Seiko 2006 New Collection Watch Review

SEIKO Automatic Date Watch
Stainless steel material / 6R15 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / 23 stone / power reserve about 50 hours / table diameter 42mm / sapphire crystal mirror, back cover / waterproof 100 meters / reference price: Taiwan 18,500 (single)
Remake another legend different from “ SEIKO 5 ” movement
EISEIKO has launched many mechanical watches with low prices, stable movement performance, and beautiful shapes and reputation. Among them, the most well-known is the ‘SEIKO 5’ movement. In order to recreate another legend different from the ‘SEIKO 5’ movement, SEIKO chose the ‘6R15’ movement in the newly launched SEIKO three-pin date automatic watch, and the face plate color is also bold and avant-garde bright orange. The colors are blue and blue, and the mirror is made of polyhedron-cut sapphire crystal. It is equipped with a transparent back cover design and the brand LOGO “S” crown. The wearer can use manual or automatic winding methods to: The watch is refined, and it can be said that SEIKO is the most ‘cheap and cheap’ entry model this year.
Seiko three-hand classic automatic watch
Stainless steel material / 4L25 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / 25 stone / power reserve about 42 hours / vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour / table diameter 42mm sapphire crystal, back cover / waterproof 100 meters / Alligator leather strap with folding buckle / Reference price: NT $ 60,500
Design inspiration for classic watches from the 1950s
In addition to the SEIKO junior hand automatic date watch, SEIKO also introduced the SEIKO junior hand classic automatic watch that appeals to its own style. Its retro and elegant sword-shaped hands, five-face cut three-dimensional hour markers, the minute hand tail and the mirror are slightly curved in synchronization. The hand-crafted technology, as well as the engraved brand LOGO “S” -shaped crown, are all inspired by the classic models of the 1950s, fully displaying SEIKO’s exquisite watchmaking technology. The faceplate of this SEIKO junior classic automatic watch is made by classical manual method. The technician holds a special tool like a turntable pointer to draw it steadily, and then uses electroforming to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of ripples. The newly developed thin 4L movement and the practical instant-change date device not only highlight SEIKO’s brand philosophy of daily practical wear and scouring, but also one of the first models for players to wear daily.

SEIKO Simple Chronograph High Speed ​​Rail Commemorative Watch

Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hour, minute, and second display / Rotary chronograph inner ring / Water resistant to 100 meters / Not priced
纪念 High-speed rail memorial watch with historical significance
With the construction of Taiwan’s largest B.O.T high-speed rail, SEIKO officially announced its cooperation with Taiwan’s high-speed rail to launch a SEIKO simple timing high-speed rail commemorative watch that matches the color scheme of the Taiwan high-speed rail. This simple and unique color chronograph emphasizes simple and bright design, highlights the characteristics of the model with contrasting and vivid colors, especially the dial scale and the color of the four o’clock crown, which is a very unique style. The wearer can adjust the rotating chronograph inner ring with the crown at the four o’clock position for easy timing operation, while the buttons at the two o’clock, eight o’clock, and ten o’clock positions are the overall model The finishing touch is the finishing touch. In addition to this commemorative watch, another 4 different color matching styles will be available on the market to meet more fans who like SEIKO watches.