Nomos ‘new Zürich Watch

NOMOS recently launched a new watch named after the famous Swiss city Zurich: NOMOS Zürich. This is a solid (men’s) watch with a large size that does not affect its restrained charm. This watch is equipped with an automatic movement developed by the NOMOS watch factory in Glashütte, Germany-Epsilon, which has attracted attention for the Tangomat and Club Automat watches. Therefore, this is not a Swiss watch, but a boutique made entirely by Saxony, a fine watchmaking center. It is worth mentioning that the case of this watch is from the hands of the Swiss Confederation; its precise polishing is comparable to the accuracy of the built-in movement. They choose large watches either because of their burly bodies or because fashion has changed their appreciation of watches. The new Zürich watch is aimed at people who are rational and decisive: this model embodies a love for logic and engineering. The case is presented in geometric figures and consists of a simple single shape: a watch that reflects the beauty of true masculinity, it is also a watch worthy of careful taste.