Frank Muller Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of The Crazy Hours Series

As everyone knows, Frank Muller’s unusual way The Crazy Hours series fascinates many people. This watch is a “crazy hour” with disorderly hours and hour hands jumping forward. Franck Muller There is also a ‘complete madness’ that includes a date indicator that is also ‘disorganized’. In fact, the word ‘chaotic’ is inaccurate, because it contains certain rules, and the word can only reflect the visual confusion that most people have when they see it. In fact, the reason is not difficult. The designer just uses a set of conversion gears to expand the original movement by ‘one division’ (ie, an hour scale) five times, that is, five divisions per hour, so the cycle continues. When the hour hand moves from 1 to 12 o’clock, the hour hand has already rotated about 5 times around the dial.

 According to the Watch House, this series has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary celebration. It was born in 2003. Of course, its birth also means that the brand has declared war on traditional timekeeping methods, with superb technology and playful life. Attitude challenges the world’s view of tradition.

 It seems that the crazy timekeeping method is to enjoy life in order to make people forget the existence of time, but hidden under this appearance is indeed a rare traditional watchmaking technology of the brand, which can be said to be a subversion of traditional design.

 On the tenth anniversary of The Crazy Hours, Frank Muller also launched a limited edition watch, with only 74 pieces, each of which will become a favorite of collectors.