Pasta Is A Big Highlight Omega Seamaster 300

OMEGA has released a new Seamaster 300 watch, the main change is the replacement of external materials. The basic specifications of the watch itself are exactly the same as other online models (the movement is still slightly changed), such as 41mm diameter, 14.65mm thickness, 300 meters water resistance, pointer and time mark style, etc. have not changed, but This time, the brand has added platinum or yellow gold, the former with lapis lazuli, and the latter with malachite. This is a new attempt for Omega, but there are also some brands such as Rolex, Piaget, or JJ Home and other used the same material, which may reflect the high-end market’s preference for such combinations.

The Seamaster 300 has recently launched two precious metal versions. In particular, the face plate has been replaced with lapis lazuli and malachite, which are highly decorative materials.

The new Seamaster 300 watch is equipped with the 8913 Master Observatory coaxial escapement movement. The movement uses an 18K Sedna gold automatic disc and balance bridge. As for the fixing screws and balance, they are all black-plated. In addition, the movement is equipped with a dual barrel that can output 60 hours of kinetic energy, and the vibration frequency is a relatively rare 25,200vph. Of course, since the name of the master observatory is attached, this means that the antimagnetic performance of the model has also reached 15,000 Gauss.

Compared with the current Seamaster 300 watch, the new model includes the same diameter, water resistance and pointer time stamp style, but the new model is replaced with the 8913 movement, and there are still some differences in the detailed configuration of the movement.

In heart, the lapis lazuli or malachite face plate is still relatively high-end and niche markets, but because the Seamaster 300 itself is quite a favorite diving watch in the market, you can easily change the strap on sports watches and formal watches The styles of the two dials are free to switch. The blue and green of the two dials are very special, with a little dreamy feeling. By the way, their pointer material also corresponds to the case material, from the dial to the case. All exude the Seamaster 300’s relatively rare aristocratic style.

Rare ore-made face plates, whether they are malachite green or lapis lazuli blue, look rich in layers and change the monochrome to be more attractive.

However, at present, both models are still only at the stage of staircases. It is known that the official sale will take place after October. The price of Taiwan dollars is currently unclear, but in terms of foreign quotations, the platinum lapis lazuli is again better than yellow K malachite. The models are almost twice as expensive, but at this price level, it seems that it is safer to treat these two models as formal watches.

Seamster 300

Platinum material / 8913 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / lapis lazuli dial / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / 41mm diameter

Seamster 300

18K yellow gold / 8913 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / malachite face plate / sapphire crystal face / water-resistant 300 meters / diameter 41mm

Frank Muller Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of The Crazy Hours Series

As everyone knows, Frank Muller’s unusual way The Crazy Hours series fascinates many people. This watch is a “crazy hour” with disorderly hours and hour hands jumping forward. Franck Muller There is also a ‘complete madness’ that includes a date indicator that is also ‘disorganized’. In fact, the word ‘chaotic’ is inaccurate, because it contains certain rules, and the word can only reflect the visual confusion that most people have when they see it. In fact, the reason is not difficult. The designer just uses a set of conversion gears to expand the original movement by ‘one division’ (ie, an hour scale) five times, that is, five divisions per hour, so the cycle continues. When the hour hand moves from 1 to 12 o’clock, the hour hand has already rotated about 5 times around the dial.

 According to the Watch House, this series has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary celebration. It was born in 2003. Of course, its birth also means that the brand has declared war on traditional timekeeping methods, with superb technology and playful life. Attitude challenges the world’s view of tradition.

 It seems that the crazy timekeeping method is to enjoy life in order to make people forget the existence of time, but hidden under this appearance is indeed a rare traditional watchmaking technology of the brand, which can be said to be a subversion of traditional design.

 On the tenth anniversary of The Crazy Hours, Frank Muller also launched a limited edition watch, with only 74 pieces, each of which will become a favorite of collectors.

