Ebo Watch Price And Pictures Ebo Watch Ladies Watch Recommendation

Ebo watches have more than 40 years of watchmaking technology, and introduced Swiss and Japanese watch production technology to produce high quality and high stability. Manual mechanical watches, EBO automatic mechanical watches, EBO hollow mechanical watches and other categories. EBOHR owns a number of independent watch brands such as EBOHR—Yabo Watch, KANA—Kana Women’s Jewellery Watch, EBOHR COMPLICATION—Yufei Complex Mechanical Watch, EBOHR JUNIOR—EJ Student Watch. From the perspective of market sales and responses, All series of watches launched by EBO are well-known.

               Ebo watch white love fashion mother-of-pearl ultra-thin ladies watch 50150243
Price: ¥ 1180.00
   The mother-of-pearl dial is naturally natural, with a natural luster, which perfectly interprets the atmosphere washed out by the waves. With classic three-pin, plus silver and white stainless steel embellishment, such as gorgeous pearls from the deep sea. The sapphire crystal is wear-resistant and not easy to scratch. The imported quartz movement is used to ensure accurate movement. The size is 36mm * 30,30 meters waterproof, enough to meet the needs of daily life. With a high-quality lizard pattern strap, it is comfortable to wear and stylish in appearance, making you an instant fashionista.

          Quiet Wave Angel12 Charity Limited Mechanical Hollow Lady’s Watch 50120246
Price: ¥ 3980.00
   The round case is inlaid with 52 brilliant square zircons, shining brightly. The white dial is decorated with radial lines. The 12 o’clock position is a hollow Arabic numeral. The other positions are displayed with round zircons. The lower part is Designed as a hollow, and the Arabic number 6 inlaid with zircon cleverly placed on top, the hollow highlights the characteristics of the mechanical watch. With a stainless steel spiral bottom cover back through the back cover, the mechanical movement is clearly visible, allowing you to have a delicate transparent core. The movement adopts imported automatic mechanical movement (gold), which is a strong and powerful witness every moment.
           Ebo watch Jumbo ladies watch nano-coating wear-resistant waterproof watch quartz female watch 0630
Price: ¥ 1280.00
   The elegant design is inspired by the winding and elegant side panel curve of the violin. The barrel-shaped shell uses soft curved lines lined with smooth lugs, which perfectly interprets the classic shape of the violin, reflecting an elegant, harmonious and unified style . The stainless steel case is plated with high-tech nano-hard coating, and the wear coefficient is second only to diamond. On both sides are sporty chronograph function buttons, a rare and versatile female watch. While retaining the clarity of the pointer, it maximizes the functionality while displaying the intimate calendar.