Six Questions To Watch And Repair Watch And Clock Technician Tell You

In view of watch repair and maintenance issues that watchers are more concerned about in the forum, Watch House recently visited Beijing Baoruitong Pawnshop Watch Repair Department and E-Commerce Department. The matters needing attention in the repair and maintenance of the vehicle were discussed face to face with the watch repairman in the pawnshop. As one of the pawn companies of considerable scale in China, in addition to providing pawns for civilian products, automobiles, and real estate, Bao Ruitong Pawnshop also provides watch repair and daily maintenance services to watch customers. Now, please follow the watch home and walk into their watch repair department to uncover the secrets of watch repair and maintenance.

Watch House: From a professional point of view, what do you think watch friends should pay attention to when they wear their watches everyday?

Watch repair technician: From the pawnshop platform, we often come in contact with the second watch, that is, the watch that the watch friends have worn for some time. From the perspective of the watch, as a non-essential necessities of life, unlike a mobile phone, you must hold it away from your body every day, especially on different occasions, you will change the watch strap, so the watch should not be greatly damaged. .
 But in fact, we have received many watches with severe scratches, broken mirrors, or water and moisture. Everyone may think that if I spend tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of expensive watches, everything should be defensive, but sometimes the more expensive the price, the worse the durability.
 Therefore, you must be more careful in your daily life, and keep it in a relatively closed and dry environment when not wearing it. It is not recommended to wear daily watch under strenuous exercise (like swimming), unless it is a clear professional watch. Of course, it is not recommended to wear a watch while in the sauna. What kind of table is what it is used for. If you want to buy a sports watch, you may wish to buy some watches such as quartz, electronic models. Many brands of electronic sports watches are still good.
 There is also a mechanism for adjusting the calendar. Watches with a calendar have an unwritten rule, that is, do not adjust the watch from 10 o’clock to 2 a.m. on the wrist, because generally during this time period, the date display of the watch will The deflection slowly the next day, and it does not jump instantly at 12 o’clock (do not rule out some can be done), there is a certain process. If you adjust the meter at this time, the movement of the hands will affect the calendar device, so pay attention. So if watch friends are more concerned about the little knowledge of these watches, then the cost of watch repair will be much smaller.

Neat store environment
Watch House: So what advice do you have for the daily maintenance of watch watches?
Watch maintenance technician: It turns out that everyone is not very careful, and some watch friends have not even washed oil for 10 years. Maybe everyone just pays attention to the appearance and thinks that the dust won’t enter without opening the cover. Although the watch is a relatively closed space, pulling out the crown when adjusting the time or adjusting the date will cause dust to enter with the air and stick to the oil to form sludge. Although it is not cheap to spend one maintenance, I may not bear it, but I think regular maintenance is necessary. I suggest maintenance once every 3-5 years, if possible, once every 2-3 years. The brand will recommend a maintenance about 2 years, but maintenance is not a cheap process after all, we can relax this cycle, 3 years, the longest should not exceed 5 years, because the increase in dirt and some problems with parts will bring the watch Come irreparable permanent damage.
Watch House: So what are the maintenance procedures for watches?
Watch repair technicians: There are two lines for simple maintenance and more complicated maintenance. In simple terms, such as quartz watch battery replacement, washing and cleaning of the strap, and other surface cleaning, including water detection, degaussing detection, etc., are simple. Maintenance is immediately desirable and common. Complex time may be relatively long including washing oil after opening the back cover, adjusting the overall accuracy, etc., because careful observation is required. It may take one to two days. Change the parts. In addition, the general parts are not damaged. We will not deliberately recommend replacement parts. So say what the watch should do.

Working watch repair technician

Watch House: Of the watches you come in contact with, which parts are more likely to be damaged?

Watch Repair Technician: The first is the crown (crown) of the crown. It may be uneven or excessively wound. The second is the barrel, as well as the oscillating weight and hairspring. Because the crown is used for a long time, the chance of damage is large. In particular, the female watch has a thin slender handle, which is not easy to hold and is more fragile. I often see that some customers’ watches have their heads pulled off. In the case of a barrel, because some models have no power display, even if it is an automatic watch, everyone’s exercise is not enough. If the amount of swinging arms every day is not so large, it will often cause the watch to stop or lack of power . For example, when the watch is closed on Saturday and Sunday, the watch will be taken off. On Monday, it will often be found that the watch is stopped or the time is not allowed. If you are distracted when you wind up, countless twists or collapses. It will affect the running time of the watch and even break it. In addition, the requirements for shock resistance of the balance spring and the pendulum are relatively high, but if we bump or fall over the watch after strenuous exercise, the pendulum tip on the balance wheel may be poked and distorted. Not accurate anymore. Moreover, the hairspring is also relatively easy to break, and they are particularly small and small parts. There is also a calendar mechanism like the one above, which may have a lot to do with us not paying too much attention.
Watch House: If the mirror is damaged, do you have any suggestions?
Watch repair technician: If the area is relatively small and does not affect the overall use or function display, personally think it is not necessary to repair. Of course, if you replace the mirror now, the cost is generally lower than the replacement of other parts, more than one thousand less than two thousand. If you are more concerned about appearance, you can change it. Therefore, I recommend wearing a left hand when wearing a watch, and not a right hand (as opposed to a left-handed person), because the movement of this hand is relatively large, and the chance of bumping the watch is higher.
Watch House: What happens if you hear noise in your watch?
Watch maintenance technician: The mechanism for the sound of the watch is basically an escapement mechanism. If there is noise in this place, it is recommended to send it for repair. There are not many missing parts in the watch. If there are missing parts, it will directly affect the function of the watch. It does not mean that the speed of the walk may be stopped. However, when we received it, we saw a branded watch. The head of the screw in the movement broke between the gaps of the splint and moved back and forth along the gap. This is also the case, without encountering the more critical parts. , But also very dangerous. Therefore, if there is a sound, it is necessary to take a professional inspection.
 In addition to some of our common clocks and watches doubts, the Boruitong pawn shop clock repairs also have certain advantages. Taking the parts supply and repair industry itself as an example, we once again asked the watch repairer two questions:
Watch House: Due to the strict control of parts and components by the official, but the number of private after-sales is huge, then is there any difficulty in the supply of accessories?
Watch repair technician: There are more or less some, but the parts can be determined. After all, we also cooperate with some brands. However, in terms of maintenance, in general, it may take much less time than an individual to order.
Watch House: We have discussed so many issues about repair, so what do you think of the advantages of Boruiton watch repair compared to other repair offices?
Watch repair technicians: Because we are in the pawn industry, we often identify authenticity and falsehood, determine prices, accept and sell pawns, and have rich experience and knowledge in the industry and maintenance. The second is the backing of the Boruitong brand, because the general maintenance points are independent and there is no guarantee. Well, as a relatively large-scale and well-received pawn company, its guarantee is still very high. The third is the repair service that we are building. It is in one step and is responsible for the end. I will not say that because the first day came to repair the watch, it was repaired. In the next few days, the same problem will occur. And responsibility. Regardless of the warranty of the previous watch itself, we will extend the warranty period of half a year. If there is any problem during this period, you can come to us for repair. Even after this warranty period, we only charge for parts and no service fees.

Summary: In a peaceful and pleasant environment, we ended the interview with the watch maintenance technician. During the interview, we not only learned some precautions for repair, but also mastered some daily watch maintenance skills. Nowadays, some civil maintenance organizations are also developing in the direction of professional, intensive and service-oriented operation. Among them, there are many outstanding technician teams with rich experience, their service attitude, and business philosophy. It is also advancing with the times. If you have questions about watch maintenance, please leave a message.