2013 Basel Watch Show Bulgari Booth Show

[Watch House Basel Special Report] The Basel Watch Fair has begun. Watch House will bring you the latest watch information and pictures from the exhibition site. The brand’s high-definition beautiful pictures are presented first, and let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene together.
   Italian jewellery and watch brand BVLGARI Bulgari will present the public with a new look for the first time in Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair, which will undoubtedly become an important page in the history of the world watch. The BVLGARI showroom with strong style features presents the brand’s extraordinary design concept and brand value with striking architectural features and ultra-conventional modern design styles.

   The appearance of the booth is inspired by Serpenti and Tubogas, BVLGARI’s classic iconic series. The symbolic spiral gold beams surround the entire exhibition hall, like an 82-meter-long snake wrapped around the building. The giant window displays the tough temperament of BVLGARI and the historical traditions of ancient Rome. The black marble columns decorated with pink stripes let people relive the glorious history of ancient Rome, an eternal city.

   There is a bar and restaurant in the reception area of ​​the exhibition hall, which provides warm and thoughtful service to the visitors of each new exhibition hall. The entire exhibition hall is divided into 30%, and the total area is 1800 square meters. The circular central display area features precious handmade glass chandeliers. This pendant lamp from Murano, a well-known glass production area in Italy, was created by famous designer Angelo Mangiarotti in 1965. This is the first collaboration between the Swedish design team and Italian glass artist Vistosi to present this new concept of double hook design. These two unique glass decorative works are composed of more than 8000 pieces of crystal and metal hooks, inspired by BVLGARI’s BVLGARI BVLGARI ring, all handmade by hand.

   Tough marble, exquisite crystal glass, metal-coated exterior wall, copper grid and soft silk, all these will be combined in the most exquisite and elegant way. Welcome all visitors to experience BVLGARI Italian style Feelings of warmth.
   Follow-up reports of the Watch House Basel Watch Fair will be continuously updated in the 2013 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair feature, please follow closely.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Craftsmanship Brings Leading Quality Citizen Receives Caqi Certificate From China Quality Inspection Association

Recently, Citizen has been accredited by the China Quality Inspection Association, and has been awarded the title of ‘National Quality Leading Enterprise in the Watch and Clock Industry’.

   Citizen, as one of the few professional watch manufacturers in the world that has comprehensively covered all the processes from single component manufacturing to watch final assembly, has been implementing the brand spirit of ‘Better Starts Now’ in product manufacturing for nearly 100 years, with the spirit of craftsmen The solid quality of the company implements the corporate vision of “being loved by citizens”, and always leads the trend in the field of photovoltaic power and related technologies. This has led Citizen watches to the forefront of a series of quality standards such as reliability and accuracy. Citizen’s core light kinetic energy technology has once changed the pattern of the watch industry and still leads the industry’s development.
   In 1958, Citizen was widely welcomed as ‘the earliest foreign watch brand entering China’, and became a generation’s feeling with high-quality products and beautiful designs. Quality brings heritage. Quality trust is not only passed on to young people, but also because it faithfully records the life of the wearer, and it has become a witness to the commemoration and common memories passed down between generations. When people reveal the commemoration of the previous generation and tell the story of the wearer, a kind of warmth only possessed by professional artisan works will be passed on.
   Citizen, ingenuity for citizens, Better Starts Now.

Switzerland’s 2015 Autumn And Winter Series Is On The Eve Of Swiss National Day

On July 31, 2015, on the eve of Swiss National Day, as a model of Swiss watches, Swatch, with its youthful power in the world, held Swatch autumn and winter in the official residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai. The series of new product launches, with a unique celebration and a series of watches full of Swiss characteristics, officially opened the curtain of the 2015 autumn and winter series of new products.

 The various cuisines and styles of Switzerland in the official residence are presented one by one, which is exciting. The Consul General and the President of Swatch Group China, Ms. Chen Suzhen first shared the design concept of the Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series to the media: It’s still a fun life. Swatch has its own unique insights and personalities. This season Swatch draws inspiration from global fashion. The first stop is to pay tribute to Switzerland, the birthplace of the brand, and the GRUEZI ALL! Series is also the entire autumn series. The finishing touch is to lead people to understand and enjoy 100% Swiss style.

