Switzerland’s 2015 Autumn And Winter Series Is On The Eve Of Swiss National Day

On July 31, 2015, on the eve of Swiss National Day, as a model of Swiss watches, Swatch, with its youthful power in the world, held Swatch autumn and winter in the official residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai. The series of new product launches, with a unique celebration and a series of watches full of Swiss characteristics, officially opened the curtain of the 2015 autumn and winter series of new products.

 The various cuisines and styles of Switzerland in the official residence are presented one by one, which is exciting. The Consul General and the President of Swatch Group China, Ms. Chen Suzhen first shared the design concept of the Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series to the media: It’s still a fun life. Swatch has its own unique insights and personalities. This season Swatch draws inspiration from global fashion. The first stop is to pay tribute to Switzerland, the birthplace of the brand, and the GRUEZI ALL! Series is also the entire autumn series. The finishing touch is to lead people to understand and enjoy 100% Swiss style.

 Subsequently, new products followed. This Swatch draws inspiration from the global trend, and the refreshing overseas study tour starts the time journey of Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series. In the rich regional style, the bright colors, the full sense of technology and the extraordinary creativity have created simple and different modern style watches. The playful exoticism is integrated into the design of the watch. Whether it is a technology fashion series or a sports fusion series, they tell Swatch’s innovation and progress in different ways.

GRUEZI ALL! Collection DIEGLOCKE Mysterious Timepiece GB285

 At a glance, in the GRUEZI ALL! Series, you can’t help but indulge in the Swiss local characteristics of Yödel singing, Swatch pays tribute to the brand’s birthplace with a series of authentic Swiss watches, showing this square-footed place The deep heritage and legend of the bearing.

Technology Fashion Series

 The “technical fashion” series has a new meaning to the “factory style” with its distinctive outline and creative design. It is striking with its distinctive style, which makes people suddenly bright.

Later, in the beautiful back garden, everyone danced the Swiss circle dance. The graceful dance, elegant music, and people were immersed in this Swatch event. Happily enjoy Swiss food and wine and watch ice hockey.

Summary: Swatch’s new autumn product opens up new visual experience and gives us a new time experience. We look forward to the best-selling of Swatch’s new products, and also expect more people to understand Swatch’s brand spirit and fall in love An animated Swiss brand. (Picture / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)