From The Pioneering Spirit Of 1865′ Interview With Zenith President Dufo

Blending the precision and beauty of mechanical watches with bold creativity For over a century and a half, the Zenith Watch Factory has been tireless, striving for perfection, and dedicating a rich tribute to time. As the helm of Zenith, Jean-Frederic Dufour, the global president of Zenith, has contributed greatly to Zenith’s revival.
 Q: Felix Bougatner challenged the extreme jump in space. Everyone thinks this initiative is very creative. What is the inspiration for this idea?
A: One of the brand DNA of Zenith is the spirit of bold innovation and pioneer. Zenith is the first watch brand to make a leap over the English Channel. What we have been seeking is more updated challenges. Zenith and Felix have always had a very good cooperative relationship, so this time I want to sponsor him to do extreme jumping activities.
              Jean-Frederick Dover, Zenith Global President
   Q: The chronograph is hot today, how do you think of its Chinese market?
A: From the perspective of the industry, a chronograph is a watch with extremely complicated technology, because it guarantees the accuracy of the watch when it guarantees the wonderful interaction between people and the watch. From this perspective, the chronograph does have huge potential consumers in the Chinese market, because many people have not realized the benefits and practicability of the chronograph, they may be more willing to spend money to buy a classic large watch. Three-hand watch. At present, we mainly want to attract younger customers. EL Primero is our signature movement, which is also an important reason to attract customers. More importantly, Zenith is a cost-effective entry-level product among all complex chronograph brands.
 Q: Last year, the Swedish watch industry grew rapidly. I believe Zenith has also benefited. So what kind of strategic arrangements will Zenith use to ensure high growth rates?
A: I think we should start from two aspects. On the one hand is marketing: we should continue to increase investment in the market. On the other hand, it is the product itself. In the history of Zenith, we are in a critical period, as the company is also formulating new declarations and strategies to increase the awareness of our products by customers around the world. In 2013 we will launch a new advertising video, which mainly wants to convey three concepts: the spirit of courage originated from our founder and has been passed down to this day; authenticity we are still using the original factory established in 1865 for production, This is difficult for other brands to do; happiness is reflected in the feeling of customers when they wear it, the happiness of being affirmed by friends, and the details such as the color and style of watches.
      Q: Many brands are constantly expanding their product lines in development. The first thing you do after taking this post is to simplify the existing series of Zenith. What is your original intention?
A: In China, Zenith has about 50 stores. The focus next year is on the quality of the watch. We have three values: bold innovation, historical heritage and enjoy every second of life. Columbus distinguished series, flagship series, commander series, and pilot series have already conveyed Zenith’s values ​​well. We hope to use better products to better communicate with consumers. Zenith’s philosophy is to be yourself.
Q: What’s so special about Zenith’s after-sales service?
A: Zenith’s after-sales service period is three years, and new and old models can be repaired worldwide.