 Subsequently, new products followed. This Swatch draws inspiration from the global trend, and the refreshing overseas study tour starts the time journey of Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series. In the rich regional style, the bright colors, the full sense of technology and the extraordinary creativity have created simple and different modern style watches. The playful exoticism is integrated into the design of the watch. Whether it is a technology fashion series or a sports fusion series, they tell Swatch’s innovation and progress in different ways.

GRUEZI ALL! Collection DIEGLOCKE Mysterious Timepiece GB285

 At a glance, in the GRUEZI ALL! Series, you can’t help but indulge in the Swiss local characteristics of Yödel singing, Swatch pays tribute to the brand’s birthplace with a series of authentic Swiss watches, showing this square-footed place The deep heritage and legend of the bearing.

Technology Fashion Series

 The “technical fashion” series has a new meaning to the “factory style” with its distinctive outline and creative design. It is striking with its distinctive style, which makes people suddenly bright.

Later, in the beautiful back garden, everyone danced the Swiss circle dance. The graceful dance, elegant music, and people were immersed in this Swatch event. Happily enjoy Swiss food and wine and watch ice hockey.

Summary: Swatch’s new autumn product opens up new visual experience and gives us a new time experience. We look forward to the best-selling of Swatch’s new products, and also expect more people to understand Swatch’s brand spirit and fall in love An animated Swiss brand. (Picture / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon Arrives-newschanel

This year, CHANEL, as always, will be exhibiting a variety of unique watches, carrying the brand’s consistent bold and innovative design concept. In the 14 years since the introduction of the J12 series, in addition to creating a wave of high-tech precision ceramics and white watches, it has also gradually moved towards advanced complex watchmaking.


 J12 flying tourbillon top jewellery watch (flying tourbillon movement was created by Renaud & Papi (part of APRP SA) for CHANEL)

In 2012, CHANEL and Renaud & Papi, watchmakers in the advanced research and development department of Audemars Piguet, jointly launched the Première flying tourbillon watch, and then equipped the flying tourbillon movement to J12 to design a new J12 flight. Tourbillon top jewellery watch; in addition to the Premiere Triple Row watch, which was only presented in high-tech precision ceramics in the past, returns to the classic and extends the leather wear style, the Mademoiselle Privé watch series has been in various forms since its debut in 2012. Materials and artistic techniques create a variety of classic elements of the brand. Last year, for the first time in cooperation with Maison Lesage, the brand’s embroidery workshop, the use of colorful silk thread and needle painting technology to embroider the surface, and won the 2013 Geneva Watch Awards-Best Art and Craft Award of the Year. This year Mademoiselle Privé, in addition to the new watch In addition to some enamel painting performance methods, mother-of-pearl engraving and 23K gold engraving techniques have been added, and the three-dimensional presentation has carried forward the essence of the brand’s watches, and also established the determination of CHANEL watches to be dedicated to the art of watchmaking.

Running Men’s Team Loves Running And Loves Watches. Watch The Running Men’s Team Watch Big Pk

The latest enthusiastic running man, which was circulated a few days ago, has been recorded in Vienna. In addition to the seven members, it is said that six guests including Kun Ling, Wu Xiubo, Lan Yingying, etc. The lineup of this first period is really not small. It’s a pity that there is no favorite fatdi.

 Running men film stills in Viana

   The members of the running men’s team not only love to run, they also love watches. In addition to Wang Zulan, every other member has a lot of watches. Let’s take a look at the watch’s big PK.

Deng Chao

   As the soul core of the running men’s team, Deng Chao’s humor provides a lot of laughs for everyone. Although Deng Chao always gives a funny image, the choice of watches is quite satisfactory, and Deng Chao’s watches are not ordinary.

