Everything In The World Is The Subject: Hermes’ New Arceau Pocket Ailes Et Ecailles Pocket Watch

After the Basel watch exhibition at the beginning of the year, we have all seen Hermès Hermès’ timepieces describe the passion for time with ingenious techniques, so are watches, and so are pocket watches. Now, Hermès has released a new work, Arceau Pocket Ailes et Ecailles pocket watch, with the world’s limited edition of two pocket watches with superb inlay and enamel technology.

   Talented craftsmen have carefully crafted a series of ingenious craftsmanship to create this limited timepiece. It all started with an engraving craftsman who first outlined the dial pattern on a gold substrate. The design is inspired by a beach towel designed by PierreMarie for Hermès. The wavy and fin pattern on the dial is gradually formed by the engraving knife.

The dial is filled with enamel, and the prepared glaze is applied to the groove carved by metalworking.

   After the initial engraving is completed, the firing enamel firing process is performed. As the enamel craftsman waves the slender brush on his hand, the right amount of wet enamel powder is filled into the space cut out by the engraving craftsman and begins to color. The blue-red tones on the color palette are vivid and vivid, showing a subtle and subtle color gradation after repeated firing in the kiln. The dial was then returned to the hands of the engraved craftsman, and the eyes and mouth of the fish were carefully carved to bring out the design lines.

The beetle elytra is used as the material of the faceplate. The gradation of the color makes the timepiece unique.

   While the engraving craftsman carefully polished the polished enamel surface, the inlay craftsman carefully cut the beetle coleoptera (shell) into small diamond-shaped pieces, which will form the fish scale part. To ensure its perfect shape, pieces of fish scales are placed on the tracing paper and retouched until they reach the required size. After that, it can be fixed in the correct position of the dial, and its natural color can be fully and richly displayed under the reflection of light.

The beetle elytra is inlaid on the face plate, showing the unique color and texture of the fish scales.

   When finished, the dial is mounted in a white gold case from the Hermès Manufacture. This precious timepiece is presented in the form of a pocket watch, exuding timeless elegance, and the asymmetrical lugs in the shape of a stirrup echo the representative design features of the Arceau series. The sapphire crystal case back provides a glimpse into the heart of the timepiece: a fully-manufactured and polished H1837 self-winding movement, all hand-assembled and polished.

   The pocket watch is finished with a crocodile leather sling and protective cover. The leather is carefully selected and carefully sew with the brand’s skills in making harnesses and saddles. In the Hermès leather workshop, the leather is cut and sewn, and grooves are hot-pressed between the seams and the softened and polished edges-all processes are processed by inheritance for more than a century, with ingenuity and excellence.

Arceau Pocket Ailes et Ecailles pocket watch 750 white gold case, beetle elytra inlaid with enamel face plate, diameter 43 mm, hour, minute, self-winding movement H1837, power reserve 50 hours, sapphire crystal glass and back Cover, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile leather strap and protective sleeve, limited to 2 pieces worldwide.

   The Arceau Pocket Ailes et Ecailles pocket watch embodies the extraordinary skills created by human hands, paying tribute to a series of rare craftsmanship that combines craftsmanship and technology. The dial made of beetle coleopter fine inlays makes the ultimate charming note of Hermes’ 2016 theme ‘Running in Nature’.