Raymond Weil Passed Away

With great sorrow and regret, we announce that Raymond Weil, the founder, honorary chairman and Swiss haute maker of the Raymond Weil brand, on January 26, 2014 He died at the age of 87.

 Mr. Raymond Weil is a pioneer and entrepreneur in the watchmaking industry. In 1976, when Raymond Weil hit a trough in the Swiss watchmaking industry, he went up against the current and founded his own watchmaking company with great courage and brought his watchmaking ideas to the Swiss watch industry, bringing the entire industry Brand new development. He is also the first person to regard a watch as a luxury accessory, and his philosophy is to create high-quality watches with good prices and good design.

 Mr. Raymond Wey’s timepieces quickly won the support of watch enthusiasts, collectors and professionals. At the same time, with his extensive network of friends, he gradually established a worldwide distribution network. Mr. Raymond Weil’s kindness, generosity and sincerity and selflessness have formed his extraordinary personality charm. At a crucial time for the Swiss watch industry to wait for its revival, Mr. Raymond Weil was a pioneer in the global development of the entire Swiss watch industry. His experience of traveling around the world made him an ‘ambassador’ representing Geneva and Switzerland as a whole. He knows how to establish a professional and friendly communication relationship between people. Even today, younger generations still follow and continue his business model.

 Raymond Weil is one of the few independent watchmaking brands named after its founder, and is known for its insistence on family business. Mr. Raymond Weil’s son-in-law Olivier Bernheim now heads the brand, while two grandchildren Elie and Pierre Bernheim also hold senior management positions at the company.

 “Mr. Raymond Weil started from scratch. He is my life mentor and has benefited me a lot” said Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil Global President and CEO, “His legendary life and passion for watchmaking will be passed down in the family The continuation will also persist in the memory of the brand’s global partners and people wearing Raymond Weil watches.

 During his career, Mr. Raymond Wey has held a number of important positions in professional organizations: he has been the chairman of the Geneva Watch Manufacturers Association, the vice-chairman of the watch industry training centre (CFH) in Lucerne, and the watchmaking industry. Member of the Alliance and other labor agencies. Until 1995, Mr. Raymond Weil served as Chairman of the Exhibitor Committee of the Basel World.

 In addition to clocks, family, painting, flying and music are also the love of Mr. Raymond Wee throughout his life. He has a strong passion for classical and lyrical music, as well as contemporary art.