 Deng Chao wears Tag Heuer
   A suit of Deng Chao wearing this watch also has a gentleman’s feeling, which is very different from the previous humorous image.

Rolex day calendar type
    This old Rolex really matches Deng Chao’s suit.

                      Deng Chao wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

  The painting on your body is bright. Is this what Xiaohua and wait for you?

Piaget Altiplano Chronograph

Jaeger-LeCoultre Slim Master Series Automatic Watch

Parma Gianni barrel-type true tourbillon manual mechanical watch

Piaget Emperador

   In addition to these, there are also watches such as Cartier and Omega. I really did not expect Deng Chao to have so many watches, it seems to be an invisible tyrant.
Big Black Cow Li Chen

   After reading Deng Chao, let’s take a look at Li Chen. As a team leader, Li Chen is a unique existence. But compared with Deng Chao, Li Chen seems to have a lot of low-key choices in watch selection. Is this really the case?



   It can be seen that when attending the event, Li Chen usually wears watches of related brands, and it is not that expensive, which is really too low-key compared with Deng Chao’s many high-end watches.

 Hublot MP Series Watch

   However, I accidentally discovered that Li Chen was exposed to wear a 2.4 million Hublot limited mechanical watch in 2015. As shown above, I didn’t really see that it was a watch and it was so expensive. My little Heart ~
The only female member, Angelababy

   Although Angelababy is often hacked, I have to admit that she is really beautiful, the kind of beauty I can’t help but admire. Baby is not only beautiful, but the aesthetics are not generally good. The dress choices for each attendance event are also appropriate, in line with her temperament.

   As the brand ambassador of TAG Heuer, Angelababy has worn TAG Heuer watches on many occasions. The shape of the Tag Heuer watch is relatively tough, and it is also very much in line with the image of baby in the running man.

   TAG Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer Submarine Diamond Watch

   In running men, baby also wears different TAG Heuer watches many times, different clothing choices with different watches, or elegant or lively.

   In addition to Tag Heuer, baby has also worn earls, Longines, etc., and has to say that people with high value look good in whatever they wear. Do you like such a beautiful baby?

Cheetah Zheng Kai

Zheng Kai wears Patek Philippe

   Zheng Kai is also generous in the choice of watches. Patek Philippe, RM, Audemars Piguet are nothing to say. Are you using your income to buy watches?

Chadmere Men’s Collection RM11-02SHANGHAI

Zheng Kai wears Panerai

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch


    In addition to these, I also found that Zheng Kai wore two Rolexes. It turned out that the little cheetah was also a ‘labor fan’.

Zheng Kai wears Rolex
   In the game, the little cheetah with such a strong explosive power did not expect to have such a large explosive power on the watch. Every time I saw Zheng Kai tearing the brand, I felt flaming. I hope that Zheng Kai will continue to start with more watches ~

Eating goods

   In the men’s running team, I think Chen He is the smartest one. On the one hand, he learns from the original, and on the other hand, he maintains his own style, making Chen He’s weight in the brothers more and more. In the selection table, Chen He’s taste is similar to Zheng Kaixiang, after all, he has been a friend for many years. Some of Zheng Kai’s RM and Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks also have the same, but the specific models are different.

Richard Mill RM-11-01-Ti

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

   I’m afraid Chen He’s Weibo has the highest frequency in RM, so I really like it. Although Chen He’s watch does not have Zheng Kaiduo, none of them is very valuable. The first RM is 870,000 and the second Royal Oak is more than 270,000.

Face Value Deer

   Of course, the role of the face in the running men’s team is definitely Lulu. The dumb Lulu and Fat Di interact so sweetly. This straight boy is no worse than a few predecessors in buying a watch, and can even be said to be a complete victory. . According to incomplete statistics, Luhan has at least 7 RMB, put a few pictures to feel.

Luhan wears Richard Mill RM055 for about 670,000

Luhan wears Richard Mill RM52-01, priced at about 4 million.

