Montblanc Watchmaker Julian Mirebiel

While world-class watchmaker Julian Mirebiel inherits the essence of Swiss watchmaking tradition, he also takes Montblanc watches to a higher level through the skill of experienced watchmakers. What kind of watchmaking experience does he have?

Watchmaker Julian Mirebiel

Julian Miribiel
He studied watchmaking training courses at Reno Institute of Technology in Switzerland and obtained a watchmaker certificate. He later specialized in antique watch repair and was awarded the relevant professional certificate qualifications.
He worked at the International Clock and Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where he specialized in restoring antique watches with complex functions, and was particularly good at repairing the minute repeater pocket watches of the 18th century.
Worked in the movement inlay workshop of Minerva Watch Factory, and supervised the development of the first version of the chronograph movements of 16.29 and 13.31.
He served as the head of the first edition of the movement of the Minerva Advanced Watch Technology Research Institute, and was responsible for supervising the development of the first edition of the complex function system and the inlaying of the limited edition complex function.