Roger Dubuis Releases Velvet Haute Couture Passementerie Watch

The noble and unique field of haute horlogerie is like a glamorous stage, and Roger Dubuis is particularly good at making dramatic debuts and is determined to lead the star on this stage-as its The look of three new Velvet Haute Couture Haute Couture limited edition watches. These exquisite and elegant timepieces-Velvet Haute Couture Mink Fur watch, Velvet Haute Couture Corsetry watch and Velvet Haute Couture Passementerie watch-each show a certain female style.

  Each piece highlights an exclusive craftsmanship and talent, and is produced by one of the art’s premier experts: a master at sewing fur, a tanner for skinny vests, and an expert at thread weaving. These craftsmen not only complement the creations of Roger Dubuis watches and jewellery, but also meet the extremely stringent quality requirements and complement the overall work of the watchmaking factory, only because Roger Dubuis never compromises. , Insisting that all produced timepieces meet the extreme standards of the Geneva mark. All three of these precious timepieces officially released at the 2014 Watch and Miracle Asia WATCHES & WONDERS 2014 can be purchased at Roger Dubuis outlets, especially in Hong Kong stores.

  Roger Dubuis’s Velvet Haute Couture series is charming and tempting. Each watch has the inherent characteristics of the series. The overall design is charming and glamorous: the case delicately combines the barrel shape and the round shape to show a special Visual effects; uniquely decorated lugs with meticulous decoration, its ‘Sancha lugs’ achieve extraordinary connection and key decoration; conical hand-applied Roman numerals converging towards the center; the charming split-layer design on the dial structure Adds deep beauty to the overall timepiece.

  These characteristics are perfectly combined to create a beautiful, elegant, charming and charming appearance, which attracts the contemporary ‘alternative muse’ … These women not only know their own charm, but also are attracted by original design and extremely feminine materials. Extremely fond of timepieces equipped with mechanical movements. The three self-winding RD821 movements of these three 88-piece Velvet Haute Couture Haute Couture watches are a perfect example.

   Velvet Haute Couture Passementerie watch: the infinite charm of charming stockings. The traces of delicate and soft stockings must be in the wardrobe of any famous celebrity, and there are a few pairs of sexy mesh stockings, whether it is paired with a classic black dress, It is still a slim pencil skirt, and the selection of stockings is the finishing touch for charming and elegant clothing. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis specially designed this complicated and sophisticated haute couture watch with an exclusive strap designed by the Internet-like stockings, which will show the ladies’ inner personality in a unique way on the wrist.

  In order to highlight the traditional decorative art of thread weaving, Roger Dubuis and Declercq Passementiers, an ancient Parisian store, whose superb skills are fully reflected in the decoration of extraordinary places such as the Louvre and Versailles, have jointly created a peerless Timepiece: The elegant light brown strap is delicately covered with a layer of mesh silk pattern, and is finished with a fine woven decoration, imitating the production of beautiful stocking sidebands. The warm gray woven mesh matches the hue of the rhodium-plated dial. The dial is brushed in the center and decorated with satin sun print on the outside, which is extremely elegant under the wonderful luster of rose gold Roman numerals.

   This watch is equipped with a 36mm rose gold case, and the bezel, lugs, decorative parts and rose gold adjustable folding buckle are set with a brilliant cut diamond with a total weight of 1.66 carats, adding elegance and excellence. Perfect style. Just as ladies love the diversity of stockings to present different touches, Roger Dubuis also offers an extra bright taupe genuine alligator strap as an option, suitable for any time, any place With.

Distinguished sharing of extreme quality

  With this bold and unprecedented trilogy of the Velvet Haute Couture haute couture watch series, Roger Dubuis fully confirms his ambition to strive for excellence in all fields. The aim is to provide a series of timepieces that show women’s natural charm, while cooperating with other like-minded and committed to perfection standards, and insist that all works are engraved with the Geneva mark that symbolizes the highest quality. These three exquisitely crafted and full-featured timepieces are strictly limited to 88 pieces, which really makes the world look forward to.

Returning the famous style to life

   Guided by Mr. Alvaro Maggini, creative director of Roger Dubuis, and photographed by internationally renowned fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, New York Art Photography has transformed high-fashion muse through five stunning high-level portraits. Stephanie Seymour’s radiant celebrity is brilliant, and she wears five Velvet timepieces that embody the essence of high-end watches in these photos. Each photography scene uses minimalist style and vivid colors as the main tone, while portraits are displayed in an evocative form with dramatic effects. Looking at this group of photos, people couldn’t help but associate and rewrite Queen Margaret’s famous saying: ‘This is not an advertisement!’. On the contrary, this is the unique declaration of Roger Dubuis, expressing vividly the beauty of the soul of women.