Luhan wore a Richard Mille RM010 watch, a basic model, about 500,000.
  In addition to RM, Audemars Piguet has countless pieces and wears it most frequently.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

      In addition, Luhan also has various watches such as Hublot, Patek Philippe, Roger Dubuis, and Rolex, which seem to be true ‘hardcore’ watch fans.

Luhan wearing Rolex

Luhan wears Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary

Summary: The male brothers really love to run and watch, all of them are watch fans. They chose the most Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, RM and Patek Philippe. Such a tacit running men’s team had to serve.

New Year’s New Weather Year Of The Snake Wins A Masterpiece, Vacheron Constantin Limited Edition Gift

Resigning the old and welcoming the new year, the new year has begun, here I would like to wish everyone a good old year on behalf of the staff of the Watch House, I wish you all the best in the Year of the Snake, and wish you all the best. Chinese New Year is the most solemn traditional festival in China, and it is a time for family reunion. In addition, every watch-loving netizen will take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to buy a watch they like, so we watch The House of Watches specially held the “Snake Year of the Snake to Win Limited Edition Gifts” event. The details of the event are as follows:

I. Activity time
February 23, 2013-March 25, 2013
2. Form of activity
1. Whether you buy a watch product in the New Year of the Snake or a watch product you have purchased before, you can post a topic to participate in the brand forum corresponding to our watch home, such as your Rolex watch. Post in the Rolex section.
Participation rules
1. Any registered user of the Watch House can participate.
2. All entries must be original, and plagiarism will be disqualified.
3. The title of the post must bear ‘Year of the snake to win limited edition gifts’-xxxxxx, ‘xxxxxx’ represents your custom title, such as ‘Year of the snake to win limited edition gifts’-show off Rolex purchased in the new year.
4. The content of the post must be no less than 300 text descriptions, no less than 10 pictures taken, it is best to have a hands-on photo, and there must be a ‘watch home forum’ + your forum ID + ‘A word of blessing’ to take pictures of small notes to prove originality.
5. The final interpretation of the event belongs to the watch house.
4. Judging Rules
Within a week of the end of the event, our professional editors and photographers will jointly appraise the three aspects of the wonderfulness of the description of the text, the wonderfulness of the picture shooting, and the response rate of netizens.
V. Awards
1 first prize, a Dunhill men’s scarf valued at RMB 2,000 (Dunhill collaborated with Baume & Mercier, the scarf LOGO is Dunhill), the fabric is 90% wool and 10% silk.

One second prize, one piece of Vacheron Constantin Limited Edition iPad case worth 1,000 yuan, made of high-grade first-layer cowhide, outer layer with lychee pattern ginning, and inner layer flocking protection.

3 third prizes, a limited edition pen holder from Watch House, simple and practical, small and fresh style, no pens ~

Click to view details to participate: 171 / 71233.html

Low-key And Luxurious Diary Watch

My father will always be so busy for the harmony of the family. What kind of gifts should be given during such festivals so that my father can feel his children’s constant love for him when he is busy working ? Glashütte Original offers you a thoughtful choice-a log watch.
    No other mechanical watch can provide an alarm that can be set for up to 30 days. Set the alarm, wind up the clockwork, and give it all the peace of mind. Father does n’t have to bother to remember the time of important meetings and flight times to different places. The diary watch will remind all important things, but also remind Every day he belongs to a family gathering. This watch appropriately reflects this precious affection and is the best testimony of the affection of father and son.

    This log watch is beautifully symmetrical, with two crowns on opposite sides of the case, each with a button. The crown and buttons on the right handle the large date window at 3 o’clock on the ruthenium-plated dial. Platinum hour, minute and second hands further enhance the elegance of the overall design. The calendar alarm is one of the highlights of this watch-a ruthenium-colored sub-meter dial framed by a German silver ring at 9 o’clock, and a slightly curved window indicated by a red arrow at 6 o’clock. When the set date and time comes, the alarm sounds-it can last up to 80 seconds.
    The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte’s exquisite mechanical watch, with three-quarters of splints, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue steel screws. These exquisite decorations can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass chassis.
    In addition to the above models, the diary watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold. The latter has a rose gold case with rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds. The silver dial features rose gold hour markers and a diary alarm sub-counter. The date display and the small indicator of the diary alarm time window at 6 o’clock position are in blue. All versions are equipped with a carefully crafted Louisiana alligator leather strap. The overall design vividly reflects the smart and elegant style of men.

