Raymond Weil Mechanical Mechanism, Automatic Winding, Date And Small Stopwatch Hands Setting Method

Raymond Weil mechanical mechanism, automatic winding, watch with date and small stopwatch hands setting method
   Important note: To keep the watch waterproof, always press the crown back to the normal position after any operation (I)

Adjustment time
1. Pull out the crown to position (III). The second hand will stop.
2. Turn the crown in the correct direction to adjust the time.
3. Press crown back to position (I). The second hand will start moving again. This allows the watch to be perfectly synchronized with the radio reference time.
To make the time adjustment accurate to the second, pull out the crown with the second hand pointing exactly at 60.
Each time the needle passes midnight, the date changes by one day.
Quickly adjust the date
1. Pull crown out to position (II).
2. Turn the crown clockwise until the correct time is displayed.
3. Press crown back to position (I).
Please note: It is not recommended to quickly adjust the date between 8pm and 1am, although this will not damage the movement. However, if you insist on doing this, the date will not jump on its own at midnight, so you need to set it to the next set of dates.