Introduction To Chopard L.U.C.Engine One Tourbillon Watch

Chopard L.U.C.Engine One Tourbillon watch, like a bottoming shirt in a see-through outfit. You thought it was also boldly exposed, but you still ca n’t see the secret inside the movement
The new L.U.C.Engine One tourbillon watch launched by Chopard this year is also a bit interesting, like wearing a base shirt in see-through clothes. It is not shy to show the tourbillon Chopard, just like wearing a miniskirt must show a thigh. But it would be another thing to show it everywhere else. Chopard chose a clever way to let the movement first wear a base shirt, but the skin texture was drawn on the base shirt. You thought it was also exposed, but the inside of the movement You still can’t see the secret. The black Arabic moments are engraved on the watch mirror, which further deepens the effect that the movement seems to be exposed.