Hublot Helps The Chinese Polo Open, Presenting The Charm Of Seeking Time

On September 22, 2019, the final of the China Polo Open was held at Beijing Tang Polo Club. With the cool autumn breeze, a fierce polo game began.

  Hublot has a deep relationship with sports. From football, golf to polo, Hublot helps a variety of sports events and has witnessed countless exciting moments on the field. In fact, the spirit of movement and watchmaking are consistent in some aspects, which symbolizes infinite pursuit and hard work. It has been seven years since Hublot cooperated with the Tang Polo Club. During this period, Hublot was committed to promoting polo in China, developing professional polo events, and contributing to the sport of polo. .
Hublot and Polo

  At the China Polo Open final, a special watch from the Hublot Tang Polo Club appeared on the scene, symbolizing the deep friendship between Hublot and Polo. This watch is specially tailored for the Tang Polo Club and is equipped with a tourbillon complication, incorporating the elements of polo into the watch in the details.

  The Tang Polo Club logo is set at 2 o’clock on this watch, and the tourbillon at 6 o’clock uses the classic Chinese element motif on the outer edge. The hands in the small seconds dial are designed by polo clubs. As if running a polo club.

  In addition, Hublot also presented a number of classics from the Big Bang series on site. The charm of time and the passion of sports collided together.

  The Big Bang series is one of Hublot’s most classic series. It has a cool and bold styling design, and also continues to break through innovations in materials, interpreting the brand’s unique aesthetic concept.
Intense polo

  Generally, the polo game is divided into two teams for confrontation. Each team has 4 players. The No. 1 and No. 2 players are forwards, and No. 3 and No. 4 players are defenders. In the course of the game, the opposing player must have the same running direction as the grab player. If an angle is formed or an oncoming foul is committed. A total of three teams participated in the Chinese Polo Open this time, competing for the final championship. On the polo field, the athletes exerted their strength to the full, sweated, ignited speed and passion, and the audience at the scene cheered for their bravery and wisdom.
Summary: Hublot loves sports. Hublot watches have always held a unique position in the sports field. It has a deep cooperative relationship with the Chinese Polo Open, accurately controls the time on the court, and records the wonderful performance of athletes.