Omega Dunhua Famous Brand Store Opens Ren Dahua And Qiqi Sweety Appear

OMEGA, a top watch brand with outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and innovation spirit, celebrated the opening of OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua Famous Brand Store in Taipei on Tuesday, December 17th, providing all guests with more refined and comfortable watch viewing space. Presenting a more complete series of watches and jewelry, conveying the spirit of OMEGA’s continuous breakthrough in watchmaking technology and creating the future. On the opening day, a prestigious drum performance opened. OMEGA specially invited brand ambassadors Ren Dahua and Qiqi Lianyi to attend the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, and officially announced the launch of the new disco Prestige series.

OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua Famous Shop

The opening of OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua Famous Brand Store and the launch of the new product launch of Disci Prestige, invited Taiwan Arctic drumming to bring a wonderful and shocking opening!

Both North and South celebrated the opening of OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua Famous Brand Store and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Tainan Ximen Famous Brand Store

Continuing the majestic momentum, OMEGA is the first to set a precedent. On December 18th, it held a grand opening event for Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tainan boutiques. It is hoped that more top-level customers will enjoy OMEGA’s professional and comprehensive services in a highly respected environment. And let OMEGA write a brand new page in the Taipei Zhongxiao East Road business district and Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. The brand also stated that in addition to choosing the Zhonghua Dunhua prime location in the Taipei boutique district as the location of a brand-new brand store, the consumption figures of Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in recent years have also demonstrated the potential of Tainan’s boutique consumption, so it has officially settled in international boutiques. Juguang Xinguang Mitsukoshi Tainan Ximen Branch will further meet the needs of local customers.

Calmness, tranquility, and atmosphere – OMEGA’s new boutique

OMEGA’s brand-new famous store has a natural and calm earth color system, with an elegant champagne gold atmosphere, presenting a globally consistent design concept and spirit. It is unique in the urban jungle; the double-sided floor-to-ceiling display window displays the latest and most impressive. After entering the famous store, the watch section is a prelude to OMEGA that is proud of the classic series in the showcase. The simple and elegant display design, as well as the rigid and soft visual presentation, outlines the unique store style unique to OMEGA’s global famous stores, exuding the ultimate beauty of space and time compatibility. The new OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Tainan Ximen boutiques cover a full range of products such as watches, jewelry, leather goods and perfumes, which are fully presented to every consumer who enters OMEGA, and extends OMEGA’s extraordinary spirit with an innovative brand spirit. Brand image.

OMEGA’s new famous brand store presents a globally consistent design concept. The simple and elegant display design and the visual presentation also outline the unique style of OMEGA.

Distinguished group of drummers, friends of opening brand, Ren Dahua, Qiqi platform ribbon cutting

Opened on the opening day with a drum array, announcing OMEGA’s esteem for the heroes and the majestic stand of the fashion boutiques. OMEGA brand ambassadors Ren Dahua and Qi Qi were also invited to Taiwan to attend the opening ribbon cutting. Qiqi’s elegant dress with a new mother-of-pearl dial engraved with elegant butterflies and a new disc flying Prestige ‘Butterfly’ watch and elegant OMEGA jewelry series appeared beautifully, exuding charming and confident style; Ren Dahua also simple and neat western assembly GMT debuts with the classic OMEGA Aqua Terra series GMT watch, showing extraordinary fashion taste.

Da Renhua and Qiqi entered the 20th anniversary of a happy life, sharing the good times of a family of three at the scene. The two people who have an inseparable relationship with OMEGA, the significance of clocks for them has changed from the appearance of young people in the first priority to fashion accessories, and has become a recorder depicting every important moment in life. Each watch is an important mark of each milestone in their lives, symbolizing the transformation at different stages. But the two disciple Prestige ‘Butterfly’ series of careful decoration and unique charm design, still make two people marvel. Especially Qiqi, as if seeing beautiful butterflies dancing on the surface, could not help but hint to her husband as a wedding commemorative gift, saying that the two are like butterflies in a table, both dancing, with wings attached, as A gift of love is best.

达 Brand ambassador Ren Dahua and Qi Qi joined together to attend the opening of OMEGA Zhongxiao Dunhua Famous Brand Store and Disci Prestige New Product Launch Conference. Ren Dahua assembled the classic OMEGA Seahorse Aqua Terra series GMT watch with simple and neat western assembly; Qiqi chose the new Disci Prestige ‘Butterfly’ watch and the elegant OMEGA jewelry series appeared beautifully.

Pre OMEGA Prestige Butterfly watch, priced at NT $ 687,300.