Recommended Mechanical Watch Entry Tissot T035.627.16.051.00

Tissot watches have a wide recognition in the Chinese market. With its excellent watch quality and precise price positioning, people can buy excellent Switzerland at a relatively low price. Watches, which made Tissot watches loved by many people. The brand’s cool square T035.627.16.051.00 watch is a microcosm of Tissot’s classic function watch.
 Tissot Cool Square T035.627.16.051.00 watch uses a large 43mm case, made of stainless steel. The dial is black with 12 stainless steel rectangular hour markers. The overall polishing effect, sword-shaped hands and three-dimensional rectangular time scales show Tissot’s unique understanding on watchmaking. In addition, a small ‘T’ is engraved on the chronograph second hand, which reflects the Tissot craftsmanship in the details. The black calfskin strap complements the color of the dial and has a strong overall feel. These indicate that Tissot has worked very hard in making each watch. The sapphire crystal is wear-resistant and clear. This combination can make the reading time not affected by the easy-to-wear and reflective reflection of the traditional crystal. The semi-transparent design makes the movement looming, which strengthens the tightness of the case, and can see the movement of the movement, giving the watchmaker space for thinking and imagination.

The Tissot Cool T035.627.16.051.00 watch is a casual watch with a short time function: the small dial at 12 o’clock is the 30-minute chronograph dial, and the 6-hour position is the 6-hour chronograph dial. Such a traditional timing function is very convenient, and you can read the recorded time by observing these two dials. The dial at 9 o’clock is a small seconds dial. This design can save movement space and save power. The calendar window at 3 o’clock displays the date of the month, which is eye-catching and convenient, and is very suitable for the needs of modern people. The outermost is a speedometer, which is used to measure the average speed over a period of time. The operation is very simple, first select a kilometer distance; press the timing start button at the starting point; press the timing start button again at the end point; read the speed value of 60-400 per hour on the outer circle of the dial; that is, its average speed value, Press the zero reset button to reset the timer to zero. The waterproof function of this watch is also very good. The semi-sealed case back with 100m waterproof effect can meet the needs of swimming and snorkeling.
 The ETA C01.211 movement used in the Tissot Cool T035.627.16.051.00 watch combines the essence of Tissot’s famous plastic transparent movement 2250 from the 1970s and the LEMANIA 5100 automatic mechanical movement that was discontinued by the Swatch Group. With a power reserve of 46 hours, it has a single calendar and chronograph function. The movement has a diameter of 31MM and a thickness of 8.44MM. It has a total of 184 parts, a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, and a NIVACHOC B1 shock absorber. Compared with the original eta7750 movement, the ETA C01.211 movement has fewer parts and can be mass-produced, so the cost is lower. Almost all watches using this movement are entry-level mechanical watches, which is really good for mechanical watch fans. The chronological fun brought by natural kinetic energy is naturally endless, and the transparent back cover can see the movement of the movement, reflecting the mechanical beauty.

 The Tissot Cool Square T035.627.16.051.00 watch uses a 43mm case made of stainless steel, with a black dial and black calfskin strap. The overall control is strong. This functional casual watch performs well in timing and water resistance. The two chronograph dials can effectively record up to 6 hours, and it is easy to read the time. The semi-transparent design does not affect the waterproof performance and increases the fun. It is one of the designs that people who love watchmaking appreciate. Although the movement is mass-produced, the improved movement can also meet the brand standards to ensure its time and stability. As an entry-level mechanical watch, it will be a good choice.
 Watch details: tissot / 362 /