The 10th Anniversary Of Hublot’s ‘all Black’ Ideas China Tour In Beijing Kaihang

On September 6, 2016, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, is located in the Oriental Xintiandi store in Wangfujing. It is also the first Hublot store in Beijing. It was established in 2010. It has been seen that Hublot has grown all the way. And this year, the Hublot Xintiandi Hublot watch store was re-opened after refurbishment. At the same time, the 10th anniversary of Hublot’s ‘All Black’ concept tour in China was launched.

   Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Greater China General Manager LoicBiver, Hublot brand ambassador, international piano superstar Lang Lang and Beijing Mr. Jiang Lingfeng, General Manager of Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd., as the guest of honor, cut the ribbon for the specialty store. At the same time, the 10th anniversary of Hublot’s ‘All Black’ concept tour in China has begun with this glory. Hublot’s all-black watches-Big Bang series, classic fusion series and other classic interpretations ‘invisible visible ‘Dialectical philosophy, sharing the ten-year’ all-black ‘concept with watch collectors and high-end consumers and bringing a modern and stylish’ all-black ‘feast.

   Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘The Hublot Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Store has witnessed an extraordinary breakthrough and sales miracle in the Beijing market. Now, with the re-opening of the store, we will continue Hublot’s The maverick and avant-garde fashion style has attracted more fashion crowds who love watches and high-end lifestyles. The tenth anniversary exhibition of the ‘all black’ concept, which showcases our ‘all black’ watches in ten years The evolution of the concept from being questioned to highly sought after has once again underscored Hublot’s unique adherence to ‘becoming the first, unique and different’. ‘

   Lang Lang shared on the spot: ‘I love Hublot’s strong conviction and excitement. At the same time, I also appreciate Hublot’s unremitting pursuit of artistic fusion. Time and music are both intangible but tangible. , Just like the philosophical theory of ‘invisible visibility’ contained in the ‘full black’ concept watch, and it is this unique cultural essence that makes Hublot present outstanding artistic charm. ‘

   Since Hublot launched the Big Bang all-black watch for the first time in 2006, the ‘all-black’ concept and avant-garde philosophy ‘invisible and visible’ have emerged. With the ‘invisible’ completely black appearance, the ‘visible’ timepiece structure and delicate movement are clearly presented. The dialectical philosophical relationship and design concept caused a stir and debate in the watchmaking industry at the time. Narrating the passage of time in the form of ‘invisible’, the all-black watch also ranks among the classic watches. The success of this concept has also made Hublot lead the aesthetic trend in the two fields of watch and fashion in ten years.

   The first stop of the 10th anniversary tour of Hublot’s ‘All Black’ concept was officially opened in the underground atrium of Dongfang Xintiandi in Beijing. From September 6th to September 12th, 2016, the seven-day exhibition showed the public more than ten Hublot all-black concept watches. At the same time, Hublot has never stopped its all-round cross-border integration and cooperation while interpreting avant-garde philosophy and superb watchmaking skills. Hublot has successively become the world’s most famous manufacturer of racing and sports cars with Ferrari. Strategic partners and cross-border world high-end wine culture. Together with Johnny Walker, the world’s most prestigious Scotch whisky brand, this year they also teamed with Berluti, a century-old shoe family in Paris, to perform the ‘art of fusion’ in high-end lifestyles. . In the exhibition, the cool all-black Ferrari sports car, the strong Johnnie Walker black brand whiskey and the distinguished Berluti classic black shoes also appeared together, adding more highlights to the Hublot ‘All Black’ series exhibition.

Summary: Since September 6th, Hublot’s masterpieces of ‘All Black’ concept watches will be presented one by one, and exhibitions will be successively held in Shanghai and Chengdu. The all-black concept and its hidden ‘invisible visibility’ philosophy will continue to inherit the classics and connect the future, win glory on a wider world stage, and let time witness together! Interested Beijing cousins ​​can visit the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Atrium to watch the exhibition in the near future.