Jessica Kahawati Becomes Iwc Brand Ambassador

IWC is pleased to announce that the brand’s longtime admirer, Lebanese-Australian celebrity Jessica Kahawaty, has become the new ambassador for the Middle East, and she has also joined GT driver Abdulaziz Turki Al A family of star ambassadors including Faisal, TV presenter Raya Abirached, Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, and actress Hend Sabri.

   ‘IWC’s timepieces are among the best in the industry,’ Jessica Kahawati said at a press conference. ‘As a fan of IWC, I am very excited to be selected as a brand ambassador for the Middle East. And proud. ‘
   Jessica Kahawati, 28, is a model, TV star, philanthropist and human rights advocate. In 2012, she won the title of Miss World Australia, and then won third place in the Miss World Finals of the same year. However, this is not the first time Jessica Kahavati has set foot in the beauty pageant. Four years ago (2008), she won the title of Miss Lebanon World, and represented the country in the finals to reach the top 12.

   As a model, Jessica Kahawati has appeared on many fashion shows and magazine covers. Since then, she has brought her good looks back to the TV show. Last year, Jessica Kahavati hosted the Middle East version of ‘Flyover Pride’. She also directs Yahoo’s ‘omg! NOW’ and ‘omg! NUJOOM’ entertainment shows.
   As an outstanding figure in beauty pageants and fashion, Jessica Kahawati’s charm goes far beyond these two fields. She also uses her fame to solve social problems such as clean water, education and children’s rights. Jessica Kahawati is also interested in watchmaking, so IWC invites her to endorse high-end timepiece creation. ‘Jessica Kahawati shares her passion for watchmaking with us,’ said Luc Rochereau, IWC’s regional brand director. ‘With reputation and charity, she is the perfect choice for IWC.’ ** *