Interview With Patek Philippe Global Communications Director Jasmina Steele

Seven years ago, Patek Philippe opened China’s first specialty store on the Bund No. 18. It can be said that this has maintained the most enthusiastic ‘luxury event’ in China for a long time. Today, Patek Philippe may have made even more sensational news. The brand’s Shanghai store was relocated to 33 Bund Yuan, Shanghai, and it was unveiled as a “Pakty Philippe Residence”.

Jasmina Steele, Global Communications Director, Patek Philippe
Q: What’s the significance of the brand’s location? What’s the significance of the brand’s location?
A: It has only been 7 years since Patek Philippe officially entered the mainland of China. The mainland of China is still a new market for us. Therefore, we need to etch our important journey in an important way, just like the ‘patek Philippe Geneva Salon’. And share our story here. Patek Philippe’s outdoor beach source is because it can best reflect our value and display the world of Patek Philippe, so that Chinese consumers can personally enter our world, and strengthen our ‘service-oriented’ market strategy and brand in China committed to. Starting with the first generation of Patek Philippe, we are committed to serving our customers today and in the future. Patek Philippe has become their lifetime retention and inheritance from generation to generation, so all our initiatives in various new markets have always been to communicate, share, transfer knowledge, Build the future and build a strong call center. And now many Chinese people still buy Patek Philippe products abroad, so we have a beautiful vision and important responsibilities here. Our purpose is to go forward step by step, share information and technical knowledge, and taste of Patek Philippe. As the largest display project in Asia, Patek Philippe Residence is not just a specialty store, it gives us the opportunity to show people the entire world of Patek Philippe.
Q: At present, Patek Philippe has three salons around the world, located in Geneva, London and Paris, and the “Patida Philippe Residence” is currently the only place in the world named “Maison” and the largest exhibition project in Asia. Does this mean that Shanghai The importance of the market or the Chinese market?
A: We are honored to have the opportunity to settle in this historic building in the Bund Source. Of course, this is very important for the future, because as mentioned earlier, we want to go forward step by step, we do n’t have so many products in exchange for rapid development, and we have always maintained a balanced sales. This is also our strategy. We do not want to grow rapidly in China, but we must establish an important basic relationship for the future.
Timepiece showroom on the first floor of Patek Philippe Residence

Q: Here are the treasures of many top brands. How does Patek Philippe win among competitors?
A: We found the Bund source together with our partners in Asia and China. I don’t know if other watch brands or other brands also like this treasure. Here I want to share a little story: Thierry Stern, the current president of Patek Philippe, traveled in Shanghai earlier, and when he learned about the project, he went on the field inspection. When he first discussed cooperation with Bund Yuan, he only took his wife and two sons to an appointment. The other party was very surprised, because other groups were mobilizing a lot of people, such as lawyers, experts, etc., and Patek Philippe came to Mr. Stern’s family of four. Perhaps it was this family concept that gave Patek Philippe an opportunity. When you enter the source house, you will find that everything is about legend and heritage. Such an important historical building also needs a brand that can carry it.

Enamel Dome Clock
Q: Although you just mentioned that Mainland China is still a new market, we noticed that seven days ago, Patek Philippe opened the first mainland China boutique on the Bund 18 and opened a sales record of seven watches. You Do we expect this source to create the same or even better records?
A: As a dedication to the Patek Philippe Residence, we will hold many events this time, including ‘enamel dome clock’, ‘crystal dome clock’, ‘hand-carved pocket watches’, ‘high-end jewelry wristwatches’ Watches ‘and other’ Yuandi Special Timepiece Exhibition ‘; At the same time, we also specially designed and launched two’ Shanghai ‘World Time Limited Watches, 25 pieces of white gold and rose gold, of course, we also hope that this opening can Create a good start, but as I said just now, we do n’t expect great changes, we just want customers to visit us and get a better understanding of Patek Philippe.

Shanghai World Time Watch White Gold
Q: I just mentioned a limited edition watch. How long does Patek Philippe launch a limited edition?
A: Patek Philippe rarely releases limited edition models, unless it is a particularly important event or a commemorative event. The meaning of Yuandi is extraordinary, so the two “Shanghai” World Time Limited Edition watches launched this time are also very rare.
Q: I just mentioned the powerful service center. What is the difference between Patek Philippe’s service center in Shanghai and the past?
A: Our customer service center is now located in Yifeng Building, not far from Yuandi. It is also a century-old historical building with a very story. At present, our customer service center is larger than before, and can meet the needs of future team building; there is another important reason is that we plan to open a training center with courses over 2 years, so that we can cultivate local excellence for China Watchmaker, regardless of age. This is also the first time we have opened a training center outside Geneva.
Q: There is a very deep watch and watchmaking culture and history in Switzerland. Many students may consider watchmaking as a career direction, but will it be a challenge to open such a training center in China, how to solve this problem? ?
A: Actually, even in Switzerland today, not many people use watchmaking as a cause. Offering such a course in China is indeed a challenge. We hope that Patek Philippe Residence will give enthusiasm to those who are interested in China. Just like our Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, we encourage young people to engage in watchmaking. Although it is full of challenges, we must also face up to the difficulties. A project we are currently operating may be helpful: for example, we continue to promote digital media promotion strategies with online advertising campaigns and launch large-scale promotional videos with the theme of ‘maintenance’, hoping to attract the attention of young people.
Q: Another question about service is that many Patek Philippe products may not be available in China. Will Chinese consumers be more encouraged to purchase Patek Philippe products in China in the long run?
A: Actually, it’s not just for China. Our strategy is for the world. We have always maintained the balance of sales in all regions of the world, so this is part of this strategy, but we cannot force customers to buy, such as at home or abroad. Of course, for example, we have now opened Yuandi. We hope to use our services to quickly communicate, share technical knowledge, and build relationships with customers. This is all an investment in the future. We hope and encourage more consumers to Buy Patek Philippe products locally.
Q: During the 7 years that Patek Philippe entered the Chinese market, have you noticed any changes in the consumer behavior of Chinese customers?
A: The more you know about a brand, the more comprehensive your customers’ choices will be. We notice that Chinese customers have become more aware of watches. In a new market, initially consumers may only value brands and some of the most famous styles. Now Chinese customers have become more and more aware of what they want, there are many related books, and information is available on the Internet. There is also more exchange of views among each other.

Patek Philippe Watchmaker
Q: Finally, back to the Patek Philippe Residence, is there anything interesting to share with us during the entire construction process?
A: For such an important historical building, how to realize the classic style and tradition of Patek Philippe Geneva Salon on the basis of protection is an interesting process in itself. Ms. Gerdi Stern, the mother of Thierry Stern, has made great contributions to the overall style positioning, furniture selection and furnishing of Patek Philippe. Napoleon III’s decorative style combines Louis XVI-style classical furniture and decorative collections to create a refined and elegant palace charm and a relaxed and comfortable salon culture atmosphere, which gives us an instant feeling of home. Of course, we also hope that Chinese visitors And customers can experience this wonderful salon feel.