Glashütte Original Global President Personally Visited The China Roving Exhibition Dalian Station To Share The Essence Of German Watchmaking

Glashütte Original, Germany’s top watchmaker, launched a touring exhibition in 7 emerging key cities in China with the theme of ‘German watchmaking art from 1845’ Chinese consumers pass on the brand’s profound and long-standing historical heritage and superb watchmaking skills. On November 4, the tour came to Dalian, Liaodong Peninsula, one of Glashütte’s original key markets, bringing an unprecedented timepiece experience to local watch lovers. Mr. Yann Gamard, the global president of Glashütte Original, also came to the scene to share the original spirit and extreme craftsmanship of Glashütte Original watch series.

Mr. Yann Gamard, Glashütte Original Global President
 As the fifth stop of the Glashütte Original 2013 China Touring Exhibition, the display site at the Dalian Jinhua Watch Shop is particularly exquisite and dazzling. Under the soft and elegant light mapping, the independent precision parts, the delicately crafted dial and the powerful movement in the display cabinet are presented one by one, vividly showing the most demanding manufacturing of this watch factory in Glashütte. Table standard. Mr. Yann Gamard said: ‘Just like the original logo on the brand logo, the greatest advantage of Glashütte originality is our originality. We have our own watchmaking school and watch factory, and we design it ourselves And producing thousands of precision parts, guaranteeing that every watch produced is an impeccable work of art. ‘

Glashütte Original Tour
 As a German brand, ‘Glashütte Original’ itself is a precise guarantee-rigorous manufacturing process, which allows consumers to feel the quality. In the current relatively low-cost Chinese luxury market, Glashütte Original has always made the brand strategy of manufacturing cost-effective and high-quality watches, and never compromises on quality. In this regard, Mr. Yann Gamard also described the brand’s unique operating method: ‘Our rich product line, research and development and production of basic models continue to increase sales and are not affected by the turmoil in the high-end market. In the next few years, Glashütte Original will continue to expand, improve the store image, and expand some of the original counters into the form of specialty stores. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with local dealers. In Dalian, we have Jinhua Very professional dealers like watches and clocks, we will pay more and more attention to emerging markets. ‘

Watch parts display case
 After the Dalian Station, this tour will also be held in Hangzhou and Xi’an, and will continue to convey the brand’s time-tested German watchmaking tradition to the wider Chinese consumer. Glashütte Original invites watch enthusiasts from all walks of life to come and experience the German watchmaking art from 1845.

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