Let Life Bloom Like Flowers – Iwc Expresses The Beauty Of Wenxi Series Decoding Life

The characteristics of a person are an extension of the mother’s personality; the bloom of a person’s life is the care of the mother. The beginning and end of life are the same, but the process is different. Maternal love gives us life and guides us to explore the mysteries of life. On this Mother’s Day, IWC presents the Da Vinci series of works. With an atmospheric classic design, the flower pattern of life is engraved on the back, paying tribute to the great motherly love and the inheritance of the beautiful life.

A touch of dark blue on the wrist reveals self-confidence and calmness, and the deep and mysterious luster is like the gentle eyes of the mother, as if passing through time, plunging into our hearts leisurely. Faced with the quiet passage of years, the mother bravely and resolutely walked on the path of her choice, washing her lead and giving herself up. There are no shortage of people in the world, but mothers know how to gather this light back, to protect our growth, and to illuminate our direction. Only by sticking to oneself and living a wonderful life is the best compliment to motherhood.

The greatness of life comes from endlessness, and endlessness comes from inheritance. As a carrier of life continuity, mother inherits the beautiful qualities of love and herself, and keeps things quiet. With such nourishment, we grow freely and live out our true colors, which is also the most authentic expression of life. IWC expresses the classics of the Western watch series, constantly innovates, in the trend of the times, forge ahead, gentle and tough, confident and self-knowledge, creating the IWC spirit belonging to this era.