches, the winners of this event will have the opportunity to visit the watchmaking workshops of Piaget’s extraordinary craftsmanship and world-renowned achievements, which will be a big temptation for watch lovers. So, join hands with Piaget and participate in the competition to experience the endless fun of the mysterious micro world of watches!

Computer user link: http://weibo.com/piaget
Mobile user link: http://piagetqa.sinaapp.com/App/piagetmobile
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