Gucci China’s First Watch Bead Store

In July 2010, Gucci’s first watch and jewelry boutique opened in Beijing Parkson Shopping Center. Since the launch of Gucci’s jewellery collection in 1997, whether it is made of sterling silver jewelry made in Italy or fine 18K gold jewelry, or new products launched under the leadership of current Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, all rely on the unique fashion style of the Gucci brand and Luxury design, supplemented by a strong global sales network, has become the world’s most eye-catching jewelry product today. Many of the classic collections of Gucci jewelry are located in the palace, giving people the opportunity to experience the most Gucci-inspired jewelry style. Just recently at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland this year, the two latest series of watches, U-Play and G-Frame, which have received rave reviews, once again show the spiritual connotation of Gucci brand innovation and classics. In this magnificent pale gold-based boutique, wherever you look, there are Gucci fashion boutiques full of gorgeous and sexy elements, which make people surprise and linger. In Gucci’s first watch and jewelry boutique in China, many classic styles, such as the 925 Italian sterling silver series and the 18K gold bamboo horse pattern series, you can try it for yourself and feel the Gucci brand’s charm of luxury, sexy and fashion.