Most Favorable Diamond Watch Strategy

The light of the diamond is attached to the timepiece that symbolizes eternity, and everything is more perfect. Diamond watches are good-looking but not easy to buy. Elegant and upstarts are only in the first line. We visited major brands and watch experts to bring you the most face-saving watch selection strategy.

Many people once thought that diamonds are women’s patents. Diamond earrings and diamond necklaces can basically find exclusive diamond accessories from head to toe. It is considered boring for men to wear diamonds, because diamonds are always associated with pearls in people’s hearts. This year, people have broken the traditional concept. As a carrier of eternal value, diamonds have been increasingly applied to men’s watches, completely transcending women’s exclusive rules, and even watch brands that only make men’s diamond styles.
Diamond vs Man
Diamond (Diamond) is derived from the Greek Adamas, which means unconquerable. In the eyes of men, diamonds are full of strength and courage, so that in ancient times diamonds became a symbol of men’s power in the royal nobility. Early medieval law made it clear that only kings and royalty were eligible to wear diamonds. In the 16th century, jewellery pocket watches were also made exclusively for the royal family.

During the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Pharaohs decorated diamonds in all corners of the palace to show its majestic power

Ancient Indian warriors like to fight with diamonds
Ancient Indian warriors liked to go to battle with diamonds. Not only could they add courage, but they also believed that diamonds could resist demons.

Napoleon also loves clear diamonds
Napoleon also loved crystal-clear diamonds and rubies from Eastern India and Burma. He set the diamond on the hilt of the sword and can still be found in museums today.

Diamond design vs men’s watch
Different from the gorgeous and colorful pursuit of women’s watches, men’s watches pay more attention to the integrity and solemnity of the design, and the diamond processing and setting methods are relatively simple and unified. The originality lies in the fusion of diamond and overall design.
Square drill
利用 Maximize the use of rough diamonds and reduce diamond wear. The same square diamonds look 10% -15% larger than round diamonds. At the same time, it can give people a striking and atmospheric feeling.

Patek Philippe 5073P Minute Repeater Watch
Bezel and lugs are set with 103 baguette-shaped diamonds, and bar diamonds are used as time scales on the dial. However, square-cut diamonds are used at 3, 6, and 9 to save disk space.

Round diamond

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Special Model Watch
Round cut diamond decoration. The diamond setting of this watch does not use the overwhelming setting method, but spreads like a dragonfly on the bezel, which feels quite atmospheric.

Broken diamond
Square and round diamonds are usually relative to the bezel. Of course, there are also cases where diamonds are embellished in other places, such as sporadic dial dials and diamonds on hour markers.

Breguet Marine Series 5839 Tourbillon Chronograph
融合 Almost all display forms in diamond cutting: bar diamonds on the side of the case, triangles on the bezel, trapezoidal diamonds, square diamonds on the lugs and round diamonds with ‘snowflake inlay’ on the dial.

Good drilling is a prerequisite
1. Color
In general, diamonds are colorless, transparent, and pure as water. Diamonds are usually multi-colored, such as pure blue with a touch of light in the transparent, and some will show green, gray, orange and other color spots. In short, the more transparent and pure a diamond, the higher its value.
2. Raw materials
判断 Judging the pros and cons from the synthesis of diamond raw materials to processing. The whiter the color of the diamond raw material, the better, the more transparent and pure the crystal, the better. The workmanship is also modern and new.
3. Particle size
In principle, the larger the value of a diamond, the larger the value. What we usually call ‘white diamonds’, ‘pink diamonds’, ‘gold diamonds’, etc., weighing more than 3 carats are expensive top diamonds. Ordinary diamonds generally require no less than 0.25 carats. If it weighs more than 100 carats, it is a well-known diamond in the world. Because it is too heavy, it usually cannot be displayed on the watch.