Limited For Women: Seiko Presage Bubble Watch

SeikoPresage has always been known for its pursuit of functionality and design aesthetics. SeikoPresage has launched a bartender men’s watch series, with a delicate and multi-faceted texture. In the early summer of this year, SeikoPresage and the world champion bartender Mr. HisashiKishi once again launched a new women’s watch, selected three delicate and smooth blending as the design axis, blending women’s elegant and comfortable micro-aesthetics. Between the delicate wrists.


   Compared to the previous men’s watches, the design of the mellow and rich taste cocktail as the main axis has swept the discretionary moments of men; this time, SeikoPresage will be the warmest love of women’s bubble bartenders-‘Spritzer sparkling wine’, ‘KirRoyale Royal Kiel’ ‘Bellini Bellini’ is the highlight of three new bartending watches, with a radial cut texture extending like a glass pattern from the center outwards, stacking the unique and colorful taste of the wine, while passing through the end of the second hand The hollow design, between the minute and second swing, the circle of light and shadow on the face plate presents the endless bubble feeling in the cocktail, delicately scoring the intoxicating Shaoguang tracks.

SeikoPresageSpritzer sparkling wine (SRP855J1) stainless steel case with a diameter of 33.8 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, self-winding movement, power reserve 41 hours, water resistance 50 meters, stainless steel bracelet.

Perfectly reconcile and surprise 缤纷 spritzer sparkling wine moments

   The SeikoPresage model ‘SRP855J1’ is inspired by the ‘Spritzer sparkling wine’. The rising silver-white Spritzer body is rippling in the center of the dial. The simple and elegant rose gold hands and the embellishment of the time scale bring the Spritzer to the sound Surprised taste, the refreshing color design of the stainless steel strap and the color palette of the face are perfectly harmonized, so that the Spritzer’s proper sense of color is presented on the elegant and refined intellectual temperament of the metropolitan woman’s wrist.

Bellini Bellini (SRP852J1) stainless steel case, diameter 33.8 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, self-winding movement, power reserve 41 hours, waterproof 50 meters, leather strap.

The pale pink scent of art and art ‘Bellini Bellini’ revives time

   ‘Bellini Bellini’ bartending color was inspired by 15th century Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini’s eye-catching pink robes, so he named it, and Mr. HisashiKishi recommended to become SeikoPresage ‘SRP852J1’ bartender One of the watch series. The dial’s pale pink luster is like the bitter and sweet berry base in Bellini champagne glasses. The elegant box-shaped mirror with the rose gold case and the time stamping stacks Bellini’s rich and multi-layered white peach taste, which will come from the 15th century literary time. Rejuvenated between the wrists of staggered toasts.

KirRoyale (SRP853J1) stainless steel case with a diameter of 33.8 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, self-winding movement, power reserve 41 hours, water resistance 50 meters, stainless steel bracelet.

Elegant and seductive thick red wine ‘KirRoyale Royal Kiel’ condensed for a moment

   The birth of the red transparent color of ‘KirRoyale Royal Kiel’ comes from the creative mix and match of champagne and black currant sweet wine, which is the inspiration for the SeikoPresage model ‘SRP853J1’. The slightly transparent burgundy face plate in the thick flavor is like a blackcurrant sweet wine with a strong fruit flavor. The stainless steel strap is matched with a smooth and sparkling champagne taste, just like ‘KirRoyale Royal Kiel’ in the rich and elegant A delicate balance is achieved in the aroma, and the intoxicating aroma instantly turns into a gorgeous inch on the wrist.

Women’s Limited Bartending Micro-Aesthetics

   SeikoPresage upholds the spirit of the Japanese staff, inspired by the three flavors of ‘Spritzer Sparkling Wine’, ‘Bellini Bellini’ and ‘KirRoyale Royal Kiel’, which are popular among female consumers. paragraph. The SeikoPresage women’s bartender model is covered with an elegant box-shaped reinforced mirror. The modern minimalist three-pointer points to a slim and slender three-dimensional timescale like a goblet. The crown on the side gives watch fans a manual winding. Retro fun. Finally, the perspective back cover design cleverly brings surprises to meet the curiosity of the watch fans to watch the internal structure of the watch. It uses the ‘curved needle’ technology (curved needle technology) to manually bend the hands to improve the accuracy of the reading time. SeikoPresage is a wonderful interpretation of the microcosm aesthetics on the wrist, which conveys time, and conveys the microcosmic drinking aesthetics of exclusive women.